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Microsoft confirms “10-year commitment to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo” after Blizzard/Activision merge

There has been a lot of speculation and opinions from fans and industry analysts on what the Microsoft’s purchase of Blizzard-Activision will mean for the latter’s various IPs being released on non-Microsoft platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch.

Well, the matter has been somewhat addressed by Xbox head Phil Spencer. However, it only applies to the Call of Duty franchise. Spencer has confirmed on Twitter that Microsoft has “entered into a 10-year commitment to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo following the merger of Microsoft and Activision Blizzard King”. Meanwhile, Call of Duty games will continue to be released on Steam. You can see Spencer’s tweets about the matter down below.

13 thoughts on “Microsoft confirms “10-year commitment to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo” after Blizzard/Activision merge”

  1. No one cares. Plus you will never talk aka voice chat with anyone nintendo doesnt support voice chat. Everyone knows eho plays cod or any war games you need voice chat in the system. As NS doesnt. So go ahead solo the worlds unpopular game now. Bye loser.

    1. Like it or hate it, Call of Duty is a major franchise and it has a huge following. Also there are games that work with voice chat that are 3rd party on the Switch. Only Nintendo tries to force their phone app to chat with online play. And finally Nintendo might do away with their current phone app with the release of their next platform. This agreement will take place for the next 10 years, Nintendo likely won’t continue using an unpopular phone app to have voice chat in their games going forward that many years with a potentially promising new platform likely to be the Switch’s successor in a year or two.

      This also confirms that Steam players will have access to these games going forward too. And they have a normal voice chat option.

    2. Microsoft would literally make it in game chat or discord. Many games on switch already do this so your comment is moot

  2. Actually norsewolf, alot of people care; in fact, over 118 Million people who purchased a Nintendo Switch Console care! And YES, you can use voice chat. I’ve seen my little cousin use a headset to chat to people online on Fortnite. Also, with the Nintendo Switch Online App, you can use that for voice chat too. You obviously never played call of duty on the Wii, which also had voice chat. If the wii can handle it, Nintendo Switch can too.

  3. I used to be a monster on CoD BLops II on Wii U, so I’m happy for this. I play on my PC now, but I’m glad Microsoft is committing one of their -now- largest franchises to Nintendo platforms.

  4. Im not really a Call of Duty fan or even a FPS fan in general but this is a great addition for The Switch library of games. Im not really a Call of Duty fan, but cool. Now if M$ can Just confirm a commitment and bring Fable to other platforms

    1. The deal will go through next year and Activision isn’t making a new COD next year as well so they would have plenty of time to work on this for the new one and for the current one

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