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Tokyo Game Show: Konami announcing new game from “world-loved series”

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Konami has confirmed this afternoon that they plan to announce a new game at the Tokyo Game Show which they have said is from a “world-loved series.” The new game from Konami will be announced at the event on 16th September. Tokyo Game Show 2022 runs from 15th September until 18th September and takes place in Chiba, Japan. Hopefully there will be plenty of special announcements at this year’s prestigious gaming event.


7 thoughts on “Tokyo Game Show: Konami announcing new game from “world-loved series””

  1. Introducing – Bomberman Pachinko!!

    Ok, in all seriousness… please be Goemon, please be Goemon, please be Goemon

  2. I’m not getting my hopes up with Konami.

    … Of course, the dream would be a new Silent Hill, Metal Gear, Castlevania, Goemon, etc., but those ain’t happening… but if I’m wrong, I’ll be very happy (assuming the game doesn’t take after Contra Rogue Corps…)

  3. Most likely Momotaro Dentetsu, while not a “world-loved” IP, it is very popular in Japan and the latest entry has sold like hotcakes.

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