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Wii U 59

The Cave On Wii U Uses GamePad For Camera And Character, Will Look Identical To 360, PS3

Chris Remo, community manager and writer at Double Fine Productions, has told Joystiq that The Cave for Wii U will utilise the GamePad for camera and character switching. The publication says that the GamePad is simply a glorified character selector and camera controller, and that’s it. Remo also stated that the game will be pretty much identical to the Xbox 360 […]

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Double Fine Presents New Game “The Cave”

Double Fine Production has officially announced their new game which is titled The Cave. News of Ron Gilbert’s next spectacular 2D adventure franchise leaked earlier this week when it was revealed that Sega is publishing the game. The Cave is described by Kotaku as a mix between Manic Mansion with a little Metroidvania thrown in for good measure. It’s expected […]