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US: The Super Mario Bros. Movie now available for digital purchase, buy $30 or rent $25

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is finally available for consumers in the United States to own or rent on popular digital streaming platforms such as Prime Video and the iTunes Store. However, if you wish to own the movie then it will cost you a premium price of $30 and if you just want to rent it, well, it is $5 less at $25. You can watch it in either 4K, 1080p, or standard definition, though the pricing seems to be the same for each. It’s not clear when the movie will be available in other territories.

14 thoughts on “US: The Super Mario Bros. Movie now available for digital purchase, buy $30 or rent $25”

  1. Might as well just buy it if renting it is only $5 less. I like how the article says “it’s finally available” like it was such a long time since the movie released.

  2. I love the animation and the ton of game references. it’s a fun watch especially even more so if you’re a fan of the Mario games obviously. The one thing that took me out of it, is that with the exception of Jack Black as Bowser, everybody else is doing a slight variation on their usual voices Where you can still tell who it is, and it doesn’t exactly fit the characters as we know them. for me, anyway. Especially Charlie Day as Luigi.😖

    I feel like this movie didn’t need celebrity casting because it already had a built-in audience that was going to see the movie anyway so they could have just hired legit voice actors whose job it is to do voices instead of relying on celebrity names because it wasn’t needed here.

    1. I’m surprised you mention Charlie and not Seth who literally stated himself that donkey Kong was just gonna be his regular voice, my dude didn’t even try to cover himself Seth has the lowest acting range imo and I’m surprised so many let him get away with it in every movie he appears in, not to mention that dumb laughs he carries with him like it’s supposed to be his trademark

      1. I was actually trying to remember who was the 2nd biggest offender, (imo) and it wasn’t coming to me but yes, it was Seth. ugh. Zero attempt was made

      2. People were so focused on Pratt’s voice, who did try to sound different, that they completely ignored Rogan not making any effort at all. He is definitely one of those “actors” that you can tell is basically just playing himself. And this coming from a guy who actually likes him in a few movies.

    2. I completely agree- this film did not need celebrity actors and actresses.

      One of my coworkers says that “they cast big names into these roles because those names are what bring people in.” In the case of Mario, I strongly disagree- the character of Mario brings people in, not whoever is behind the voice. Another criticism I hear is that “if Martinet did his Mario voice like he does in the games, it would have gotten very grating very fast.” I can see that being an issue, but at the same time, Martinet’s been voicing Mario for over 30 years; do you really think he couldn’t have found some kind of good middle ground between normality and his Mario voice? In the movie he voices both Mario and Luigi’s dad and the Italian guy at the beginning who tells them their accents in their commercial were perfect; with a little higher pitch using his Dad voice, that could’ve worked for Mario.

      This movie wasn’t great because of the voice cast; it was great in spite of it because everything else was done well enough.

      1. A character in the movie saying their accents sounded perfect doesn’t mean anything. I mean, that’s like telling people they should like Captain Marvel, the first terrible superhero in the MCU, in Avengers Endgame because Thor said he likes her.

  3. Who the hell would ever rent a movie for $25 when you can buy it for $5 more? the pricing on this is weird, why not rent for $10 or $15 if that’s too low.

  4. WHAT??? Rent for 25 bucks? Are people really that stupid nowadays?? I would understand 5 or 9 bucks, but 25? SERIOUSLY?!?

  5. The price makes sense considering it’s still in theaters. You aren’t paying 7 to 10 bucks per ticket for each person you take with you. You could buy the movie for 30 or rent for 25 & have 10 people come over to watch it with you. The price should go down once it leaves theaters & hits physical medium.

  6. The pricing is outrageous on the rental. How are people supposed to afford this price? These companies are fleecing Americans and it needs to stop. I for one will not pay such high price, just out of principle. People need to stop paying these high prices so these companies will get the hint, and lower their prices. Unbelievable!

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