Activision Says Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 For Wii U Not Natively 1080p

Wii U’s version of Call of Duty: Black Ops II launches alongside the new console on November 18th. “The game is not natively 1080p,” says its publisher, Activision. This means that the Wii U will be able to upconvert the resolution to 1080p, but it will not be native. Activision also confirmed that if you pre-order the Wii U version of the game, you’ll receive the Nuketown 2025 bonus multiplayer map for free.

126 thoughts on “Activision Says Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 For Wii U Not Natively 1080p”

  1. Just when I thought I was seeing a glimmer of hope from the Wii U on the resolution front.

    First NSMBU (possibly), now this.

        1. It’s actually because the game is being developed for other consoles. They’ve had to make it so it’s up scaled on Wii U because either they’re too lazy or there’s not enough time to do it. A lot of third party games being released for Wii U and 360 and PS3. They’re all made at the same resolution, so when they’re porting it over it’s gonna be native 720p, and extra development would be needed to actually make it native 1080p.

        2. Don’t you remember when the PS3 and Xbox 360 games first came out at launch? Yeah, they looked like PS2 1/2 and Xbox 310 like graphics which looked awful… oh of course you don’t remember because you where born in 2008 when your mom was ready to abort you.

        3. These are not excuses.Developers are lazy.We are lucky to have wii u games at 1080p native or not right now.And besides,we get a free map.

    1. Kind of disappointing really. I mean, I don’t give a rats ass about CoD, but seeing developers aren’t using the console as well as they could is a sad sight :(

    2. It’s not even out yet? Bitching and moaning about resolution the developers have barely had time to work on. All the WiiU launch titles are on a strong deadline, they HAVE to be done, they cant spend extra time on it, or it gets delayed like Rayman did.

      Anyone expecting a big jump any is insane, but expecting it before its even been released is a joke.

      YOU are not a game designer (luckily).
      You have NEVER had hands on with the WiiU.

      Shut up, go in the corner, sit down, and bang your head against the wall to get all that fanboy outta ya

        1. and had ps2 graphics aswell you forgot that and theres no true 1080p on ps3 even the ganes that claim it are using tricks GT the lot

              1. “No true 1080p”.

                I repeat, he has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. You can go suck him off harder, though.

          1. You’re full of shit kid. God of War Ghost of Sparta runs at a true resolution (not upscaled) of 1920p x 1080p at 60fps on the PS3, and it looks incredible. I know because I own the game.

    3. um yeah, activision said this ->gameconsole<- cant do 1080p, its just that since this is a port, they're upscaling it like the other two platforms. it's just pure activision laziness and nothing more. and why are you still on this site?

    1. they didnt lie it was just marketing talk that FANBOYS turned intro 1080p he said the full console HD experiance clearly he ment as in x360 and ps3 not 1080p


    1. So we have been owned, yet Activision is saying the Wii U version has more features and they are praising the system for its graphics…

      fail much?

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  3. woot!! i preordered my wiiu along with black ops 2 and nsmbu at bestbuy back when they announced the launch date :D i was a little worried about not getting nuketown 2025 for bo2 lol

        1. NOPE all call of duty games run at 60 fps on the ps3 and 360. they wouldnt say that the GAME runs at 60 fps if only the cutscenes ran at 60 fps.

    1. exactly. the reason why it’s upscaled is because it’s upscaled on every version anyway…well besides pc, but yeah.


  5. I’m sorry, but I have a difficult time believing an Activision rep that has no online presence whatsoever. A Google search for “Bianca Blair Activision” only returns links to this news article and similar articles on other websites. Even her ZoomInfo page is weirdly recent.
    I’ll wait for a well-known Activision rep/dev’s official statement or, as a last resort, I’ll wait for the pixel counters to get their hands on the game and to give us an accurate number regarding the game’s resolution.
    One thing’s for sure: if the Wii U can’t handle current-gen games at 1080p, that’s really, really disappointing.

  6. Wait…. They said it would run at native 1080p and then they said it wouldn’t. I guess there’s no way of knowing until the game comes out.

  7. Contradicting statements, we’ll have to wait till the game is released to find out. Although, if it isn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised seeing as the game is being developed by the same teams simultaneously. It would take more development time, money, resources, etc. to get the Wii-U version in native 1080p over the native less than 720p of the PS3/360 versions. 720p is STILL above the PS3/360 version.

    1. Anyone heard what the online multiplayer will be like?thats the main reason y i want this game. Or else whats the insentive

    2. Nothing was contradicted by the mere fact that Activision said NOTHING about 1080p. They said “full HD” which is now nothing but marketing buzzwords. The proof is right in your goddamn face here.

      1. They said Full HD, Aeolus. Full HD means Native 1080p. One is saying Full HD, the other is not. Therefore they’re contradicting each other. Again, you jump the gun, Aeolus, like usual. Nintendo must’ve done something serious to you for you to stalk Nintendo websites.

        1. Full HD is nothing but marketing bullshit. There was absolutely nothing said about 1080p, a bunch of websites assumed that’s what they meant and this is the outcome. NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP.

          1. Full HD means Native 1080p, either they’re both lying or only one was telling the truth or neither know what Full HD means and i don’t think you know what it means either. Also, how about you STFU, seeing as you’re not even a Nintendo yet you spend your pathetic miserable life on a Nintendo themed site? Admit it, you come here to find solace.

            1. It doesn’t mean shit anymore, and the truth is in your face. I’d advise you to get in touch with this industry and stop playing Nintendo fucking systems.

              “Full HD” is nothing but a buzzword. Fact.

              1. Except it’s not. Contradicting statements, otherwise neither of the two know what Full HD means and you don’t either. Oh and why should I stop playing Nintendo? It doesn’t affect my personal life, I play other consoles, I do community service, I still go to school and try my best. Maybe it’s YOU who should stop coming to a Nintendo-themed website. It’s obvious you’re only here because you’re real life is pathetic and you’re just tsundere for Nintendo.

              2. “1080p is a set of HDTV high-definition video modes that are characterized by 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution and progressive scan, meaning the image is not interlaced as is the case with the 1080i display standard”

                “Sometimes referred to in marketing materials as Full HD, 1080p typically refers to the capability to accept 1080p signal and display it with native resolution of at least 1080 lines, as well as the capability to upscale lower-resolution material to 1080p.”


                It is misleading. Even if it is used as a buzzword, it goes against its definition. So I could see why some would feel mislead because Full HD is 1080p.

  8. Lol! Is this a problem? If the game can be “upconverted” to 1080p than what is the big deal. Doesnt that mean it can be played at 1080p on the WiiU?

  9. Meh, I’m not concerned at all. I don’t mind if its in like, say, native 720p – infact that would be good. Even if its sub 720 upscaled like the other CoDs on PS3/Xbox I still dont really care tbh.
    Other than that, give the Wii U time and devs will gradually learn how to optimise the system.

  10. One game not taking advantage of the wii u’s ability to output 1080p is not an indicator of it not having the ability but more an indicator of the developers not able to take advantage of the ability of the console. There a quite a few games confirmed to have 1080p 60fps at launch. No reason to freak out of it, i CAN do it just fine whther some developers cant take advantage of that or not.

  11. it was never stated it was 1080p thats was fanboy bs in sites like this the guy clearly said the full console HD experiance clearly meaning its a xbox 360 port and nothing more with some wii remote and gamepad goodies added on

    they never said 1080p there marketing people keep saying the full HD experiance just meaning its a HD console nothing more

    they could at least bost resolution and AA its just lazy devs and cheap azzed publishers

  12. Who cares? It can run Assassins Creed 3, and Trine 2 at 1080p. Those are not only far superior games, but they look worlds better too. If anything this is either due to time constraints, or laziness.

  13. The fact that the major sites haven’t posted this as “news” is enough to question the veracity of this statement. I still think that there’s a chance the game will run natively at 1080p. If it doesn’t, it can only mean one of two things: either the Wii U can’t handle it (doubt it), or Treyarch/Activision simply didn’t go the extra mile and just ported the 360 version to the Wii U.
    Either way, it’s a shame. But, considering Activision’s history and the fact that other GPU-heavy games do run at 1080p on the Wii U, I really think this is mainly due to a lazy port by Activision.

      1. I was specifically referring to Trine 2, which is, as mentioned by Frozenbyte, a really GPU-heavy game, due to the high level of geometry detail and various post-processing effects.
        Frozenbyte confirmed that the game runs – natively – at 1080p on the Wii U (with a visual quality equivalent to the PC version’s high settings) and, according to the developers, it would have to be downscaled to run on the PS3/360.
        Also, according to various sources, ZombiU is running at 1080p. The game has a very complex and GPU-heavy lighting engine, huge open areas with lots of complex geometry and also handles dozens of on-screen characters simultaneously.
        I have no trouble believing that Activision decided to do a fairly simple porting job, using the 360/PS3 assets, instead of using the more detailed/higher-res PC assets. I do, however, have trouble believing that the Wii U can’t handle a fairly simple linear FPS with small, closed areas like CoD at 1080p.

  14. That’s why I told people not to get their hopes up. It’s a new system and this is one of those games that have a 2-year development cycle for multiple systems. I don’t think it’s lazy from them, but it’s simply a time and resource issue. 1080p is about twice the resolution of 720p (math logic does not apply here), so it’s not as simple as just pressing a button.

    Still, the game will have all of the content from other versions, so if you’re planning to get the Wii U with other games and this one, now you don’t have to worry about anything. Nuketown has now been confirmed, and the guy during the Wii U preview also confirmed that the zombies will be in this version, so there you go.

  15. Wow. That’s disappointing. It’s not even that difficult to change the resolution output for a new console; it’s literally a line or two of code, depending on how the developer coded the engine.

    So this isn’t about lack of time or difficulty for doing it, it’s a matter of either a) Wii U not being able to handle Black Ops 2 in 1080p, or b) the company actively trying NOT to make the game look too much better for Wii U, because they don’t want to take away sales from the versions on other consoles.

    Either way, it’s definitely upsetting and very, very disappointing.

  16. How is it that just anybody can write a wbeolg and get as popular as this? Its not like youve said anything extremely impressive more like youve painted a fairly picture more than an issue that you know nothing about! I dont want to sound mean, right here. But do you actually think that you can get away with adding some pretty pictures and not really say something?

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  18. When playing online multiplayer your not able to back out to main screen to exist. You need to turn machine off not good

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