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Ninja Gaiden Heading To Nintendo 3DS eShop

Developed and published by Tecmo, the original Ninja Gaiden, a side-scrolling platforming game, released for the NES in 1988. The title is coming to the Japanese Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on the 29th of August and will cost 500 yen.

44 thoughts on “Ninja Gaiden Heading To Nintendo 3DS eShop”

    1. Obvious troll is obvious!
      People love playing classic/retro games, especially old NES games. People WANT things like this so your ‘argument’ is invalid

      1. it is ALREADY ON the wii VC… why sell it again on the eshop? why not transfer your wii VC games to your 3ds?

          1. and you let Nintendo rip you off when Apple allows you to transfer your stuff to diff idevices without additional costs.

            Man you are one huge fanboy, I bet if Nintendo killed your entire family you would still love Nintendo.

            1. You’re acting like you’re forced to buy the game, if you don’t want it then don’t buy it.
              See, problem solved! :D

              1. I got it already but you should be able to TRANSFER your wii VC games onto 3ds. come on… I am not going to buy the 500th Super Mario Bros to play on the 3ds version 5000 ;)

                Nintendo and their money grubbing tactics. Least Apple do it right!

                1. I will never understand someone insulting a business for wanting to make money. All businesses do it, do I care? No. Why? Because I can afford it. I had to rebuy several PSP games for my VITA because Sony pulled the same so called “money grubbing” tactics. I honestly don’t care about these tactics. Don’t like it, Don’t buy it. Even a child could understand that.

                2. But with apple there are too many extra accessories you have to buy. But who cares a business needs money.

            2. Honestly, I don’t get why people are arguing, this is a sensible idea. Buy it on one and you get it for both, then like the Vita can do, have cloud saving, have the 3DS and Wii U streetpass the latest data between them or something so that you can pick up where you left off on either one.

            3. Yeah bra, such a fanboy. I own all consoles, PC and handhelds, I prefer Sony to Nintendo. Also why the hell would I love anyone who killed my family? Fuck you fail at trolling.

              1. hardly trolling. There is business and then there is outright robbery. enjoy throwing money away for the same games!

                1. Enjoy falling for Apples overpriced money making uninnovative tactics! I’ll go back to buying my same games then, you know, I just bought MGS HD bra, because you know I’m such a Nintendo Fanboy /Sarcasm.

                  1. I actually do. I lost alot of fath in the video game industry. Only very few devs deliver. Rocksteady, platinum games, Konami to name a few. Videogames are brilliant before but now its just riddled with DLC crap and on disc dlc.

                    At this rate i will quit gaming. time to hang up the towel.

          1. Also implying everyone who has bought the game on their Wii.
            Implying that everyone has the same problem with buying a good game for a second time.
            And I agree with you, dumb ass

  1. Damn I need this game. I love this game sooo much. Would love to have it on the go. I still play this on my nes I have all 3 of them. Please come stateside!!!!!!!!!

    Get n or get OUT!!!!

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  4. What version of Ninja Gaiden is on the article pic? Genesis? Looks cool.

    Just to let you people know if you already didn’t see the obvious, the TheDragon234 with the peach and red avatar is not the real one, it is just some troll.

  5. I would like to downoad this game but I don’t want Team Ninja to make game 2D games for ninja gaiden.I want to have a consoles like experience.I know that the Nintendo 3ds is not as powerful as the Psp vita but they put ninja gaiden sigma + they could do the same with the Nintendo 3ds.I wish that developers don’t look at the 3ds like its not like its not as powerful and make 2D games for it.Why call it a 3ds and not make 3D games for it.Developer don’t need to treat the Nintendo 3ds like the ds for an example green lantern for the Nintendo 3ds and Nintendo ds it was the same game just with updated graphics.Nintendo 3ds can play ds game so why give me the same game for the 3ds give me like a home console gaming experience. like they do with the Psp vita.The Nintendo 3ds already have console games like the Zelda ocarina of time and resident evil revelation is just like a console game(at first I thought I was).

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