Sony Admits Wii U Is A “Potential Risk” To PlayStation 3

Sony Europe boss Jim Ryan has confessed that Wii U is a potential risk to Sony’s PlayStation 3. Ryan says that although Nintendo’s forthcoming console is a potential risk, the company is extremely confident that the new IP’s they have been working on will pay dividends, and will ultimately brush off the threat of Wii U.

“It’s obviously a potential risk but we feel really good about our content. Obviously, it comes down to content. There are people who buy gadgets for the sake of the gadget, but that’s pretty niche. We feel good about our line-up that we showed at E3. We’re very excited about publishing it. We’ve got 30 million PS3s (sales target) for this year, it’s a big number but we’ve got the tools to go out and deliver that.”

154 thoughts on “Sony Admits Wii U Is A “Potential Risk” To PlayStation 3”

    1. LOL. You know, however. Nintendo and we as Nintendo Gamers, should think that the combo PS3+VITA is a “potential risk” for Wii U. Vita has better hardware than 3DS (only that they don’t have free-glass 3D support) but if we compare best graphics on 3DS against VITA’s: 3DS loses.
      However, Vita has everything for doing the SAME THING the Wii U tablet does. And PS3 has already a big library, and much exclusives, and 2nd + 3rd party support. With pretty much the same graphics than Wii U (as we know at this time). So as competitors, Sony is the biggest “thread”.
      But in Miyamoto, Iwata, Eguchi, Sakurai, and Reggie (yes) we trust…

      1. VITA is not a POTECIAL RISK. vita can do the same that wii u BUT 1. at this time vita NEEDS the same game TWICE (one in ps3 and one in vita) to play but wii u just need one.
        2. to play across with ps3 and vita u need 2 Different CONSOLES.

        1. That’s a good point. But hey, Vita can stream the PS3 content by internet, so you can leave the room/house playing PS3. Just like Tegra 3 tablets with Splashtop THD. If they haven’t done that, sorry, i didn’t knew and the publicity really got me xD
          But sure it can do the same, with better hardware, unfortunately with too much expensive system, though, but Vita can process the graphics, not just streaming. Vita can be used perfectly as another controller for PS3. Vita has the power, but is up to Sony to see that, i think is pretty interesting.
          This “Vita can” factor is the “potential risk” i’m refering. Sure the pricing is a REAL problem. but in the market are pretty much expensive things that sells too well for their use, starting with smartphones i believe, they easily double the console prices…

        2. I believe if Vita somehow expands the connection with PS3. Without having TWICE the same game, like you said, and sell a combo of PS3+VITA (don’t know if it is already) or “if you have one, we can sell you the other with 50% discount!” or something like that xD … ¡Paz, hermano! Like I said it’s just potential, that means that it is a possibility, and Sony have to squeeze it to watch better results on Vita sales. plus adding some good games on Vita, that can be streamed on the PS3 for HD- TV sized glory! (If they haven’t already)… Jesus, I don’t know why i’m not working at Sony right now :lololol:
          Long live Nintendo, for the sake of good gaming and sane competition…

          1. The vita can basically do both, hell the PSP could do Remote Play, I’m guessing that was his point, at the end of the day even thoses crappy $60 tablets are a “potential Risk” to Sony, MS, & Nintendo.

      2. The Vita COULD be a risk, if it wasn’t for one big issue, Everyone who owns a Wii U console owns the Game Pad, not everyone who owns a PS3 will own a Vita. A PS3 developer can not make the vita a nessecarry part of their game, just optional. If someone released a PS3 game with Vita required everyone would go ballistic.

  1. 30 million?! Beyond and The Last of Us may be great titles, but they sure as hell won’t get 30 million sales. Especially now that it’s about a year or 2 away from Sony’s next console, it would be a waste to buy a console just for 2 titles. Nah, Sony, you ain’t gettin’ 30, maybe 10, but sure as hell not 30.

      1. Why do you think I don’t want them to get 30 million sales? I’m just thinking that it’s not realistic, since they just have 2 games that are potential console sellers.

        1. Omg you people are so stupid. When he said 30 million he didn’t mean 30 million in a year, he meant total cumulative sale. At the end of 2011 around 23 million ps3 sold in Europe that means the target is around 7 million this year.

    1. Sounds like Sony might be leaving the console market :( Shame, they where good for a while, lets just hope they announce the PS4 next year

        1. They have smartphones now that are soon to be like mini PS3s and they seem to be having a lot of trouble with there PSVita console so it might seem that Sony will have to either make an extremely good console or just leave the console market and focus on their other products like their TVs and Smartphones

            1. They’re good competitors. I hope not. They have feeded the gaming community very well. Metal Gear Solid is one of those titles that Sony made possible, I think!. But if Sony leaves, it will leave like Sega Dreamcast, like an overpowered console, but with the best line up of this generation, and still growing.

              However, i’m not seeing this very soon. Nintendo and Sony are the best. I just don’t like xbox that much. Sony is always looking for best hardware at the time (blu-ray and HD, and multi-media support???? six years ago?) and Nintendo is innovating, inspiring the gaming community to new and refreshing ideas for games… Microsoft is in a balanced middle, it just needs to be more aggresive. Just my opinion, though

              1. Well Metal Gear will just move onto a new console like its doing with the Metal Gear Rising game which is coming out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Metal Gear has been on a Nintendo platform too so its not really Sony’s saving grace

                1. Sure, maybe yes maybe not. But you have to admit that Sony has done a good job. Always wanting to have the best hardware, even if it is more expensive. One thing is sure for me. Sony and Nintendo are the best. Microsoft can stay in console war but i say “stay in PC world”, I would really love to see an “XBOX-PC gamer”, an official Microsoft console sized PC for gaming and hard work. Like Alineware x51 but better somehow…. or a console that is compatible with PC games =P that would be sick…

    2. Beaten into dust?
      PS3 has the bettery library.
      Online network.
      Better features.
      Better fucking everything.
      65 million units sold worldwide, vs 95 million.

      Seems to be a case of Nintendo only “winning” in terms of the casual market and because of pricing.

      Wii is shit, mines is in the closet while I play REAL consoles.

        1. Your Wii sucks too much to run the Last of Us, Beyond, Heavy Rain, Valkyria Chronicles, Bayonetta, list goes on and on.

          LOL THE WII. Your buyer’s remorse is bleeding obvious.

          1. Stop it! Stop it! XD your making me bust a gut!

            Wii U mad bro? Lol XD

            Plus Bayonetta developers are working on a Wii U game and Heavy Rain was a boring mess.

            Lol you Sonyfagboys

            1. You mean a casual Wii game called project-p100 that looks like a Wii game no less. If you think that’s on the same scale and budget as their masterpiece, seek help. xD

              Heavy Rain is a boring mess? Virtually every professional gaming review site and non-fanboy disagrees with you, but I forgot Nintendo fanboys don’t know what real experiences are, they only know jumping on Goombas, so I’ll cut you some slack.


              This is every Wii game ever.

              1. Lol XD Your one funny guy, doesn’t Sony have something similar… Oh yes the Dildo.. wait no the I meant the Playstation Move XD

                You can’t admit that Nintendo is better because your afraid that Sony might leave you for a another fanboy! XD

                Heavy Rain was a boring piece of shit I’d have ever played, pushing buttons? quick time events? pah!

                I can do that in God of War on my PS.. 2!

                1. It’s funny how you can’t even explain how Nintendo is better, because you’ll lose that argument too. If you want to try, go ahead and I’ll promptly embarrass you with the bitter truth and you’ll resort to more keyboard pounding and “XD” emotes like a low functioning autistic.

            1. The Wii has a series that hasn’t changed it’s premise since OoT for the N64? Now with waggle fest included?


              Oh, nevermind let me go back to my breathtaking experience called Skyrim on the PC and wait for the incredible Dawnguard expansion instead.

                1. Explains why it won numerous GOTY awards and had the better review scores, more support, more content, more lasting appeal, more…everything. Oh and freedom for that matter.

                  Zelda literally only had the story going for it, which isn’t even saying much.

                  1. Easy, its because its an Elder Scrolls game that people wanted for ages but after a while the novelty wore off.

                    It really did get boring quickly. I just went back to playing Oblivion.

                    1. Novelty wore off? Didn’t seem to be the case even before Dawnguard was announced, so this is mostly just -your- situation…and thus not relevant or making any sort of a point when the majority are still satisfied with this game and aren’t going to go backwards on lolZelda.

                    2. I used to read Aeolus’ comments but then I took an arrow in the knee. so much for Sonyfagism

                  2. Not going to be fanboy about this, btu by your logic you’re saying if a game has more support then it HAS to be better than others?

                    So COD has more support so it’s better than all the other shooters that actually try and innovate? Yea okay

                    You ever heard the saying what’s popular isn’t always right and what’s right isn’t always popular…

                1. >Unable to back up anything what he says while I constantly prove him wrong.

                  >Resorting to insults because nothing else can work.

                  It must be fun to be a keyboard warrior, because you’re clearly too stupid to make any sort of a point instead. :B

                  Skyrim gets boring…yeah and Zelda SS becomes a frisbee for my mutt. You’ve probably never even played Skyrim, so it’s not even worth replying to you.

                  1. Soooo your calling us stupid when your the Sony fanboy complaining and arguing about that PS3 is better on a Nintendo News website??? Your so immature and ignorant…Get The Hell Out Of Here!

                    1. You’re*; learn how to type.

                      Nintendo fanboys actually are stupid though. They continue supporting this company that only cares about casuals and not actually their fans. How was it to miss some of their biggest IPs last gen for a bunch of party games?


                  2. Its true though, you are acting a little immature for a Sony Fan. I like my PS3 and Wii but you don’t see me bitching about which system is better.

                    Why not do what I do and go for walks, talk with friends face to face, you know going outside

                    1. Except, I’m not a fan. I’m a real gamer who doesn’t cater to Nintendo’s nonsense any longer.

                      And the latter is largely irrelevant as you know nothing about me and seem to insinuate this is cutting into my personal life. Because it isn’t. At all. :P

                      Sign of weakness, jealously, personal inferiority, Chris? Seems like it.

                    2. why is it when someone says they are a real gamer not a fanboy… feels like they are more of a fanboy than they really are.

                  3. I played both game and by far zelda was the better one IMO, stop being such a fanboy and appreciate good games even if it is one a Wii..

                    1. Bullshit that’s in your opinion. You’re probably a Nintendo fanboy in denial of what’s the better game or too hooked on a stale adventuring series.

                    1. Hey guys what f next time a Fag like this sonyfag comes along lets just agree with him and he’ll automatically lose “win”

        1. A real gamer its the 1 who respect other gamers no matter what they play or what console they have.So, a real gamer doesnt exist in other words, they are a myth like unicorns and the easter bunny.

      1. Wow, that was an angry little reply there. This probably won’t help your mood any:

        Yup! PS3 has been beaten into dust, and their persistence only puts people like you in danger. Enjoy sacrificing your life to Sony for a couple of pixels.

  2. WiiU is shaping up to be a beast if people are praising the console and now even sony feel a bit worried :D with it’s arrival. I may sound like a fanboy but man I am glad I lived in the era of nintendo gaming. Games that formed my childhood and teenagehood and now adulthood. I hope all these experiences I gathered will be passed on down to my children and I want them to feel passionate and enjoy these unique and colourful experiences just like I did as soon as I took the first step in mario land way back in 1989 on the brick gameboy :D

    Yes I game on the pc but…it just doesn’t have that nintendo magic and creativity (still huge fun!) that is admired by many but criticised by many others, mainly jeolous competitors.

    1. am so glad too if it wasn’t for Nintendo, we can only imagine how the game industry (if any) would have been like!!! if Nintendo kicked segas butt am sure they can do it again with Microsoft and Sony!

      1. Sega wasn’t a powerhouse like sony, let alone microsoft, if MS wanted they could sell the next xbox at a HUGE lost. just to destroy nintendo. Simply because they can.

      2. ….Maybe your right. But XBOX has been storming the market! Nintendo will definetely have trouble with them.
        The thing is I’m worried nintendo will end up like sega. Though I am going to get the wii u and if it dosent get much sales at launch then fine. Nintendo needs to make it affordable.

      1. Thank you. It fills me up with joy when I see new gamers coming and experiencing the nintendo magic for the first time. Its like looking through a window and seeing my self all those years ago lost in all those beautiful creations!

          1. I was referring to nintendo all da way through to now. Was playing mario world and link to the past and I av to say they are the mona lisa’s of gaming. Everyone acknowledges their existance and dares not to question them. Mindblowing games. Nintendo has always delivered great games. Don’t like shovelware? Don’t buy it but always remember someone out their is smiling playing it and not screaming insults on cod!

  3. Hmmm I don’t know, lately Sony’s IP haven’t been doing to well sales wise, yes their new ip’s look good but it’s really a gamble. Plus 30million ps3 sales for the rest of the year? I think they are high on something over there, new or existing Sony ip’s aren’t really HUGE console movers (judging on what is releasing this year, if GoW is tis year it might be their best chance), they are averaging about 120-150k a week, I think they would be lucky to push 10-15mil this year, that’s including holidays but not the impact of WiiU. Especially when they will be facing a Mario titles around the Christmas holidays, on two Nintendo platforms as well.

  4. Well Sony is going under which I’m actually worried about, the PSVita for me wasn’t great. The hardware was amazing but it strength of the system was much too weak, plus the Vita has a very poor line up of games even after its launch.

    I’m afraid that Sony might turn into a 3rd Party Developer much like Sega did and the era of the Playstation will come to an end. Microsoft is the same, I don’t see them making a new console after the 720 is released because they also lost a lot of money thanks to the kinect but they have the likes of Windows to fall back on and even that’s failing.

    1. Microsoft will most likely bring out a new console especially if this ban takes place on the 360 (not to sure if that means US but it’s already banned in Germany)

    2. Are you insane ? The Vita is just about to leave the launch window, the games will be coming just now. It’s the same like with the 3DS, it took several months until it had games that were worth buying. And Sony definitely did not give up on the Vita; you’d know that if you would be reading their announcements/interviews.
      Plus, if Sony really would happen to leave the gaming industry, Nintendo wouldn’t do too well after that. Without competition there won’t be anything they would aim for.
      As the 3DS had its slow start, so is the Vita. I’d really love to see both Nintendo and Sony bring successful systems to the market. Both deserve to be successful. And I do believe they could reach 30 million PS3 sales if they got a strong line-up. The Wii is selling very well as well after all, even if the WiiU is only a few months away.

      1. Think about that number for a minute. The system has 65 million all time sales, what 6 years? So they will triple sales this year?… no they won’t! Even ps3 and a blow job still won’t do it

  5. Look…… listen up people! –– They need to build a Universal Games Console where it can play ANY game, and the most biggest electronic consumers should band together as one to chip in to build it. They could make plenty more profits that way if each company spills out 10% of cash to build it, then sell it at a reasonable price in which they all profit from.

    1. But what if this “Universal Games Console” fails massively? That would mean a lot of companies would be in deep shit, plus it would mean no competition meaning they could put the “UGC” at £3000 if they wanted to

  6. Ye, but Wii U has to compete with ps4, not ps3. Ps3 is just a fucking old console.
    So the question is:
    Is Wii U A “Potential Risk” To PlayStation 4 ?

    I hope so.

    1. Yes, since multi-platform 720/PS4 games will be available for the Wii U, because DirectX10.1 isn’t that far behind DirectX11, which MS/Sony are most likely to use.

  7. Well, the Wii U being a potential risk to the PS3 is no great achievement… I still can’t see how Nintendo plans to appeal to the core gamers with Wii U when the graphical capabilities probably won’t be able to compete with those of the next PlayStation and Xbox…

    1. Your just like every graphics whore dumbass. How much more powerful do you THINK graphics can get after 1080p. Please tell me. Fuckin retards all only care about graphics this, graphics that

      1. Its not just the resolution in the games you morons, the tv factors a lot too, Take SMW for example, if you play it on a standard TV it looks amazing, but play it on a 50in HD tv, and tell me its the same experience, hell I stopped playing my wii after my SD tv broke, cause it looks like shit on my 40in, the experience sucks.

        1. Not Really i have my Wii hooked up to a 40in. TV and the graphics looks excellent.The experience is epic…its not about the graphics its about enjoying the game and having fun.

      2. You really need to learn how to have a proper conversation without words like “whore” and ”fucking” in each of your sentences. Apart from that, I didn’t say that FOR ME good graphics are important but for many core gamers who wouldn’t buy Nintendo systems only because of Mario and Zelda titles. So next time better read carefully before posting such stupid comments. Thanks.

  8. The WiiU is definatly a threat to both 360 and PS3, is it has the right games. Sony is wise to focus on excluesives and new IPs, and it will work because as it stand right now, there is nothing exactly mind blowing about any of WiiU’s excluesives. The few that were, it turns out, will probably go multi-format.

      1. …. HAHAHAHA!! Oh man you made me laugh so hard.. no but serious Microsoft had a very boring conference, plus they should be scared of the Wii U

        1. Both Microsoft and Nintendo’s E3 conferences were awful man. Microsoft had Halo 4, Nintendo had Pikmin 3. Everything else ain’t even worth mentioning.

    1. Several Sony higher ups have been saying they’re impressed with the WiiU. Because, you know…buisiness entrepeneurs tend to be professional and straight-thinking, not bratty and childish?

  9. Of Course Sony’s scared. They’re business philosophy is failing hard which is why they’re copying Nintendo hoping to profit more than them which they’re really not. Everyone can see they’re just copying and does’nt feed into it which ends in another fail. All that talking they’ve been doing is getting shoved down their throats

  10. Potential risk to PS3, yeah but PS3 is last/current gen, and Wii U is next gen, so surely it should? It’s like saying the Wii is a risk to the PS2….

  11. Problem with the PS3 is getting people to buy their console. Other consoles such as the 360 make it more social for other gamers by having a party chat option. Since Sony did not add a feature like this to the console it’s hurting them bad right now. I find even the online play for the PS3 is terrible. They should have Atleast charged their customers something like 20 bucks a year to atleast make their online gameplay batter.

  12. It will be dangerous I know a sony and xbox fanboy who is getting the wii u because I told him about the features and all of great ass games coming out. And he’s likely to tell his friends and so on. Then before ya know it BOOM the wii u is popular.

  13. Of course it’s a risk, WiiU is a next gen console, the PS3 is a current gen console? If the WiiU can’t beat the PS3 it’s failed as a console in every respect.

  14. Note how he says risk to PS3 and not the next generation. That’s a low, yet rightful blow. Wii U is not a threat to the looming beast known as Orbis and they know it. They want to squeeze out remaining PS3 sales before the monster comes late next year *and it fucking will*.

    The PlayStation 4 will crucify the Wii U. The casuals are not interested, and the core gamers don’t give a shit. Only Nintendo fans are legitimately interested in this console, and I’ll love to see them weep just like they did to the PS2/PS1 curb stomping their previous consoles. Then all their arguments will once again fall apart. Hurr hurr graphics don’t matter!111 it’s gameplay!11 herpity derp1!!1

    Wii neither had graphics nor gameplay and the average review scores prove it. The PS3/360 had the better lineups and most third party support and ended up being the only consoles worth buying, while the Wii seems to gather dust in everyone’s houses lol.

    1. Oh I didn’t know you could see into the future.

      We know jack nothing about the PS4, the PS3 had a bad launch and didn’t have many exclusives, The Vita isn’t selling well and is far to pricey, something which Sony isn’t budging on, Game play is more important than graphics otherwise what is the point of playing a video that has crap game play but looks good.

      Also as I said before Sony got lucky during the PS1 and PS2 days.

      Their competition drove away game developer which in turn drove away potential customers.

      Furthermore the Wii did have game play and graphics just that you are too arrogant or stupid, maybe both, to realise that.

      Also if you don’t like Nintendo then why the fucking hell are you on a Nintendo website.

      Folk just ignore Aeolus since he is a troll fishing for a fight.

      1. ^This guy pretty much nailed everything. Aeolus got completely owned here. ^No point of arguing with this statement

  15. If Sony says this than you know WiiU must be good! But I really don’t know what they see? The showin of WiiU really didn’t impress me at E3. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and play it!

    1. Quite the opposite, since they say it’s a threat to a -last gen- console.

      Would be more valid if they said next generation. :P

      1. Hahah!! XD How is Sony’s money doing?

        Yeah, everyone here is really thinking that your precious Sony won’t last for very long which is probably why they only said ‘Current Gen’

        1. Yeah, I’m sure a 6 billion dollar loss is a hugeeeeeeeee bankrupting blow for a company worth several times that amount (approx $52 billion) and still has a thriving gaming division. /MegaSarcasm.

          …Yeah no, stop pretending to know business and go back to your Wii little boy. Because you’ll get wrecked no matter what you bring up and talk shit instead. HAR HAR.

          Alternatively, get off the internet and do something productive with your life called school.

        2. Sony’s doing fine, actually. They make more money per sale of a PS3, remember? Not to mention gaming is just one of their sectors, they’re a pretty massive entertainment company. If you don’t like them that’s fine, but atleast get a valid reason to do so dude.

          Honestly, I’m more worried about Nintendo, shares dropping AGAIN. They need to step it up.

          1. So 31-years worth of money goes missing because of Sony’s TV business isn’t much of a lose, yet Nintendo’s shares going down 2% is bad news?

            I can see why you would be scared but really its not much to be worried about.

            I’m more worried about Sony though because they don’t seem to be doing so well, plus the Vita isn’t selling well but its a great piece of hardware

            1. TV sales have been usurped by the likes of Samsung. Sony’s are fine, yet people aren’t willing to pay those premiums just for a TV.

              In reality, they should just cut back on the irrelevant divisions they clearly aren’t doing so hot in. The PlayStation division still has a stronger market cap than Nintendo, so….

            2. Sony has electrical appliances, movies, television, music…even finance. All that, alongside the gaming part of their company. Nintendo’s only buisiness is the gaming industry.

              A second 2% drop in shares for Nintendo is indeed a bigger deal dude. I’m not hating on Nintendo, I want them to do well.

          2. Nintendo shares dropping means nothing.

            It just mean that investor don’t understand the Video game market.

            1. It doesn’t mean nothing dude, it’s a big deal. You do know what shares are, right? The reason why they’re dropping is irrelevant.

  16. I’m looking forward to seeing what Sony and Microsoft have to offer. I wonder how the upcoming gen will go…

  17. Why are people arguing over ps3 and and wii? I think 360 is a LOT better than ps3 because they have a better online system, better exclusives and are always improving the software of the xbox completley free.

    Wii is very easily the 3rd best of the 3. ( I own all 3 )

    WiiU will probably brush of the competition for the first year or so its out.

    1. Better exclusives…how?

      The PS3 has far more variety in/and exclusives than the 360. That’s a fact no matter how you slice it. Maybe if you like shooters and Gran Turismo clones, I guess.

      1. @Aeolus
        I’ve seen many of your comments and I’m just curious why you spend your time on a Nintendo fan site and doing nothing much more try your uptmost to spread your obnoxious Sony- biased views and intense flaming of nintendo products. C’mon dude you’re wasting your time here with that. Yeah maybe you have a point of view, you like Sony, that’s cool, I like Nintendo, but you’re somewhat taking it too far buddy with the insults and constant arguing.
        Seriously if you hate nintendo that much then why are you here commenting?

        1. Maybe he likes Nintendo (and Sony) but hates the fanbase? I’ll admit parts of the community around here are pretty…rabid…

        2. BECAUSE HE’S A TROLL. From the first comment of his I read I knew he was a troll and I am calling him out as such.

          Imagine if I constantly spammed my opinion on The Cataracs on a website treating them as if they were gods when I don’t even consider their beats to be anything resembling music – seems like a waste of time, wouldn’t you say? I’d come off as a troll, right? That’s Aeolus, but with Nintendo instead of my most hated musical act.

          Aeolus comes on here with these Playslaveish comments because he wants a reaction, and that’s what he gets. He keeps commenting despite people calling him out because he loves the reactions he gets.

          As someone who loves Nintendo to this day and used to be a complete Nintendrone, I’ll say this: the Nintendo fanbase is an easy target for trolls at times, and some Nintendo fans can be too oversensitive to different opinions. The fact Aeolus is successful proves this, as does the fact theSWORDisR3BORN, who had a HALO REACH poster AND a ZELDA poster in one of his videos (in a video written to show PS3 favouritism), still isn’t called out as a troll.

      2. Xbox 360 has Mass Effect. That one five year old exclusive blows the crap out of almost every PS3 exclusive. Unlike Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo don’t need like a BILLION exclusives just to make themselves look cool. Quantity is not quality.

    2. 360 is only worth getting for the Forza series, Halo series, and Lost Odyssey imo. All games definitely worth playing though, yeah.

  18. Maybe, but Sony nor Microsoft are even close to fearing Wii U will hurt the PS4 and 720. Software sales systems, and from what I saw, Wii U has 0 games.

  19. what they should be worried about is their next console. as soon as they overprice that thing the sooner it becomes another ps3. maybe instead of focusing on power they should focus on making a durable inexpensive system so people won’t have to deal with ylod.

  20. I’m glad someone at Sony isn’t so cocky about their stuff. Nintendo and Sony have been putting up a good fight for awhile, so it’s good that both exist. Without the competition, both would suck.

  21. I still don’t see the PS3/Vita combo as being a threat to the U. They are 2 different things. You need to buy 2 copies of a game to take advantage of the functio they’re talking about here. Also not every game will support that function. Every game on the Wii U will be playable on the Upad The Wiimotes and Wii U pro controller also factoe into this.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  22. I am unconvinced that any “threat” against Sony is significant.
    They’ve been around for a long enough time to be trusted to deliver great games, and it is those games that will drive the sales of the system, not the system itself.
    The Wii U, however, will have both the system AND its games interesting people.

    To me, it almost sounds like that guy was trying to make himself SOUND worried at first so that his confident response of “But we’ll be fiiiiiine” afterwards would have more impact and make it seem like the Wii U was no big deal.
    A subtle put-down of the Wii U’s potential, if you will.
    If so, he’s a masterful mentality manipulator, but he’s not half as clever as he thinks he is, if he believes such a [possible] roundabout gamble will actually do anything to affect how the Wii U sells in comparison to the PS3, let alone how people will see the two consoles.

    I’m of the opinion that the Wii U is going to deliver on all of the big stuff fans have been wanting.
    But given other reports from this very site quoting Nintendo as stating that their reason for not showing them is so that their competitors can’t take the initiative to create something similar in a shorter amount of time, I’m not surprised in the least that the Wii U is off to a slow start.

    It doesn’t please us fans, of course, but it makes business sense to keep your trump cards safely hidden from the view of those who would counter them.

    1. Why the fuck do you think Nintendo is boring as hell? Without Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft wouldn’t have been there in the video gaming console market… PERIOD!

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