Worldwide Sales Figures For Popular Nintendo 3DS Games

Nintendo has released the worldwide sales figures for a number of popular Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS games. The titles included are The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Pokemon Black & White and Super Mario 3D Land.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – 2.61 million (up 0.12 mil. from Dec.)
  • Pokémon: Rumble Blast – 1.08 million
  • Pokémon Black/White (DS) – 14.71 million
  • Mario Kart 7 – 5.24 million
  • Nintendogs + cats – 2.70 million (for comparison: the original Nintendogs – 23.89 million so far)
  • Super Mario 3D Land – 5.84 million (for comparison: Super Mario Galaxy – 10.68 million so far)
  • Nintendo 3DS console – 17.13 million units (up from 15.03 mil. in Dec.)

49 thoughts on “Worldwide Sales Figures For Popular Nintendo 3DS Games”

    1. dont be so cocky ,, if vita will get games 3DS is fucked up ,, so 3DS needs Conduit 3D now to face vita’s COD or Resistance ,,

      1. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA COD?? BATTERED COD SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



        1. I would consider myself a Nintendo fanboy but damn, you make me ashamed to be one. Go use your “talents” for Sony or something, okay?

      2. There is only a tinsy problem with what you are saying and, it’s the fact that games on the vita play like games on an android or iphone. Trust me I’m not a fan boy of either company; my heart belongs to the industry. I was super excited for the “vita” up to the point that they said touch screen and touch pad. At that point I took the money set aside for it and bought shit for my camera. Why would i spend $40-$50 on a game that is played mostlty by tapping the screen. If i want to do that I will play an rpg on my 3ds thank you very much.

      3. but you have to take into account that the vita is very expensive, most, if not, all gamers in my area say they won’t buy a vita because of the price, so Sony need to reduce the price (which I doubt they have earned enough money for tha) or they’ll end up relying on the winter holiday season

    1. Kid Icarus didn’t chart in this because it was released right at the end of the fiscal year. ANd they don’t have numbers for a lot of their games, including Star Fox 3D, on here.

      1. Oh that explains it!
        Kid Icarus: Uprising it’s a great game, I’m really enjoying it a lot!! I play it everyday, it’s really entertaining! I wish it gets high sales as these gems too! It deserves it =)

        1. GODDAMNIT!
          “Nintendo has released the worldwide sales figures for a number of popular Nintendo 3DS and NINTENDO DS games”

  1. Congratulations to Nintendo in their continued successes. Let’s keep it rolling with the Wii U.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  2. Having both. I can say that the only advantage I feel that the vita has is the dual sticks. Yes the software is pretty cool with trophy support and online is pretty cool. But, even the games at te start, although a good line up…is just that a line up.

    After Beaton Uncharted, I have not touched it since. I have been having too much fun with the 3DS. I have a PS3 and love it for the 3D gaming on that.

    The games coming out for the Vita such as Gravity Rush is amazing, but I don’t know. Maybe it’s the high cost of the memory card ($99.00 for a 32 gig card) when I have a 32 gig in my 3DS for like $20+. Maybe the games cost more. I don’t know.

    All I know I am going to sell my Vita and my iPhone 4S and go back to Android and get a new 3DS game.

    1. In London, we have a s*** PS Vita line, only 6 games :( none of the games intrest me anyway, the only one that looks fun is Rayman Origins which I have on the Wii

  3. I don’t see Star Fox 64 3D, which means we may never get another installment forever (Miyamoto said if the game doesn’t sell enough cash, there will be no more Star Fox games).

  4. Lol Pokemon Black and White raped all of the other games :)
    Can’t say I’m surprised
    Pokemon is the second highest selling franchise after mario
    but things seem to be changing :)

  5. In terms of competition, Nintendo has no competition. Competition results in companies making business decisions to react to what another company is doing.

    Nintendo follows their own strategy. And yes, although there IS competition, Nintendo ignores it. Their strategy, hardware releases, even the 3DS price drop – it was never to compete with Vita, it was to compete with their own sales expectations.

    So from a point of view, Nintendo already has no competition. They ARE the competition.

    - Leave Terminators to Arnold.

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