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Leakers claim Nintendo Direct still on, announcement Monday, event Tuesday

The Nintendo Direct, which hasn’t been officially announced, but is rumoured to be coming is apparently still on for next week according to Jeff Grub from Venture Beat and NateTheHate. Jeff wasn’t sure whether the passing of Queen Elizabeth II would affect the date as there’s now ten days of mourning here in the UK. Nate says that the rumoured digital event will be announced by Nintendo on Monday 12th September and will air on Tuesday 13th September. Whether it happens is anyones guess, but Jeff is usually on the money. As always we will have to wait and see what transpires!

23 thoughts on “Leakers claim Nintendo Direct still on, announcement Monday, event Tuesday”

  1. Well, I hope it’s true. We def need a direct about now.
    Hopefully they’ll be something about the rumoured Metroid prime switch and hopefully and surely by now we should get a lot more info on botw2, game title, more gameplay etc and a brief idea of the story line. 🤞

    1. Have a feeling BOTW 2 will either have its own dedicated Direct or will be part of the winter Direct early next year shortly before it releases. I would love to get info this Direct if its really happening, but I’m not counting on it.

  2. Very relieved to hear that the rumored and unofficially announced Direct that I only just this second heard about wasn’t canceled after all and is reportedly still on schedule for next week

  3. You know, considering we’ve had Xenoblade 3 and Splatoon 3, I wouldn’t be surprised if we also got a Super Mario Maker 3.

    1. Hmm feel like that probs wouldn’t work as the two games you listed have graphical changes and some major changes, the maker series is all about keeping the same style so the only thing that could warrant a sequel would be to add ds, Wii, and maybe 3d land, and Odyssey as theme modes, oh and more playable characters.

      1. +felixgray
        Xenoblade Chronicles 3 I can understand but Splatoon 3? That game does feel very much like Splatoon 2 but with quality of life improvements, an increase to graphics, and the rest is merely new content.
        And another major thing to consider is Splatoon 3 is using the new online infrastructure which I believe would be a nightmare to patch in to an existing game so that’s another reason to make a new game.
        Also, I have to ask, why would they add DS and Wii to the modes when we have Wii U that’s basically the same but in HD?

        1. Wii and ds style formats are appealing thats like saying why is the original mario bros, and mario bros 3 style and in there when world looks way better because its 16 bit, ok now that i think about it wii would be pretty redundant since they have the same things but I guess they can use different layouts like a lava level instead of castle, and a beach level instead of ocean just spit balling, ds is praticly its own thing so it’ll work well, they’ll need to in bring alot of features to justify 3 so thats why I’m throwing ideas into the mix

          1. The way I see it; Anything you can add in from DS and Wii can simply be placed into Wii U Era. You may be surprised to know that the models for the playable characters are actually reused from NSMBW with no changes.
            But with Mario 1, Mario 3 and Mario World, the styles are very different so that reason alone is worth separating them so it’s not the same as the NSMB series. The fact that it’s done via models is also a major difference.

  4. Leaks/rumors stories are interesting and all, but I think in the future articles on leaks/rumors should include a section on what the source has gotten right or why they are credible. I’m not familiar with the source and I want to know why I should take them seriously.

  5. How can something be on schedule if Nintendo never even made an announcement? It’s sorta dumb to be thinking of something accurate based on a 3rd party rumor and not from the actual manufacturer

  6. All wrong. CNN & Fox told me it’s on the 16th. And we all know how those two would NEVER lie! Also, God told me it’s true through my Ridley amiibo. Also said Metroid Prime Trilogy is getting HD remakes. Also also… I saved a shit ton on my imaginary car insurance for my imaginary DeLorean that looks like a winged dragon when the doors are opened. It’s purple & gold. 😁 I got a Wii U that hovers over it, too, because of all that STABILITY!!

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