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Nintendo Had No Objections To Mature Approach Of Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Instead of being a game for an older demographic, Rare’s Conker’s Bad Fur Day for Nintendo 64 was going to be a family-friendly title called “Twelve Tales.” Rare wanted to change the game’s direction by targeting a mature audience, and according to Donnchadh Murphy, a former Rare employee, Nintendo had no objections to the developer’s decision. Murphy says that he’s glad it transitioned because “Twelve Tales” was apparently a bad game.

Originally, Conker began development as a family game called Conker’s Quest/Twelve Tales, and then changed into a violent platform game with raunchy humor.  Was Nintendo supportive of Rare’s decision to make such a dramatic change to the game?  Or did they distance themselves from the project?

“Back in those days Rare was the golden child, so when they announced that we were changing direction there was no objections, none that I knew about anyway. I’m so glad it did change, because ‘Twelve Tales’, to put it politely, was not a good game.  Chris Seavor took the reins in BFD and took it a direction nobody expected.”

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                1. Then with my last breath I rewind time to just after the first and stop this from happening making a time paradox making the universe implode

              1. Already watched someone’s take on it. Ended in a fight by the lines of a console made by Apple and Sega vs Microsoft and ID or something like that in 1995. Both with internet support.

        1. The rumors are actually that thye are trying to buy the frnachises back, like Banjo. They dont really care about Rareware since now its not what it used to be.

          1. It’d literally be a tiny fraction of the original Xbox croud that’d buy a $400 console for one game. The Xbox wouldn’t have survived with Halo alone.

      1. Red Steel 2, Xenoblade, The Last Story, Little King’s Story, Okami, Silent Hill Shattered Memories (i duno if thats its name, the ice one), No More Heroes 1 & 2, Muramasa, Tatsunko (whatever) vs Capcom, Monster Hunter Tri, MadWorld, Zack & Wiki, Trauma Centre, Resident Evil 4, HotD Overkill, all the good WiiWare titles.

        U mad?

      2. Little King’s Story, Zach and Wiki, Muramasa, Trauma Center: Under The Knife, and Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People. Easy.

        Now name five FIRST party games for the Xbox that don’t suck and aren’t Halo.

        1. Fable and Halo, that’s all I can think of. But aren’t all the Nintendo games you mentioned thrid-party?
          But yeah, Muramasa was good, it really didn’t get enough attention.

      3. Monster Hunter Tri, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Epic Mickey, Lost Shadow, And Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

      4. I don’t think the Xbox sucks but to throw a loop in your attitude here is some games
        No More Heroes 2
        No More Heroes
        My Life as a King
        My Life as a Dark Lord
        Lost In Shadow
        Conduit 2
        Little King’s Story

        A couple are sequels but even then I listed 6 different franchises. TThere are

  1. In the meantime in Sony vita and ps3 land, their skirt wearing god wannabe is picking colors for his next mini. While the two exclusive having console Exbox360 game division is working of Kinect dum glass “COD” exclusive game lol.

  2. A sequel is possible if only Nintendo owned that property. Nintendo has studios in their hands that are amazing and could develop the sequel perfectly.

  3. And theyre making a Kinect Adventures. An equally offensive game, featuring great mighty poo, but in a different way

  4. The Xbox version was much better :) and nintendo is fukin pussy to make any violent games … There is no NINTENDO FRANCHISE that is MA+ , Nintendo should grow some ballz .metroid isn’t violent so dont use that shit as an excuse ..

        1. Uhh it was published by them. And what game on the 360 was actually DEVELOPED by Microsoft themselves? Idiot. Oh, and you’re basically saying that the Xbox version is automatically better just because it’s Xbox, which is just plain retarded. And violence doesn’t make a game better all of a sudden either.

    1. It wasnt. The only better thing it had were the graphics. It was a very weak remake in my opinion. Multiplayer which was great back then really sucked this time around, Single player was about the same, althought they did eliminate some parts and I think censored others.

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  7. “I’m so glad it did change, because ‘Twelve Tales’, to put it politely, was not a good game.”

    Neither was Conker’s Bad Fur Day I did not like that game at all.

    “Back in those days Rare was the golden child”

    Too bad you aren’t any more but that’s OK Nintendo has Retro studio.

        1. Wrong. DKCR sucked. Why does two players use up two balloon continues…They are two different characters! They should have their own separate continues. In the game when Diddy dies Donkey Kong doesn’t instantly drop dead does he? The hit detection was horrible. Why do I constantly have to push A to make those rockets go…can’t I just hold down the A button…those stages are too long to constantly push the A button. Where are the safe points? Retro if you want to make a game challenging put in challenging villains. Don’t make a game challenging by making its stages super long without continues…that is being lazy. Rare’s Donkey Kong stages never seemed that long and they had saving graces throughout.

            1. It was hard, but I feel it was hard because they didn’t want to put challenging stages. Just long ones with rare save points.

            1. X-Play had the same problems I did with it. I don’t know how they gave it a four out of five with these HUGE FLAWS:

              “X-Play praised the similarity of Returns to previous games in the series, the game’s replay value, and its graphics, but the review criticized the motion controls “that force you to react quickly at bad times, a button press would suffice” and the co-op game play, saying, “If your partner has a penchant for dying, look forward to some short games as he or she will most likely drain the number of lives you both share.”

  8. my boy friend would kill for this game but they are so rare in his country despite the fact its already rare enough.

  9. My favorite part was the ending..I had no idea that was an Alien…it was awesome when it burst out of that dude’s chest. I shit myself.

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