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Nintendo Has The “Ability To Surprise Everyone” With Wii U

Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia is confident that Nintendo still has the ability to surprise everyone with Wii U. Bhatia said these comments despite claiming that third-party support for Nintendo’s next home console seems lukewarm.

“Most of the third party publishers we spoke to appeared relatively lukewarm about the Wii U console. We didn’t get the sense that third party publishers (with the exception of Ubisoft) are aggressively developing games for the Wii U yet. That said, Nintendo has always had the ability to surprise everyone and of course, Nintendo has the brands to carry its console (Mario, Zelda, Pikmin etc.). With Nintendo’s hand-held market already under pressure due to competition from tablets, smartphones etc., it is obvious Nintendo needs to come up with a big surprise more than ever.”

29 thoughts on “Nintendo Has The “Ability To Surprise Everyone” With Wii U”

    1. No need to judge a console and it’s games before you’ve event tried it, especially for ones that haven’t even been released yet.

  1. Perhaps. We still don’t know much about this console even after E3. I hope that we’ll all be pleasantly surprised when in launches.

    ..And for Pete’s sake Nintendo, please launch this thing in black!

  2. Masters of suspense, of course they have the ability to surprise, anyone company would if they don’t reveal everything at a major unveiling event.

    The waiting will be the equivalent of camping, intense.

    1. They didn’t want to reveal everything about the Wii U at E3 simply because they wanted to leave it until it’s released to the public to see for themselves in what it’s got in store and what it can do.

      1. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

        that could be said in two different ways:

        “luke warm” is two words.
        luke, warm is two words.

        be specific next time so u dont look stupid

  3. They will suprise everyone. I think people need to get their hands on one to try it. That will help the consumer understand it better. Also, is Nintendo handheld division under pressure from smartphones? It sure doesn’t seem that way. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. No exactly, but remember Nintendo has said their competitors are everyone who is in the entertainment industry, or something around the lines. They surely are not threatened by them but they are competitors.

    2. What I still don’t get is why people don’t understand it at all. The 3DS was different because we couldn’t see the 3D through video. But I think the Wii U is very simple to understand. Whats so hard to understand console with a touch screen on the controller?

  4. Pressure the 3ds has sold near twice the ds and that is under pressure. Just wait till summer then check out the sales .hmm pressure

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