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Latest Famitsu most wanted games charts

The latest Famitsu readers most wanted video games have come through from the team at Famitsu magazine in The Land of the Rising Sun. There’s no budging both Super Mario RPG and Super Mario Bros. Wonder from the the top spots with Super Mario RPG receiving 530 votes and Super Mario Bros Wonder receiving 509 votes, keeping PlayStation 5 exclusive Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth from the top spot.

  1. [NSW] Super Mario RPG – 530 votes
  2. [NSW] Super Mario Bros. Wonder – 509 votes
  3. [PS5] Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – 477 votes
  4. [NSW] Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince – 413 votes
  5. [PS5] Persona 3 Reload – 207 votes
  6. [NSW] Momotaro Dentetsu World: Chikyuu wa Kibou de Mawatteru! – 201 votes
  7. [PS5] Like a Dragon 8 – 193 votes
  8. [[PS5] Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name – 186 votes
  9. [PS5] Pragmata – 170 votes
  10. [PS4] Persona 3 Reload – 164 votes


2 thoughts on “Latest Famitsu most wanted games charts”

  1. One of my most wanted games is “Sword Art Last Recollection” Hopefully SAO Last Recollection isn’t a broken mess like Lycoris was at release. SAO Lycoris had crafting exploits and getting only one daily quest was ridiculous. I hated the cube with it’s crap RNG. I only got anything decent when i purchased the virtual currency and purchased what i wanted. Then once you purchasee the cosmetic dlc or weapon skins you couldn’t even use it unless you have a constant Internet connection.

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