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SEGA releases a sample of the Sonic Frontiers ending theme

sonic in sonic frontiers coming 8th November

Sonic Frontiers is about a couple of months from releasing, and there has been a lot of info about the game shared now, especially in regards to gameplay. However, you may be surprised to hear that the music has not really received any attention from SEGA yet.

Well, as of today, that has changed. The official Sonic Twitter has shared a sample of the ending theme of the game. It is called “Vandalize” by the Japanese band One OK Rock.The band has released a full version of the song on their YouTube channel that can be heard here, but you can see the official sample shared on Twitter down below.

9 thoughts on “SEGA releases a sample of the Sonic Frontiers ending theme”

  1. Listening to this credit theme sounded like a music video or a opening theme for a Sonic anime. I thought it was the main theme for Sonic Frontiers but this ending theme will do. Crush 40 still performs well for any Sonic game.

  2. I dig it. Also apparently the Japanese version says “fuck” in it. I haven’t fully fact checked that yet though

      1. Looked into it. There are two different versions released by the band. One is made for Sonic Frontiers and does not have “fuck” in it and is titled Vandalize. The other version is labeled as the Japanese version, but does not have any reference to Sonic Frontiers in its thumbnail. This second version has two different lines that say “fuck”- “fuck the pain away”, and “you’re fucking crazy”.

        Interestingly enough, there is also an English version of the uncensored lyrics. This version also has both phrases where they say “fuck”, but it is entirely in English instead of Japanese version which has mixed English and Japanese lyrics. This uncensored English version also has no reference to Sonic Frontiers

        1. For clarity’s sake, this means there are three versions of the song:

          1) English, censored, and uses the Sonic Frontiers branding
          2) English, uncensored, and does not use the Sonic Frontiers branding
          3) Japanese (mixed with English lyrics), uncensored, and does not use the Sonic Frontiers branding.

          It’s possible that a fourth version exists being a censored Japanese version with the Sonic Frontiers branding

        2. I see what you mean. I will get on that. I still get that both versions of the English and Japanese lyrics are very different depending on the game’s market and the budget they are putting in this big project. Both lyrics from each versions basically want to fit the game’s style tone and its mysterious theme in Starfall Islands.

  3. I’m starting to feel torn. I 100% the Adventure games recently and still in the mood to play some more Sonic, but I still feel like I need to hold off on buying a new 3D Sonic given their track record lately.

    1. Just wait for the game to come out. Some people will like it, some people will hate it. Listen to the reviews of those that you feel you relate to the most, and then make the decision to buy or not from that.

      It’s Sonic; the reception will always be doomed to be split no matter what the game is like, but as long you think you might enjoy the game, you’ll likely enjoy it at least for some amount of time

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