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Daisy & Shy Guy head to Mario Strikers: Battle League this week in free update

daisy available in Mario strikers: battle league football

A loud roar erupts across the stadium. The audience cheers as newly added players dash out onto the field. These up-and-coming strikers have a lot to prove in this no-holds-barred sport, but they’re prepared to hit the rough turf with some slick moves and deliver the goods. Please welcome Daisy and Shy Guy to the Mario Strikers: Battle League game for the Nintendo Switch system.

Beginning July 22, a free update will be available to all Mario Strikers: Battle Leagueplayers which adds a number of new features to the game, including the new playable characters Daisy and Shy Guy, a new set of Knight-themed gear and the new Desert Ruin stadium. 

More details on the new Mario Strikers content you can enjoy:

  • Daisy – Whether on offense or defense, Daisy’s high technique attribute, skillful passing and Flower Spiral Hyper Strike will keep opponents guessing!
  • Shy Guy – Evenly balanced in all attributes, Shy Guy is always eager to take the field no matter the position. Plus, Shy Guy’s Propeller Dive Hyper Strike is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Knight-Themed Gear – When equipped, this gear increases the strength and shooting attributes at the cost of other attributes.
  • Desert Ruin Stadium – Get gritty in a new stadium featuring the appearance of desert ruins. In addition to using the Desert Ruin stadium in matches, you can also set it as your club stadium!

Have a crack at these added features and see what kind of brilliant plays you can deploy to drill the ball home. Your confidence and composure in front of the goal will surely inspire sports fanatics in the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond! Mario Strikers: Battle League will have two more free updates to look forward to in 2022. These updates will also include additional characters, gear and stadiums. Please stay tuned for more details in the future.

Source: Nintendo of America

6 thoughts on “Daisy & Shy Guy head to Mario Strikers: Battle League this week in free update”

  1. The fact that the wave barely includes enough content to unlock after you already brought the game at launch and most likely 100% it in all customizations, and their only gonna do two more updates yikes, yeah if I do pick this game up it will definitely have to really be on sale for me to get it, super rush did the exact same thing but it at least 2 course and 2 characters and it had 3 waves.

      1. I usually buy ever single Mario game on the switch, but I got burnt out by super rush, so now I constantly think whether a new mario sports entry is worth getting or not.

        1. This could be worth getting for me in my budget honestly. I mean. This game turn out almost ok but no additional new characters or content was added to the game at launch that people were expecting.

          Mario Tennis Aces was really a solid game on the Switch. I have not play much of it because I was burnt out of that game and didn’t completed the story mode for the game yet.

  2. And it begins….

    A few updates isn’t going to increase the base game, and Demeech already broke down this game’s flaws.

    In terms of content, the Wii game from 2007 still gives you far more.

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