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Square Enix updates Dragon Quest 12 logo, news coming soon?

It has been a while since we have had a new mainline entry in the critically acclaimed Dragon Quest franchise from Square Enix. The next game in the series will be Dragon Quest 12, which we currently know next to nothing about. However, it does seem as though news could be on the near horizon as Square Enix has now slightly updated the long-awaited game’s logo and has also added a 2023 copyright message. The new Dragon Quest game is titled Dragon Quest: The Flames of Fate and a tentative release date and platforms have yet to be announced.

1 thought on “Square Enix updates Dragon Quest 12 logo, news coming soon?”

  1. Any news is good news, after playing “Echos of An Exclusive Age” im highly anticipating “The Flames of Fate” I hope they have a casino in Dragon Quest 12, i literally spent hours at the casino when i played Echos of An Exclusive Age.

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