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Konami has renewed its Suikoden trademark

There is some mystery going on with what Konami is planning right now. You may recall that, last week, the company teased that they will be announcing a new game at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. They also said that this game will be from a “world-loved series”.

Well, it has been recently discovered that, back in July, Konami renewed their trademark for Suikoden in Mexico. The trademark filing’s info doesn’t contain anything else, but the last time that a game was released for the RPG series was in 2006. Obviously, this doesn’t confirm that a new Suikoden game is coming soon, but the timing is interesting. And even if there is a new Suikoden game, it isn’t guaranteed to be a console video game. Nevertheless, if there are any further developments, we’ll let you know. Tokyo Game Show begins in a couple of weeks.


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