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Dragon Quest X For Wii Japanese Box-Art

Square Enix has provided a glimpse at the official box-art for its highly anticipated Dragon Quest X, which is exclusive to Wii and eventually Wii U. Dragon Quest X is the tenth installment in the acclaimed Dragon Quest series, and is an online multiplayer role-playing game. Dragon Quest X is due to be released in Japan on Wii August 2nd.

19 thoughts on “Dragon Quest X For Wii Japanese Box-Art”

  1. I really don’t get they didn’t showcase this game. Maybe it’s not a very western oriented game, but still…

    1. It won’t, because it’s going to be the Final Fantasy XI of the Dragon Quest series. That upsets me, mainly because I still play (and love!) FFXI, and I don’t want to miss out on DQX just because it’s another MMO.

      1. Yea FFXI is really great and played since 2003. I’m sure DQX will be awesome… just needs to get out here

      2. Oh shit I meant to say Final Fantasy 11 not 12. I liked 12, the concept was good never completely beat it though.

  2. Isn’t the human-character only for the first hour of the game? Or am I mistaken?

    Either way, I miss the older DQ designs, like Erdrick/Loto and the iconic helmet and Crown from the first 3 DQs. I miss the olde archaic design.

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