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Rumor: Nintendo might have internally delayed Direct due to passing of Queen Elizabeth II

You may recall that, at the end of August, there were rumors beginning to appear that a Nintendo Direct was coming in September. In fact, the rumors even mentioned that the date of the Nintendo Direct would be on September 12th.

As of this post’s article, that’s roughly half a week away. However, it was announced today that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away at the age of 96. Nintendo insiders are now beginning to report that the company might have internally delayed the Nintendo Direct due to this. According to Jeff Grubb, Nintendo had made the decision before informing

It is unknown as to why. Some are speculating that it is being done out of respect for the Queen. Others think that it is because the extended and widespread media coverage of the Queen’s passing that will be happening over the next week or two will make it difficult, if not impossible, for Nintendo to promote and advertise a Direct.

Whatever the reason is, it is worth noting that none of the Nintendo insiders are saying with certainty that this has happened. Words and phrases like “likely” and “might have” are being used. And, of course, it is worth noting most of all that the Nintendo Direct hasn’t even been announced yet. So, the delay is more so an internal situation than external. Nevertheless, if there are any further developments, we’ll let you know.

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27 thoughts on “Rumor: Nintendo might have internally delayed Direct due to passing of Queen Elizabeth II”

  1. So they delayed a Direct they never officially announced? I want whatever they are smoking to be able to make bullplop up on the spot like a “confirmed” rumor Direct that the horse’s mouth never actually confirmed.

    1. Nintendo still didn’t give us the conformation when the next Nintendo Direct will happen. They also delay past directs as well because of the earthquake happened in Hokkaido Japan in 2018 and because of COVID. So, I can’t blame them for delaying their release schedules and announcements.

      1. Covid had an effect on everyone, and the earthquake happen close to Nintendo of Japan, I heavily doubt the queen death is gonna put a halt to any operations happening in Japan.

        1. Yeah I can agree with that. I know her death is a huge deal to the world now much like Iwata death is a big deal to the gaming industry and Nintendo back in 2015. If they confirmed the Direct being delay for next week, then we will get our conformation.

        2. Media coverage. A major death results in a huge influx of media covering that, which means what for the coverage of game announcements?

          1. Actually now that you brought that up what about the war between Ukraine and Russia that lots of media were covering, Nintendo still release games and had game separate directs, the only thing that did get delayed was advance wars, that being said I still find it quite awful that some dudes are using the queen death to cover for themselves for a direct that doesn’t exist yet.

            1. Well the Ukraine war was the stated reason why Advance Wars was delayed however accurate that may be. Not the exact same as “delaying” a rumored Direct though

              1. My main point was we still had separate game directs and partners showcase none of that stuff was effected by
                the direct, unless it was a natural disaster occuring or a worldwide epidemic.

  2. I understand the covid reason especially when it first effected the world as it changed almost everyone’s lives overnight. But Queen Elizabeth’s death? I realize its a big deal, but it shouldn’t effect release schedules for video games. I don’t understand why this could delay the next upcoming Direct.

    1. There hasn’t even been a direct announced.

      You might as well say the Mother 3 western release has been delayed by the Queen’s death.

      1. I chose my words carefully. I said “I don’t understand why this could delay the next upcoming Direct.” acknowledging there will be one in the future, but not necessarily stating this news effects an announced Direct.

        1. I was basically trying to say, “You don’t need to worry about the validity of this because it’s a rumor about a rumor.” I was taking a shot at the rumor, not you.

  3. Nintendo still didn’t give us the conformation when the next Nintendo Direct will happen. But, I honestly still understand Queen Elizabeth death is a huge deal to the world and we all care for her so much. I don’t think her death will affect the gaming industry release schedules upon the event we are currently dealing right now in this world.

    1. The death of a monarch shouldn’t affect anything, a pandemic and a war going on in a different country do on the other hand. That being said, IF there were a Direct it would be when Nintendo wants it, not when some schmuck “predicts” a date and time.

  4. Assuming for the moment the rumor is true I found it a bit odd for reasons a few above me have already mentioned, but I understand that they did it out of respect, due to the death of one of history’s most known monarchs ever being just that big.

  5. I’m British myself and I can say our nation has been heavily effected by the Queen’s Death. It’s also really heart-warming to see how many of our allied countries share in that effect which really shows how beloved Queen Elizabeth was.
    But this? Come on, not only is it impossible for them to “delay” the Nintendo Direct because there was never a date to begin with but why would they feel the need to delay it in the first place?
    I know the counter-argument to this is it may look in bad taste to release a video that is meant to incite joy and excitement during a time of mourning and grieving but if that’s the case may as well cancel all things that bring joy and excitement.

  6. As an Irish girl, good riddance to the colonizing genocide overseeing tyrant. It’s wild that anywhere still has monarchs today. Looking forward to the Nintendo Direct though

  7. 70 year reign. That’s a long damn time for a monarch. Talk about the end of an era, though. I remember it wasn’t that long ago she had a health scare with… covid I think it was. Pulled through that just to die from something else later. It’s always the thing you DON’T see coming that gets ya.

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