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New N64 icons available for Switch Online Expansion Pack members

n64 close up

Nintendo has confirmed that a new batch of iconic Nintendo 64 profile icons are now available for users subscribed to the higher tier Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. The new icons include some for the F-Zero series along with Yoshi’s Story and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You can claim the icons from the Nintendo Switch Online section on the Nintendo Switch Home Screen and customise them to your heart’s content.


3 thoughts on “New N64 icons available for Switch Online Expansion Pack members”

  1. Like the Zelda icons, glad someone is still getting profile icons. PSN had avatars available for purchase on PS3 and around PS4 release, then they Just stopped adding new avatars. Now the majority of avatars are exclusive to pre-order bonus or if you get 100% completion. They usually added new avatars with every weekly update then they Just stopped adding any period.

    1. I used to spend so much on those damn AVI’s. My favorites are still the Ryu one from those breath of fire Avatar packs. I miss the way Sony was back in those PS3 days.

  2. I made sure to get all the F-Zero icons. I’ve had the same Mii profile since I got my Switch; it’s nice to now finally have something I actually sometimes want to swap it out with.

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