No Voice Chat For Sonic Racing Transformed Wii U

Sega has confirmed via the Sonic Stadium forums that their forthcoming Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed won’t feature voice chat. Nintendo has already confirmed that there will only be a couple of Wii U titles that will feature voice chat. These games include Assassin’s Creed 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Sega says that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Sonic Racing will feature voice chat.

S0L, after today’s news about the limited Wii U voice chat, will you guys be supporting voice chat on that platform?
“We don’t support voice chat on WiiU for those reasons, one of the side effects of being a launch title basically. Does support it on PS3 and 360 though!”

Thanks to those that sent this in.

78 thoughts on “No Voice Chat For Sonic Racing Transformed Wii U”

    1. Once again. Idc about voice chat. But what about something like Xbox lives party chat?
      That is what I find useful.
      I don’t want to use multiple things to communicate with another person.
      When it could all be done from the console itself.

        1. Didnt nintendo state messages would be monitored/filtered and it could take up to 4 hours to receive a message?

          If so, miiverse is not the way to go

          1. I think they meant in game. Like leaving messages for everyone to see.
            Not private messages back and forth to other people.
            But this is me assuming. Lol

          2. No Nintendo clarified that if your messages were reported meaning your trash talking and being a dick Nintendo would have to monitor your messages from then on and then it would take 4 hours to send a messsage. It’s a punishment.

    1. Remember back when the Xbox was suppose to have voice chat? yeah it was very limited at the launch of the console but over time was updated so writing Nintendo off that quickly is actually not far.

            1. Because it’s Sega that have decided not to take advantage of the voice chat that the Wii U offers, despite the fact that the game is merely a port of a PS3/360 game, and those versions do offer it?

              I honestly don’t care about voice chat, but it’s clear who is to blame on this one. Nintendo can’t do anything about third parties lazily not taking advantage of Wii U features.

  1. Looks like it was only due to time constraints that the Wii U version has no voice chat. That problem will disappear on future games. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. He said it not having voice chat is one of the side effects of it being a launch title. It also seems to that it’s up to the developer of the game itself whether they want to use the voice chat functionality of the Wii U.

        The ability is there, the devs just have to make use of it.

        1. I would rather see the WiiU version delayed but thats not happening this late :( Kind of sucks tho guess i will have to get the 360 version no voice chat in a racing game sucks better off playing single player if we can’t realtime communicate with opponents.

      2. The xbox 360 and the original xbox had voice chat but during the launches of both consoles the ability to voice chat was fully utilized in the games so it wasn’t 100% completed yet but over time games started to actually uses the voice chat feature and it soon got an update.

  2. Why would you need voice chat for a game like this?

    In fact, the only game i can think of where voice chat is really neccessary, is in Battlefield, or PC games, but even then, you dont NEED in.

      1. Yeah, if you’re talking to your friends, but otherwise, it’s pointless.
        If i wanted to talk trash to some “hardcore gamer” moron, id just go on here.

          1. A hardcore gamer isn’t determined by the game they play but by how much time they invest in games period. Just because they’re a nintendo gamer doesn’t mean that they aren’t hardcore gamers.

      1. It’s still pointless. This game isnt going to last online anyway, especially when COD and Assassins Creed are coming out, which both use voice chat.

      2. why would you want voice chat in a racing game? the only time i ever even use voice chat is when im chatting with friends. im not really interested in talking to people i dont know while playing video games lol

          1. uhh…no? i dont really play racing games, but still why would you want voice chat in a racing game? i dint get how you connected “why would you want voice chat in a racing game” and “i usually only chat with my friends” with ” i dont play racing games with friends.” you make no fucking sense brudda

            1. My words made a lot of sense if you have reading comprehension.

              These were your words:

              “why would you want voice chat in a racing game? the only time i ever even use voice chat is when im chatting with friends. im not really interested in talking to people i dont know while playing video games lol”

              Now you figure it out.

              1. yeah, there is no connection between me not understanding the point/importance of having voice chat in racing games, and me only voice chatting with friends. it still makes no sense how you came to that conclusion. just copying and pasting what i said doesnt prove anything.

    1. Would you please stop trying to act like things like this do not affect anyone ? You do this on every fucking single article that says something negative about the WiiU. Or Nintendo in general.
      Because they do affect people and because they do matter. This is a huge disadvantage compared to the versions of the game on other consoles. Just because you do not make use of things like this it doesn’t mean the rest of the world does not neither.
      Basically, voice-chat is useful in ANY online-multiplayer game. Stop fooling yourself.

  3. Meh doesn’t matter to me, besides 3-4 games I mainly play online on pc do i use my headset/mic, the rest of the time I listen to music. And if those 3-4 games do come to WiiU (one I know 100% won’t) then I might be a bit upset with Nintendo’s way of online chat. But until then, this feature isn’t in my percentage of why I’m buying a WiiU.

  4. f*** u Sega :) …
    how complicated is it, to add an voice chat!?!
    But I don’t understand, too …why Nintendo don’t add the possibility of a crossover game chat in the system.

  5. voice chat is kind of pointless since people misuse the ability. I only use Skype so my friends and I don’t have to suffer the verbal diarrhea that gets sprayed around in games.

  6. To be honest, I wouldn’t be buying a Wii U for it’s online performance and features. I will admit Miiverse looks interesting though.

  7. Not a real problem, this will get fixed up in future games. But this gives the Aelous’s, Ness’s and Zigfried von Schroder’s another opportunity to go “HAHAHAHAHA!!! WII U SUX!!!”

  8. You prefer having cross chat but to pay for online on xbox 360? Ps3 is free but it laggs and is not so stable,i bet nintendo have to prioritise betwen online stability or voice chat cross console

  9. Poor Nintendo’s fans almost everyday bad news WII U version of Assassin’s Creed 3 missing some graphic futures bad news 1 WII U version of Batman Arkham City look worse than PS3/360 version bad news 2 WII U version of Madden NFL 13 missing destruction engine bad new 3 Black Ops 2 not gonna run on 1080p resolution bad new 4 WII U not have voice chat bad news 5 Fifa 13 version of WII U missing some game modes bad news 6 maybe there’s more bad news.

  10. This is why Nintendo should have come forward with their stance on voice chat (and online in general) much earlier. Then more titles might have implemented it.

  11. Nintendo is PISSING ME OFF now.. I still like Nintendo, its just this is the stupidest thing ever. Until theres a BETTER explanation for this i’m gonna be angry at Nintendo.

  12. Claps……. Good job nintendo….. By now every new console should at least have a party chat type system…=.=……

    But of course nintendo dont….

  13. You’re sure its not just missing game chat folks? which is cool with me I don’t want to hear the random retards talking and banging their helmets together. However, if the system is missing the option for crossover/party/private chat that is a borderline deal breaker right there, you must be able to talk with your friends while you play otherwise whats the point of having friends online. Ive been waiting patiently for this thing to come out like everyone else, I pre-ordered the 2nd day it was available for pre-order and they are just telling us now that there is no private party chat no matter which game you are playing? If someone has a link confirming no private chat from Nintendo please post it, I need to see this for myself.

  14. sigh… damn developers would blame it on the game being a launch title. IF YOU WANT TO INCORPORATE EVERY GOOD IDEA YOU INTENDED LIKE VOICE CHAT DON’T MAKE IT A LAUNCH TITLE. This is why games should be completed in development before the developers/publishers give the release date. This ain’t Ninten’s fault on this.

  15. Nintendo just can’t get their online right. I seriously hope that Wii U loses all core 3rd party support when ps4 and 720 come out. I.hope both those consoles outsale Wii U a mile .

  16. TERRBLE.

    A racing game without voice chat? In fucking 2012? Launch title or not: Microsoft had been doing voice chat since 2004 with the original XBOX! What the fuck is Nintendo’s problem?

  17. So it’s due to time constraints, bummer. I wasn’t planning on picking up the game anyways but this does suck for those who wanted the Wii-U version. Oh well, seeing as the 360 lacked certain features at launch and were later added, I would hope these things will be fixed via patches. Nintendo fixed Skyward Sword through the Wii’s crappy online infrastructure so there won’t be an excuse not to for the Wii-U.

  18. I love all the comments blaming Nintendo for this.It was entirely Sega’s fault for not including voice chat in this game,due to them wanting this out on the Wii U’s launch.And as super said,they could (and hopefully will) patch this later.

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