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Final Fantasy Crisis Core team redesigned and updated all game effects and UI from scratch

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion launches on multiple platforms in just a few weeks and looks set to provide players with another engrossing adventure. Square Enix has been on fire this year with their release schedule with a deluge of new releases and remasters. The Japanese development studio said in a new interview that when they were tasked with revisiting the PlayStation Portable version of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion they approached it as both a remake and remaster, keeping the core essence of the game but re-designing and updating all of the games effects and its user interface from scratch.

“We paid special attention to adding in a volume of extra information to the graphic data to realize the fine details that could not be depicted with the PSP’s screen and data size.

We referred to other titles in the Final Fantasy series while re-designing and updating all of the effects and UI from scratch.

The rendering flow is also completely different from how it was in the original, so alongside tuning the engine, the addition of new lighting and post-processing effects etc. also contributed to greatly improving the atmosphere created by the graphics.

In order to make the visuals as smooth and attractive as possible, we also carried out fine tuning on the processing burden on a scene-by-scene basis.”


3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Crisis Core team redesigned and updated all game effects and UI from scratch”

  1. They sure have been on fire with new releases, they did an amazing job on Romancing Saga Minstrel Song the remaster of a remake and Star Ocean The Divine Force. Im hoping they remaster everyones favorite, Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2.

    1. Why remaster 13? Graphics are good and have voice actors. Remaster older ones with not good voice Graphics or voice acting. Especially 6. That’s one of the more popular ones. From what I heard 13 was not very popular. I like it alright.

  2. Yeah, lets Just hope they remaster “just the more popular” Final Fantasy games and brush Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2 under the rug. Im Just happy FF7 is getting the royal treatment like usual. Final Fantasy 7 classic got ported with trophy support, fast forward dialogue, fast forward battles etc It’s getting remastered in installments maybe i’ll play FF7R part 2 eventually. Your probably right, i hope they don’t remaster Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2 and release it in installments or add additional features. I hope they Just remaster the more popular Final Fantasy games and mess them up by adding additional features like skip fast forward dialogue. Because everyone waited for a port Just so they can fast forward everything and i really enjoy “playing RPG’s that are story driven in fast forward” .. says sarcastically.

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