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Dead Cells 2022 roadmap plus more to come in 2023

dead cells game dlc

Critically acclaimed indie title Dead Cells which launched in 2017 continues to bring new content which is something bigger developers could certainly learn from. Motion Twin released the Dead Cells DLC The Queen and the Sea earlier this year on multiple platforms and they have no plans on calling it quits on the action game. The team says that they are a currently at the mid-life of Dead Cells and that they have plenty more to come in the future. As always the time frame for these Dead Cells updates could change at any time.

Dead Cells content update 1 (2022)

We’ll be adding the long awaited panchaku and a new flame head outfit based on our beloved animated trailers, a ton of rebalancing on weapons & items, reworking the legendaries system to make it more intuitive & interesting, a Soul Knight weapon & outfit and you’ll be able to pet the pets.

Dead Cells content update 2 (2022)

“We’ll be adding a Boss Rush area! The basic idea here is to let you fight all the bosses you’ve met so far, one after the other, with unlockables to win as you progress. There should be a few different ‘modes’ in the Boss Rush to expand the challenge beyond that central idea and we’ll potentially be adding a scoreboard to add a bit of friendly competition.”

Dead Cells content update 3


Dead Cells content update 4 (2023)

“Heading into 2023 we won’t be slowing down, in fact we’ll be stepping things up! It’s going to be by far our biggest year since the 1.0 launch and we’re thrilled to show you what we’ve been cooking up behind the scenes.”


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