Dragon Quest X For Wii Japanese Box-Art

Square Enix has provided a glimpse at the official box-art for its highly anticipated Dragon Quest X, which is exclusive to Wii and eventually Wii U. Dragon Quest X is the tenth installment in the acclaimed Dragon Quest series, and is an online multiplayer role-playing game. Dragon Quest X is due to be released in Japan on Wii August 2nd.

19 thoughts on “Dragon Quest X For Wii Japanese Box-Art”

    1. It won’t, because it’s going to be the Final Fantasy XI of the Dragon Quest series. That upsets me, mainly because I still play (and love!) FFXI, and I don’t want to miss out on DQX just because it’s another MMO.


      1. Oh shit I meant to say Final Fantasy 11 not 12. I liked 12, the concept was good never completely beat it though.


  1. Isn’t the human-character only for the first hour of the game? Or am I mistaken?

    Either way, I miss the older DQ designs, like Erdrick/Loto and the iconic helmet and Crown from the first 3 DQs. I miss the olde archaic design.


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