Vigil Games: “If Zelda Didn’t Exist, We Probably Wouldn’t”

Darksiders II developer Vigil Games’ Ryan Stefanelli says that his studio probably wouldn’t subsist if The Legend of Zelda didn’t exist. Apparently, The Legend of Zelda is Vigil Games’ utmost inspiration for the Darksiders franchise. Stefanelli claims that the reason there aren’t many titles like The Legend of Zelda is because it’s ‘really hard’ to develop an action-adventure game similar to Nintendo’s influential series.

“If Zelda didn’t exist, Vigil Games probably wouldn’t because that’s the game that we most often quote as saying “that’s the genre we want to play in.” I think another reason why we get so many comparisons is because, look, nobody really runs in that crowd. There’s a reason there aren’t many games like Zelda–it’s because it’s really god damn hard to do. It’s really hard to make a game like that. The reason nobody calls a game a Doom clone anymore is because there’s a shitload of first-person-shooters. I mean, which one are you going to compare it to? There’s so many. The genre is literally saturated. But action-adventure games? It’s really easy to draw a comparison to Zelda because there just isn’t anything else like that. It’s the same with God of War. I mean, there are quite a few games in that genre, but, really, there are a few that stand out, like God of War, Devil May Cry. It’s kind of easier to draw a comparison between us because the breed is rare, but we knew we were going to have that problem when we went in. Like I said, not many people try to make games like that, but we loved it, so we wanted to anyway.”

115 thoughts on “Vigil Games: “If Zelda Didn’t Exist, We Probably Wouldn’t””

    1. AWWWWWW VIGIL !!!!!! you make what ever you want. its not really similar to zelda , link isnt the grim reaper last time i checked.
      just don’t expect to make anything better than zelda , because you will fail . ok ?

        1. yes i have. they are aloud to make a game in this genre .
          its not as bad a clone as others in no way .
          darksiders is cool .
          its not that similar in story is it ???? its completely different .
          thats like saying two books about war are just copying each other.
          they are both just war books dude.
          zelda >>>>> darksiders . nuff said .

          1. But we’re comparing gameplay and the mechanics here, not the story. Think of it like comparing ModNation Racer to Mario Kart, or PlayStation All-Star: Battle Royale to Super Smash Bros. series.

      1. I wouldn’t say it sucked, but it didn’t match up to the other console Zelda games. Mostly because it lacked some of the smaller, yet important, things.

    1. skyward sword was an epic masterpiece. i am sorry , but anybody who thinks otherwise is either 14 years old or less or generaly has a horrible uninformed taste on games.
      i couldnt find any flaws in SS. the motion control was 150% perfect. and a joy to use.
      how people dislike skyward sword just baffles me completely i really dont get it . its probably the best game i have ever played along with Ocarina and metroid prime .

        1. majoras mask is perfect. glad to hear a 14 year old has enjoyed such an epic masterpiece!!!! well done sir , you are a superior 14 year old .

        2. This guy’s right. Personally, I thought the motion controls were great. Not perfect, but the game wasn’t broken as described by Gamespot’s review. Sometimes your preferred slash angle fails, but it’s almost perfect. I also liked how motion was included for the most subtle of things, such as flying and aiming. It’s all a matter of opinion though.

          1. People have a fetish right now on hating on Nintendo so I don’t find it strange at all that they hated on the motion control.

          1. Besides Zelda 2 and the CDi Zelda games.

            I beat Z2 after 43+ gameovers. I shall never touch it AGAIN.

            I would say WW, MM, & SS are my top 3 (WW for humor and gameplay, MM for the darker parts and challenge, and SS for the motion capabilities and story explanation [the origin of Ganon and the cause for everything in the series]).

              1. Thanks for letting me know! We need difficult games now these days.

                I’m sure you’ll have a no game-over run someday!

              2. It’s not a bad game, but it’s a bad Zelda game. It’s fine as a game by itself, but when compared to the other ones, it is not so good.

                Admittedly, we do need harder games these times, but not “ridiculously hard” (I mean, you HAVE to go back to the Starting Palace EVERY TIME you die [except for the final temple]). I could see “restart the whole temple” or “restart at the last town”. But seriously, restart at the sleeping chamber? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!

      1. When I think that you are a fucking idiot for not realising that people have opinion and may not like Skyward Sword.

        I am 24 and I love JRPG, Pokémon and Japanese games Skyward Sword isn’t my favourite Zelda game since I hated the backtracking and the fact that games start really slow.

        Majora’s Mask and Wind Waker are still my favourite Zelda games.

        1. your an idiot your a joker infact. SS is the only zelda which comes close to ocarina of time .
          all the rest have slight niggles andflaws like tp and WW.
          my opinion is the be all and end all of video gaming . like it or lump it , stooge .

          1. No you are the idiot.

            ALL Zelda games have flaws just that some have more than others that put people off.

            Again I love Majora’s mask but I can understand why some one won’t like it and providing they explain why I will respect that.

          2. You’re the idiot. Respect peoples opinions and realise that all games have flaws. Ocarina of Time left many plotholes and Skyward Sword created more. Skywards sword also lacked the freedom that most other Zelda games have. It’s still a brilliant game, just stop worshipping it.

            1. “It’s still a brilliant game, just stop worshipping it.”
              Well said. I can say the same thing about fanboys in general.(not saying you are one,… not that I’d know either)

              1. I love the game as much as the next guy, but I don’t go around shouting to people that it’s better than anything else. That’s the worst thing about a lot of younger gamers nowadays; the games they like have to be the best and everything else must suck.

      2. famitsu = 40/40 , ign = 10/10 , me = 10/10 , loads of noobs = ”i wasnt good enough to grasp 1:1 motion controlls and i am a bitch because there was no hyrule field.”.
        the game was huge without the field man . get a phukkin grip .

        1. You are a fucking idiot who need to kill himself.

          ALL reviews are opinion based and not fact.

          Now stop being stupid and go back to fucking your mama I thing she is done with the dog.

          1. get cancer you tard. famitsu and ign are the worlds 2 greatest review sources.
            they rarely do a dodgey review.
            they seriously know what they are talking about .
            no stfu .
            i dont have a dog .
            your thinking bout your daddy putting his penis right in your alsations butt hole /

            1. Ha, IGN. I can’t remember the last time that someone said IGN had reviewing abilities anywhere near that of Famitsu. Yes, Famitsu are great at reviews, but IGN? That was the downside to your argument.

              1. I don’t get it. Why do people hate IGN? I visit the site regularly and their news articles are okay. Some of their reviews are a little weird, but that’s about it.

                1. I don’t hate IGN, I go on there quite often. It’s just doesn’t post the most accurate reviews half the time.

      3. Well, Skyward Sword is my favorite Zelda game, but I wouldn’t say that it was flawless. Some game mechanics suffer because the low challenge offered by the game hinders the depth these mechanics bring forth to the game. Namely upgrading and combat. Combat is the best in the entire series…I would dare say it is one of the best combat systems in videogame histroy…but the enemies are too easy, so all the depth that combat offers is hindered (I played through hero mode with no heart medals).

      4. I wouldnt say Skyward Sword was the best, but in terms of gameplay interface, new ideas, and jus the gameplay overall, it was superior. The more RPG elements of the game with upgradin your stuff and potions was great, and the whole uses of the sword and items was great, and the deeper combat along with that, but….
        Its was SOOO linear, and the open world basis was gone. If the game was mire like Wind Waker in the sky, it wouldve kicked ass…but it wasnt. And also, this is the only Zelda i havent 100% completed, because the side missions were monotinous fetch quests and boring, and the lack of diverse locations (kinda), was disappointing. Forest, Lava, Desert. Ermm…wheres the water, the ice, the marble stone temple, sky temple, dark and light, anything. I know the temples were different, and they were very good, some of the best in any Zelda and the technically Water Temple was actually GOOD and not confusin as hell, but it was lacking in a whole. Its why i prefer TP over the rest.

        One thing SS did best though. Characters development. When a game makes me well up, laugh, care about the characters, and actually WANT to save Zelda, without even putting voice acting in, you know you did well

      5. I actually am 14 and I loved it. I thought there were so many great things in it but it was way too easy. It was like a walk in the park. Still a great game but I wish they would have upped the difficulty a little.

      6. I definitely think the same, and I haven’t even finished it, I am just enjoying every second!! And yes, the control is beautiful, it is hard because that is how it has to be :D

      7. As much as I loved the game, I can name you a few flaws that Skyward had;
        The sidequests were short and more annoying than past Zelda games and the side cast, outside of Groose, Impa, and the Dragons, were quite forgettable.
        The flying was also terribly boring for the most part; there simply were not enough islands up there in the sky to enjoy to make the flying worth it, and the lack of aerial combat outside of the bird’s ramming attack against one boss was disappointing.
        They could have done so much better, at least, with the side-quests. Only a very select few brought back memories of the fantastic side-quest-filled journey that Majora’s Mask gave to me.
        I will give Skyward credit for Four things, however; Hero Mode, which is basically the return of Second Quest on a more minor scale, the Boss Rush mode, the item forging system, and the return of my ever-so-beloved sword beams.
        All in all, it’s not a bad Zelda game, but it could have been so much more than it was……

  1. The action-adventure genre wouldn’t have existed and flourished without The Legend of Zelda. Great games like Beyond Good & Evil, Okami, and Darksiders wouldn’t be here without it. It truly is a legend.

    1. No, not quite. The genre would have existed, but probably not until the 90s. I’m sure Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong, and others would have still been around without Zelda.

  2. As an owner of darksiders 1 and 2 i can say thete is a lot of zelda influence but i dont mind at all….both games are incredible and are woth buying

  3. Seriously, waiting for Darksiders 2 for the WiiU is PAINFUL. I want it so bad, but i know it’ll be better on WiiU…ugh…
    But yes, Zelda is an action adventure, but its just got something to it that makes it what it is. Same with Metroid, and Mario and all Nintendos franchises

    1. I agree, I’m holding off on the Steam version because I want it more for the Wii U. It doesn’t help that I keep seeing that my friend’s playing it.

      1. It’ll be worth the pay off. I pretty muc had to buy a 3DS to stop me from getting it. Least i’ll be distracted till the WiiU comes seeing as my PS3 is a graveyard right now.

  4. Developer dude just like dropped a few loads of curse bombs just to express how difficult it is to even get close to Zelda franchise. Can’t blame him though, most zelda games have been epic from start to finish.

      1. “Only IGN” says it?

        Explains the fuckton of threads and videos going on about glitches in the game.

        The game underwhelmed. Deal with it.

            1. “I dont care about their opinion”.
              Ermm, Metacritic combines EVERY review score out there, to make an overall score.

              1. Don’t mind the delusional fanboy who judges games he’s never played. He’s stuck in his own little world waiting desperately for Sony to release their next game. What a casual.

                1. It’s funny because if Sleeping Dogs was on the Wii U, you fanboys would be singing a completely different tune.

                  Like I said before, double standards. That’s why core gamers don’t give a shit about you guys. In fact, Nintendo fanboys are the most commonly ridiculed ones in gaming for a reason; because they’re so goddamn stupid.

        1. “Fuckton”. It has a metacritic of 85-90. It surpasses the original in every single way, it clocks in at 20 hours main story and 50 in side missions, arenas and new game plus.
          It has an incredible soundtrack, the visuals are great fantastic the scope, which is HUGE, including its art style. The voice is AAA. What more do you want? “Glitchy”. Ive seen nobody complain besides 360 owners, which tough shit on them for buying a bad system, but ps3 and PC work perfectly, with none or very minimal framerate drop, like it wasnt expected anyway in a genre like this.

          Its a fantastic game, and i havent even played it! I can just tell by watching an hour o side mission gameplay and the developers pointing out the very key details and new features, that fans actually asked for that THEY PUT IN.
          As a stand alone game, its awesome, it sure as hell kicks Shitty Dogs ass, but as a fan service and fan of the genre, its incredible, and the responces and review that arent IGN’s bullshit fest, prove it. It aint perfect, but its probably going to be the best game of this year, next to assassins creed 3

  5. at least they admitted that zelda was an influence and did not take credit and saying that it was their idea, unlike *coughsonycough*, excuse me i have a sore throat, anyways they should keep up the good work.

    1. Well, considering Super Mario Bros and the NES basically made video games profitable again back in 1985 after Atari screwed it up with Pacman and ET, I would say the gaming industry as we know it definately wouldn’t. Maybe a few low budget PC games here and there, but that would be it.

      1. keep in mind dude the crash only occur in the US, the industry in JP is doing very well, nintendo can survive without the west, nintendo color 6 and 15 console sold more than any console in the first gen.

        oh look i found a commercial about there first console.

    2. I would have had a slower start, but it would still be prevalent by this time. People, Nintendo may have helped out a lot in the gaming industry but they didn’t create gaming as a whole.

  6. “it’s because it’s really god damn hard to do. It’s really hard to make a game like that.”

    And yet many other good developers managed to do it.

    Face it Vigil Games you suck at making Zelda clones and your crappy Darksiders games is shit and boring.

    1. Name 5 games in a similar category that even stand up close to Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

      1. Okami, The Ys series, Final Fantasy , The Tales of series and Dragon Quest.

        I could go on but you did ask for 5 games.

        1. Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are nothing like Zelda and Tales are also quite differing. I haven’t played the other two however.

            1. those games are nothing like zelda except for okami and if I were to name one more it would be ico but with minor similarities..

        2. Fail on an epic scale. FF is a turn based JRPG, same with Dragon Quest. Tales is similar. Okami is the only game worth mentioning, but it does its own thing. I love Zelda, but Darksiders was very good, despite being very mich like Zelda, to which you could say is a good or bad thing.

  7. man i need to play the first Darksiders so i can get this

    but before that I need to play The Last Story

    and before that I need to play the Metroid Prime trilogy ahh ._.

    1. Play The Last Story, Metroid Prime trilogy.

      And fuck Darksiders to hell because the game is so fucking shit and boring.

      It’s a plague and should not exist at all.

      1. Every single game deserves to exist. Even pieces of crap like ET do. That was more of a plague than possibly any other game in history. It was developed in 5 weeks and then completely destroyed reliability of video games. Yet, you think Darksiders is bad.

    2. Darksiders is great, but its not perfect. The combat is boring for the first few hours but once you start upgrading moves it gets better. Its basically Zelda/DMC, in its simplest form. Id give it a 7.5/10, maybe 8.

      2 looks FAR better though, and youd probably apprieciate more playing the first one, not to mention the story.

      1. didnt play the 1st cause it look mediocre, but the second one looks really good, theyve put so much effort in making the second better, so i’ll be picking it up..

        1. It was above average, but i think the reason i liked it more than i really shouldve is because there was nothing out there like it. When people see footage or a picture of Darksiders, they know thats what it is, its unique in its own sense, and thats why i liked it alot, plus the general idea of playing as War and the mythos and art style.

          2 looks above and beyond in terms of an improvement.

  8. Of all the Nintendo fans we have Zelda fans are the craziest, oh! Metroid fans too. All we have to do is let them loose on any drone or exbot and those bots and drones will never troll again.

    Here they are in no particular order in Zelda universe :

    1) ocarina fans
    2) majora fans strange breed
    3) wind waker
    4) Skyward sword
    5) 4 swords
    6) Zelda 1
    7) Links Awekening
    8) Links adventure

  9. I’d compare it to DmC or GoW before comparing it to Zelda. The first Darksiders did puzzles incredibly well… Whereas Dakrsiders II almost seems like one large puzzle. It’s tiring, really. The combat is so goddamn addicting though that you just keep playing.

  10. I’m definitely picking up Darksiders II. If it has Zelda-like gameplay that’s good enough for me. And they have supported the Wii U from the start. I want to play the first one too. I love stories that involve supernatural creatures like the 4 horsemen. Leave luck to heaven.

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