Here’s The Nintendo Gamer Magazine Review Scores For Metal Gear Solid 3D, The Last Story And Tekken 3D

UK gaming publication Nintendo Gamer, which was previously called NGamer, has reviewed Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, The Last Story and Tekken Prime 3D Edition. Unfortunately I can’t find any extracts from the reviews, but I can tell you that Metal Gear Solid 3D received 93%, The Last Story for Wii received 85% and Tekken Prime: 3D Edition was awarded 76%. The Metal Gear Solid review score is extremely encouraging.

45 thoughts on “Here’s The Nintendo Gamer Magazine Review Scores For Metal Gear Solid 3D, The Last Story And Tekken 3D”

      1. you mean pirate >:) hahahaha jk let us keep supporting nintendo because they love us. pirates are the main reason why nintendo keeps on changing their minds on releasing games outside japan and europe

  1. Expected The Last Story to score higher and Metal Gear Solid to score MUCH lower, but this is good I guess. Didn’t think Tekken looked brilliant to be honest.

    And Nintendo Gamer is a BRILLIANT magazine.

    FIR-gets shot-

    1. I think its mainly because tekken games are usually done for ypu nowadays so theres no characters to unlock, and theres no proper story, just an arcade mode with cutscene’s

  2. I can’t believe Gremlins Gizmo only got 43% :)

    Didn’t even realise a Gremlins game was coming out.

    As for MGS3D, I may be tempted but I’ve enough to keep me going for now. Haven’t even started Ocarina 3D and also have Spirit Tracks and Okamiden to play

  3. Nice, though I was planning on getting MGS and Tekken. The Last Story hasn’t been announced for the US, but I will get it if it gets here. Reviews haven’t influenced my decision to buy a game this entire generation. Ohterwise, I would’ve passed on games like Dead Space, which didn’t get super high scores, but it was talked down by reviewers.

    1. No, it didn’t. That was METAL GEAR. Without the SOLID. And that game wasn’t even the original either; if a Metal Gear has you facing off against a computer at the end, it’s not a real Metal Gear game. Even Kojima himself didn’t think it was faithful to the original game.

      1. the game was by Konami, IT IS the first Metal Gear game, Kojima WAS the producer and it was the first game he made (not the NES version) How can he say it wasnt faithfull to tge series When that STARTED the series??

        just because YOU might not like it, doesnt mean it wasnt the first in the Metal Gear Series.

    2. Metal Gear didn’t start on the NES. It was on the Commodore 64 if I’m not mistaken. There was one on the GCN though… But the SOLID started on the Playstation 1 and went there to PS2 then PSP then PS3

  4. Pretty spooky… 93% is the lowest A in my school, 85% is the highest B, 76% is the lowest C… No matter, I think all these games will be awesome, but I didn’t expect MGS to have that high a score (I was thinking a little bit higher than the Tekken Prime). MGS will still probably be the only one I’ll get from this list. :) (Will the Yoshi doll in the preview of MGS really be in the game?)

      1. I know they are. I love MGS games. The E3 preview for the game just didn’t look interesting to me… Anyways, low 80’s (which was what I expected for this game) is still pretty good.

  5. Last Story got it’s daps and I’m coppin that shit. But chill idk if i wanna pay to import..


    1. No offense but, you suppose to be some kind of ghetto or something? I’m not quite sure. Please speak in the more understandable language…

  6. Don’t listen to reviews. It’s an opinion of someone, so it’s not an “international” or “official” score for the game. Every gamer react differently to games… Please keep that in mind.


  7. The german gaming magazine “M” gave The Last Story a 90%. I guess an 85 isn’t too far off from that. Though I don’t always go by critic scores(played excellent games before that received not so great scores), things are looking pretty good so far.

      1. The one that was pretty memorable was the third one. If some people don’t remember the third one then they’re probably some spoiled PSP kids… I hate those kind…

  8. Promising scores, particularly for MGS3 (lets face it, it was always going to get a 90%+ score) and Last Story. May have to pre-order a copy of LS when I’m in town on Saturday :D

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