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Portuguese retailer lists Biomutant for release on Switch coming October

biomutant screen

A Portuguese Video game retailer has recently put up a listing for Biomutant on the Nintendo Switch family of systems. The new listing comes complete with box-art and the game is priced up at 55. The release date for Biomutant is listed as 25th October, 2022. While the game hasn’t been confirmed as of yet for the Switch platform, the game’s publisher, THQ Nordic, have been strong supporters of Nintendo’s current platform. If we hear anything official about the release of Biomutant for Nintendo Switch then you will let you know.

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3 thoughts on “Portuguese retailer lists Biomutant for release on Switch coming October”

  1. The source you posted is just the website that lists the game but it was GoNintendo who originally posted this news. You’ve just posted an article and haven’t credited the original source. Please credit GoNintendo.

  2. Biomutant is an excellent game, alot of customizable features. My only complaint would be how oftentimes the game gives you an objective and places a way point on the map, but once you get to the destination nothing is their. It’s not always clear if your objective is above ground or underneath the surface. On occasion the way point would just completely bug out and i had no idea where i was going. Hope they fixed the way points for The Switch release because Biomutant has amazing gameplay besides a few minor flaws.

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