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Sony CEO went to see Super Mario Bros. Movie and says it’s a beautiful and wonderful IP

Sony rarely compliment other companies but they recently made an exception for Nintendo and The Super Mario Bros Movie. Sony Corp’s new President and Chief Executive Officer Kenichiro Yoshida says that it is a beautiful & wonderful IP after watching the new movie. He also said during an investor relations web meeting that he played the Mario franchise intensely around 30 years ago and that “a loveable IP can survive 30, 50, or 100 years.” He went on to say “that is something we would like to make investment into for sustainable growth.” While Sony has disbanded its Japan Studios, it has been focussing on its Astro Bot series with Astro’s Playroom preinstalled on PS5 consoles.

8 thoughts on “Sony CEO went to see Super Mario Bros. Movie and says it’s a beautiful and wonderful IP”

        1. The Sly Cooper movie was never in production. All they did was release a test animation as a trailer a decade ago and didn’t green light the project because the Ratchet & Clank movie was a failure.

      1. Does it really matter though who makes the IP’s , we buy a console to play games. For all I care a turt made them as long as there good.

        When I think about Nintendo I think about Mario , Zelda , Metroid , Donkey Kong , Pokemon. Could name more but they haven’t used them in 20+ years.

        When I think about Sony I think about: God of War , Dark souls/Elden Ring , Metal Gear Solid , Witcher , Street Fighter , Fallout , Mortal Kombat , Tekken , Gran Turismo , GTA , Red Dead Redemption , Elder Scrolls , Last of Us , Resident Evil , Bioshock , Uncharted , Tomb Raider , Kingdom Hearts and these are just the big franchises and are still getting made or fairly rescent past 5-10 years. On top of that I could easily name another 40+ titles each generation that are on this level of quality.

        So as you can see me and allot of other people buy a Nintendo on the side for a couple of games , usually 5-10 and another console for the other 50-70 high rated games each gen.

        Than you could argue that the games made by the following studios are all sony IP’s cause they own all of them:

        Polyphony Digital
        Team Asobi
        Guerrilla Games
        London Studio
        Media Molecule
        Nixxes Software
        Savage Game Studios
        Bend Studio
        Bluepoint Games
        Firewalk Studios
        Haven Studios
        Insomniac Games
        Naughty Dog
        San Diego Studio
        Santa Monica Studio
        Sucker Punch Productions
        Valkyrie Entertainment

        Again , than you could argue that allot of these are bought , but than so is Pokemon in fact that is created by another studio and Nintendo bought shares in the company. (not even majority) And in case of your comment it wouldn’t matter cause we are talking if they can make movies and series if they wanted too.

        So in the end if they wanted to they can make loads of movies and series , probally even higher quality cause the target market isn’t 5 year olds. See Hbo last of us for example.But than we would get in another discussion where you have to have good knowledge of acting , cinematography , score , writing ect. and cinema in general. Basicly compare avarage descent movies to the really well made highly rated classics.

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