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Nintendo Switch Online app allows you to send friend requests, app now requires iOS 14+

Nintendo has recently undated the reasonably mediocre Nintendo Switch Online app and the latest update allows players to finally send each other Friend Requests. The downside to this is that you can only accept the Friend Requests via your Nintendo Switch console, which isn’t completely ideal. Hopefully the ability to allow you to allow or deny friend requests will eventually come to the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app. The new Nintendo Switch Online app also only works on devices running iOS 14 onwards. iOS 14 was released in 2020 and iOS 16 is expected to arrive in September 2022 with the new batch of iPhones.


6 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Online app allows you to send friend requests, app now requires iOS 14+”

  1. I find it stupidly funny how Nintendo treats multiplayer as one of the core concepts in their games/consoles/business, yet their connectivity, network, and communication options for the players are so outdated, inefficient, and poorly designed.

  2. And this affects all of but 8 people who still use this thing.

    Why would they allow you to send requests on the app but NOT accept them? You only get half of the ability? That’s like getting an ice cream cone from an ice cream parlor and having to put it in your freezer for 20 seconds before you can start eating it.

  3. This article just reminds me how fast Apple products are phased out, lmao. I’m still dumbfounded that so many people will sink $1000 on a device that they will need to replace in just 2 years just to keep using apps like this. What a waste.

    1. Spending 1000$ on a phone is indeed outrageous, but the oldest iphone that gets the ios 16 update is the iphone 6s. It will be 7 years old and still supporting the lastest firmware. of course it would be so laggy you wont be able to use it, but thats not just apple. so lets say in 2 years nintendo’s app would require ios 16, the iphone 6s would freaking 9 years old and still updated enough for that app and almost any app in the app store.
      that aside, apple is an awful company with maximum profit agenda and 0 care for customers or the environment. Its publicly telling lies and makes their products intentionally unrepairable, wasting you money and extremely bad for the environment…

      1. I have an iPhone 6s. It‘s still snappy and works more than good enough for me, which isn’t bad considering it was released in 2015. Haven’t shown any sign of slow-down or deterioration (though it would benefit from a battery replacement, since its maximum battery capacity is at 70% now). Big firmware updates will be dropped for it this year or so, but hopefully will still receive security updates for a while and continue to be usable for a while.

        Not very on-topic, but I wanted to respond to this with my experience.

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