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Rumour: Nintendo Direct supposedly happening 7th February (update: mods not confident)

The artwork for the Nintendo Switch Advance Wars collection

Update: Reddit mods have now removed the initially mod approved post saying user contacted with valid proof of contact with employee for company working closely with Nintendo. Employee was asked if there will be a direct on the 7th of February, and replied “confirmed” That’s it.

The moderators on the Gaming Leaks subreddit have apparently verified that a site member has supposedly shared proof with them that a Nintendo Direct presentation is happening on Tuesday, 7th February. The moderators of the subreddit would not elaborate about the proof provided by the user to verify it, but they seem confident enough to make a post about the Nintendo Direct along with sharing the aforementioned date. If we hear anything official regarding a Nintendo Direct presentation then we will certainly let you all know.


30 thoughts on “Rumour: Nintendo Direct supposedly happening 7th February (update: mods not confident)”

  1. Lucas Fernandez Rossi

    Would love to see: New Mario, New Donkey Kong 3D, Twilight Princess For switch, anything Dragon Quest, Dark Souls 2 & 3 Remasters, Metroid Prime Remake, Game Boy Virtual Console App.

    Too much to ask isn’t it?

    1. Uhh update:the mods have already removed so I don’t think it’s legit but it so stupid to guess things like this when it most likely will occur, this is like predicting they’ll be showers, cloudy and even sunny
      weather sometime in February.

      1. I’m really looking forward to playing the Gameboy Pokemon games with Stadium, my old transfer pak wouldn’t sit very secure in the slot and would disconnect very easily. I still have the slightest sense they’re just going to release Stadium without it though.

  2. Non of the above games will be revealed. We will just see random titles from other developers, Zelda and Pikmin.

    Plus honestly, I don’t think this is the date, I really think it will be in March. If you jump to close to the sun, you will get burned. Which is what every Nintendo fan is doing right now. I feel sorry for people who believe anything they read.

  3. I have a weird feeling DK is dead until 2024 when they’ll need a game to go along with the shitty Seth Rogen DK movie and roller coaster attraction.

  4. Since Everyone else is putting up a wish list:
    Dragon Quest XII reveal and Switch confirmation.
    Dragon Quest X offline localization
    Metroid Prime 4 reveal
    Tears of the Kingdom information (but not too much information)
    The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD
    Pikmin 4 reveal
    Metroid Prime Remaster
    More Switch Online classic consoles

    A meager list, but here’s my true wish list:
    Pikmin 1&2 HD
    Dragon Quest Builders 3
    Dragon Quests 4-9
    especially Dragon Quest IX
    Mega Man GB Collection
    Mega Man Legends 1&2 remakes
    Mega Man Legends 3
    a peek at the next Nintendo console (hopefully a Switch 2)
    Metroid Prime Trilogy HD Remastered Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set

  5. So wait – they’ve been putting off Advance Wars for a year due to the war in Ukraine, and now as we’re nearing the 1 year mark for the war, they’re gearing up for a release?
    What next, they’ll release it on the 24th of Feb?

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