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Double Fine Presents New Game “The Cave”

Double Fine Production has officially announced their new game which is titled The Cave. News of Ron Gilbert’s next spectacular 2D adventure franchise leaked earlier this week when it was revealed that Sega is publishing the game. The Cave is described by Kotaku as a mix between Manic Mansion with a little Metroidvania thrown in for good measure. It’s expected to be released sometime next year, so expect to hear plenty about the game at E3.

18 thoughts on “Double Fine Presents New Game “The Cave””

  1. Wow, this looks VERY interesting. I’m gonna try to broaden my gaming horizons to play more third party games.

    1. Not all side scrollers are called that. The term refers to super metroid and castlevania on the super nintendo I believe. Both had very similar styles of playing through the game I think. Not certain though since I have played either game but I know it refers to Super Metroid in some way and one of the castlevania games.

  2. Why the hell does it have a publisher? I thought the whole point of Kickstarter was to have NO PUBLISHERS. 3.3 Million RIGHT down the drain.

    1. This isn’t the kickstarter game, this is a completely different project that Ron has been working on. The kickstarter game is only just beginning.

  3. It looks great, hopefully sega doesn’t ruin it. When I first just saw the little image of the video before playing, I thought it was going to be a cavestory clone, thankfully I was wrong (not that cavestory was bad, cavestory was a fantastic game, I just hate it when companies clone each other. That’s why I have such disdain for sony)

  4. Nice job bringing back POINT AND CLICK ADVENTURE GAMES back Tim. This isnt what people donated 3.3 mil for.

  5. This looks AWE-MAZING.

    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying Nintendo needs to do with the next Metroid! Old school gameplay with new school HD visuals and tight controls (like the SNES game, Super Metroid).

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