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SEGA releases a sample of the Sonic Frontiers main theme

sonic in sonic frontiers coming 8th November

You may recall that, just a few days ago, SEGA had officially revealed a sample of the ending theme of Sonic Frontiers, which releases in a couple of months. It was the first time that Sonic the Hedgehog fans were able to listen to some of the game’s music,

Well, it seems that this is not the only Sonic Frontiers song that SEGA wanted to share with Sonic fans this week. They have released a sample of the game’s main theme. It is called “I’m Here”, and it features To Octavia’s Merry Kirk-Holmes. You can listen to it down below.

1 thought on “SEGA releases a sample of the Sonic Frontiers main theme”

  1. Listening this new main theme almost got that Final Fantasy feeling to it. I hope we hear a full version of this theme on here soon. I’m really digging this theme. Sonic music’s are so great these days till this day since Sonic R.

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