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A former Mojang business dev says that talks of Minecraft being in Smash began “at least 5” years ago

Today’s announcement of Steve from Minecraft being the newest DLC Fighter coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate surprised a lot of people. What may also surprise you is that Mojang and Nintendo have been planning and discussing this for a very long time. It has been so long that even former Mojang developers that left years ago can provide insight on the matter.

For example, Daniel Kaplan was still a part of Mojang as a business developer at the time talks began. And according to Kaplan on Twitter, the talks of Minecraft being in Smash began “at least 5” years ago. However, he also says that he doesn’t know when the plans began to be implemented. It’s possible that Kaplan had probably left Mojang before Nintendo and Mojang had reached that point in the development cycle. Nevertheless, you can see Kaplan’s tweets are down below.


  1. 5 years? That would’ve been during Smash 4’s DLC development. Weird. I wonder if Nintendo used the ballot as a way to pick out certain characters people really wanted. Ridley, King K Rool, Banjo, Simon, Steve… all highly requested. The roster for Smash is just so crazy good now. I’m not letting go of hope for Sora getting in.

    1. Maybe they will announce Sora around the same time as that musical Kingdom Hearts game. That could be one good reason for why we are getting it.

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