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Harvestella producer hopes it can turn into a series

Artwork for the Nintendo Switch exclusive Harvestella

Twinfinite has published a new interview with Daisuke Taka, who is producer behind Square Enix’s recently released Nintendo Switch exclusive game, Harvestella. During the interview Mr. Taka says that he wants to “keep this game going” and that he has hopes that it can ultimately become a long-term franchise for Square Enix, though presumably that would only happen if the original sells enough units for Square Enix to pursue it. With regards to a sequel, he says that the team would like to “expand on the foundations of the basic system.”

Is Harvestella a game you envision as a one-off or perhaps the beginning of a new franchise?

I’d be delighted if we could keep this game going. We ask for all your support. 

Do you think you accomplished all that you have set up to do with Harvestella, or is there more, which could perhaps be implemented in future games?

There’s still lots that we have not yet been able to accomplish. However, if we try to create everything in the first title, the foundations of the game become unclear. Once it becomes a series, we’d like to keep adding more exciting features using the engaging foundations of the basic system. 



3 thoughts on “Harvestella producer hopes it can turn into a series”

  1. Haven’t played Harvestella by the artwork and farm sim gameplay look’s surprisingly enough like rune factory, Story of Seasons and Stardew Valley with the day night cycle and harvesting crops. Certainly interested in Harvestella now after watching a review it’s peaked my interest.

  2. Leave it as a Nintendo exclusive, market it with amazing adverts, and it surely will become a continuous series. Nintendo computer game players have always been loyal to buying great games, always.


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