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Koumajou Remilia II and Radiant Silvergun leak ahead of TGS 2022

Two games which will presumably be announced during the Tokyo Game Show 2022 have leaked this morning. The first is either an HD remaster, or remake, for the acclaimed Treasure game Radiant Silvergun. Radiant Silvergun was originally released in arcades and then later to the SEGA Saturn in 1998.  There’s currently an HD version of Radiant Silvergun available on Xbox Series consoles via backwards compatibility, but it was exclusive to the platform. Treasure revealed that it was working on a long-requested game for the company’s 30th anniversary back in June this year.

The second game is the follow up to Koumajou Remilia, and is simply titled Koumajou Remilia II. The game’s logo shows that it is destined for Steam and the Nintendo Switch family of systems. The first game in the series was released just recently in Europe during the end of July, 2022. We will know more about about both games when the Tokyo Game Show kicks off on 18th September in Chiba, Japan.

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