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US: Mario Kart ride at Super Nintendo World will have a waistline limit for riders

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood’s opening date is fast approaching and more information is now coming out and it is regarding visitor restrictions. One restriction which has been discovered by The Wall Street Journal is that visitors to Super Nintendo World who wish to ride on the Mario Kart-themed ride will be unable to do so if their waistline measures 40 inches or more. The restriction is due to potential safety issues though Nintendo and Universal Studios Hollywood have yet to publicly comment. Super Nintendo World opens to the general public on 17th February.

“Our first priority is always the safety of the guests and the employees,” says Jim Seay, president of the ride manufacturer Premier Rides, which has built roller coasters for the Six Flags, SeaWorld and Universal Studios parks. “We balance that with a very focused effort to make the rides as accessible as possible.”

Yet rides with full containment might not fit larger adults. “If you size every seat for the largest possible person, you’re guaranteeing that a smaller child cannot ride,” says Jim Shull, who worked for over 30 years as a Disney Imagineer, a term for Walt Disney Co.’s theme-park designers.


16 thoughts on “US: Mario Kart ride at Super Nintendo World will have a waistline limit for riders”

      1. Not that easy. Unlike other countries, healthy food in America is very expensive and not readily accessed by anyone under the middle class. It’s not easy at all to eat healthy in the US for someone who in the poverty bracket.

  1. wow!!! thats some deep sluething you all did over there at the wall street journal…. whats next? you going to go after rides that you must be at least 48 inches tall to ride? Super nintendo world isnt even open… how long has six flags, or disney land been open? and people are just now going to pretend like this is an actual matter to be concerned about?

  2. Sounds good to me My waist is a30 sooooo…. What’s the problem. But that slightly dare I say…Larger adult accompanying a small child,whom doesn’t want to ride alone problem, Big problem. They need to get out set belt extensions.Becuz those so called large parents, are paying and keeps them in business. Know this…WTF SMH🤔🤔😉

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