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Pikmin 4 updated to Version 1.0.2 (patch notes)

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2023 has been a very busy year for Nintendo, and it isn’t just because of new games and downloadable content. Nintendo has been releasing a slow but steady stream of updates to their various games, and it has showed no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Not surprisingly, Pikmin 4 has continued that trend.

Nintendo has released a brand new update for Pikmin 4. Once you update the game, it should be at version 1.0.2. The update’s main focus is on fixing bugs. However, the biggest change is the addition of a progress bar on loading screens. The patch notes can be seen down below.

  • Bug Fixes (Applied after Reloading Save Data) If you experience any of the following issues, please download this update, then reload your save data from the file-selection screen.
    • Fixed an issue where some treasures would disappear when the player rewound time.
    • Fixed an issue where dialogue would fail to proceed when the player talked to castaways with side missions.
    • Fixed an issue where all characters would disappear from the Rescue Command Post.
    • Fixed an issue where the player would not have enough glow sap needed for treatment. (If the player doesn’t have enough glow sap as a result of this bug, their stock will be replenished with that amount at the end of the day.)
  • Other Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where the player could significantly increase the number of Pikmin.
    • Fixed an issue where the player’s screen would remain dark after they skipped a cutscene.
    • Fixed an issue where some treasures would stop being transportable. (If the treasure was already in a state where it couldn’t be transported, it’ll return to its original position after three in-game days—then the player will be able to transport it.)
    • Fixed other issues to improve gameplay experience.
  • Regarding Loading Times
    • A progress bar has been added to loading screens so players can see progress on loading times. (For players who’ve purchased the digital version, loading times can be shortened by moving the software data to internal storage.)


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