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UK: Nintendo Switch has now surpassed Xbox One lifetime sales

Games Industry journalist Christopher Dring has announced that the Nintendo Switch has accomplished another milestone as it has now surpassed the lifetime sales of Microsoft’s Xbox One console in the United Kingdom. Dring says that Nintendo’s next target is Sony’s PlayStation 3 console. The Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 and the Xbox One launched in 2013. The UK is the biggest gaming market in Europe.

5 thoughts on “UK: Nintendo Switch has now surpassed Xbox One lifetime sales”

  1. When even Michael Pachter doubted the hybrid it did the unthinkable, proved him wrong. I bet he never thought the family of systems would sell over 111 million units world wide and still going strong. Why do you think Nintendo hasn’t thought moving on to next gen much less a pro (that never actually existed)?

    1. The UK being Nintendo country is more astonishing for me than the Switch outselling the Xbone. For three years or more Nintendo and Switch games have been in the UK top ten, without any digits sales being reported 😌.


  2. Not surprised being it’s the best selling console on the market. Nice having a realistic goal, i think The Switch will surpass the PS3 at some point. Now that the PS3 has been discontinued it probably won’t be long.

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