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Jeff Grubb rumour: Nintendo Direct happening the week of 12th September

Jeff Grubb,a prominent journalist at Venture Beat, has stated that the next Nintendo Direct presentation will air the week of 12th September. A September Nintendo Direct presentation is nothing new, as we generally receive a presentation around that time of year to showcase the company’s upcoming games for the holiday season which will include Bayonetta 3 from Platinum Games and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet from Game Freak. Nintendo has yet to confirm a Nintendo Direct for September, but Jeff is usually on the money. The news was announced during Jeff’s podcast/video show, Jeff Grubb’s Game Mess.

10 thoughts on “Jeff Grubb rumour: Nintendo Direct happening the week of 12th September”

    1. “Jeff is usually on the money ” uhh thats a pretty broad statement anybody can honestly say that considering that September is the month of general directs, feel like he could totally lock down his credibility a bit more if he gave a date but he probably doesn’t have one, that being said it’s a no brainer that were getting a normal direct, will most likely be hearing about games launching in February and March and some for this year with usual updates and dlc.

      1. I never really heard much about him but I did heard a small detailed about him last year. If what he said is really true, then I could believe him honestly. I’m pretty sure some of the interesting games will be release next year or some will be release this year.

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