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Splatoon 3 file-size comes in smaller than expected

artwork for Splatoon 3

We are nearing ever closer to the release date for the long-awaited Splatoon 3 and judging from the recent Nintendo Direct presentation it is looking like it will be an absolute blast with a number of improvements over its predecessor. We recently published the file-size for Splatoon 3 from the Nintendo Switch eShop and back then it weighed in at 6.0GB. However, it seems as though the file-size for the inktastic game has since been reduced, as it has dropped to 4.3GB. Splatoon 3 launches on 9th September.

4 thoughts on “Splatoon 3 file-size comes in smaller than expected”

  1. I’ve looked into this and I cannot find a concrete answer to what base game Splatoon 2 was at. Some sites say it was 3.1GB but others claim it was 6.1GB.
    Can anyone shed some light on this?

    1. 6.1gb would indicate that it’s the size with all the updates up to now so me thinks it’s 3.1gb, remember Splatoon launches with all base content, no it nowhere near CoD or Battlefield cut content cuz it ain’t plus they are free, something EA and Activision-Blizzard should do considering both shooters come with like barely anything at full price and you have to buy the rest of the game in chunks.

    2. The Switch usually has data for digital games split into software, update data, & dlc when you go to manage software in data management in system settings. If my kid was here with me, I could have checked his Switch since he should have the game digitally. I think. He won’t be back here til next Friday and/or Saturday, though. Possibly. Depending on his mom’s work hours.

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