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Konami files new trademark possibly related to Castlevania series


Konami Digital Entertainment has recently filed a trademark for Project Zircon in Japan and it seems that the name Zircon is related to Castlevania as Zircon appears as a jewel in the classic video game series. The trademark was filed on 7th March in Japan. Konami teased at the start of the year that they have plenty of new video game projects and new developments on familiar series are in the works, so hopefully a new Castlevania project is one of them.


3 thoughts on “Konami files new trademark possibly related to Castlevania series”

  1. Hey Komami
    Gime ds castlevania trilogy for switch and i Pay 60eur for physic kartridge version :)
    (Sotn or 3ds castlevania like dlc ;)

  2. It seems that way Harouhiko. They want ports!!! Or as I call them ZOMBIE games. They have nostalgia and think every gen must face them over and over each time with a fresh new skin. And the game makers see it and oblige because Im guessing it’s much CHEAPER.. or Modern game makers just cant make em as good as back in the day or are unwilling to continue with a new game new story everything a fresh new showcase for this gen. So its a constant return of the living dead forever for you.

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