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A dataminer found 10 Mario Strikers: Battle League characters potentially coming post-launch

Mario strikers switch art

Mario Strikers: Battle League is just 2 and a half weeks away from launching on the Nintendo Switch. At the moment, the game’s roster only has 10 characters. However, if what dataminers have discovered is any indicator, this may not stay that way for long.

It has been discovered by dataminers that, although the game will only have 10 characters a launch, there are 20 character slots hidden in the game’s files. According to dataminer Wipeoutjack7 on Twitter, it suggests that “there may be an additional 10 coming through the recently announced free DLC”. Their tweet is down below.

5 thoughts on “A dataminer found 10 Mario Strikers: Battle League characters potentially coming post-launch”

  1. I’m really starting to not like how all the Mario sports games are taking this route of “launch with only a handful of characters and add the other whole half slowly over a couple of months” now. The idea of adding more characters to a game over time can work, but that’s only if there are already enough characters to start with (like Smash Bros. or Mario Kart) or if there’s a significant amount of work that goes into a single character (like Skullgirls, with how many hand-drawn frames each character needs)- neither of which I see going into this game.

    1. +The Man of Brisk
      I do have a theory on this and if I’m right it’s very under-handed.
      Mario Tennis Aces seemed to do very well on release and that game got a whole year’s worth of additional content BUT Mario Golf Super Rush seemed to lack that same type of reception and what did that game get? Roughly about half of what MTA got.
      Why is this important? It makes me believe Nintendo are releasing the game early, seeing how well it sells, and if it under-performs they can save money by cutting the additional development early. And if people call them out on this, which I’m sure some have, they can just play off the “We wanted to keep the game active” card.

      Another reason why I believe this is there was a leak a while back for MGSR that corrected predicted Toadette, Wiggler, and Ninji along with a couple of courses and modes. If this leak had gone full circle, the final roster would have had the full Koopalings in it. Granted this was just a rumour but considering they correctly predicted Ninji of all characters and Wiggler, I wanna say maybe they did have insider info.

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