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Streets of Rage 4 gets new update bringing over 300 improvements

streets of rage 4 artwork by dotemu

Dotemu has announced that they have released a bumper-sized update to the excellent Streets of Rage 4. The development team says that the new update brings with it over 300 improvements and changes, which sure sounds like a lot. The new update also coincides with a sale on Streets of Rage 4 via the Nintendo eShop, offering 50% off the game’s base price plus the Mr. X Nightmare DLC is also discounted by 50%. Check it all out in the new trailer below detailing some of the improvements Dotemu has rolled out.

A rippin’ new trailer shares a first look at the update, showcasing a suite of eye-popping co-operative moves that empower players to take their combo-driving teamwork to the next level while dishing out some serious hurt to the city’s seediest criminals. It also gives an overview for the all-new Custom Survival Mode, which grants brawlers full control over the innovative, outlandish roguelite beat-em-up gauntlet which debuted as part of the Mr. X Nightmare DLC and provided a unique new way to enjoy Streets of Rage 4’s spectacular combat. Catch more details on the update’s additions and its slew of general improvements to the thug-slugging action in today’s trailer:

Source: Dotemu

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