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Norn9: Last Era coming to Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe

Norn9: Last Era Coming to Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe

Aksys Games, a well-known publisher of interactive visual novels, has announced the launch of Norn9: Last Era for Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe on August 24. Norn9: Last Era, developed by Idea Factory and Otomate, is a romance visual novel that follows the story of three heroines and nine male characters, who all possess unique abilities.Norn9: Last Era has been praised for its engaging story, beautiful artwork, and lovable characters. Fans of the romance and visual novel genres are sure to find the game enjoyable, and the new release on Nintendo Switch will give players a chance to experience the game in a new way.Norn9: Last Era is a captivating visual novel that has been well-received by players and critics alike. With its upcoming release on Nintendo Switch, even more players will have the opportunity to enjoy the game’s engaging storyline, stunning visuals, and memorable characters.


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