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Borderlands 3 on Switch has apparently received a significant update

The acclaimed looter shooter Borderlands 3 for the Nintendo Switch has recently received a fresh new update, which, according to a Reddit user, significantly improves the game on Nintendo’s current system. The user took to the site to inform people that the update has improved not only performance but also texture quality and more, which is handy. Here’s what has apparently changed with the recent update to the Nintendo Switch version of Borderlands 3:

  • Performance on handheld is significantly improved. Hits 30 for the majority of the time, responsiveness is much improved – you can actually aim at enemies.
  • Textures land at a higher resolution or acttually load as they are supposed to. For example the Hotfixes Applied on the character select screen actually resolves so it’s readable. In game texturs are improved.
  • No crashes so far, especially warping back to Sanctuary caused the game to crash 50% of the time.
  • Loadtimes are slightly improved on handheld. When comparing V1 switch docked to OLED handheld, the OLED used to take around 10 seconds more to load, now slahed to about 4 seconds.


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