Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright Dev Loves Working On The Game

Shu Takumi, the creator behind the Ace Attorney series, has admitted that he absolutely loves working on Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright. Takumi says that it presented the opportunity to do something with the courtroom drama that he wouldn’t normally do. He went on to say that he decided to make a story rooted in the traditions of Professor Layton games, rather than the Ace Attorney games. Here’s what he had to say.

“I wanted to something I wouldn’t be able to do in the proper Ace Attorney series. And I thought, isn’t there something that would also fit to the fantasy-esque worlds of Professor Layton? ‘Then it has to be the witch trials,’ I thought. And regarding the mob trials, when I imagined a trial in a medieval world, a lawless image came to be, with people yelling “I saw it,” “No, that’s wrong!” It seemed interesting for the game, so I used that.”

“I felt that Professor Layton’s adventure movie-esque elements shouldn’t be absent. I think that the mystery element is really concentrated in the concept of the medieval witch trials. Things natural to the modern world, like fingerprint analyses or other scientific methods don’t exist there. Instead, you’re hurled into a world where the rules of science of the real world don’t apply, where a witch exists who uses magic to commit crime.”

“In this incomprehensible situation, what are you going to use to build your logic and how are you going to defend your client? To find a way to turn things around in total darkness, that’s the theme this time. On the other hand, Professor Layton is also solving puzzles, and with him chasing the secret behind the mysterious town, we have a double layered story.”



  1. As a fan of professor Layton AND the witch trials in general, I will be keeping a close eye on this game.

    I hope Layton is more the protagonist though. I’ve never played a Phenox Wright game, so my bias is sided with Layton.

    Looks good! Can’t wait to hear / see more. I love the great games on / arriving on the 3DS. Holding me at bay until WiiU, November 18th!!


    1. It’s a definite must! Ace Attorney games are brilliant in the sense of finding the evidence to clarify the innocence/guilty. It would be good to know the characters you don’t know of a bit more I think, and they certainly have some nice moments within the gameplay.

      I always regret trading some of the games in now from a few years back (I have three of them at hand). They are a bit hard to find but if you do find it, buy it!! ^_^

      But anyways, back onto this post, I can’t wait to see this unfold and watch how Wright manages to find the evidence without the help of scientific technology. And I love the movie elements from Layton, so it really brings out the best of the two game titles. It really takes the spin on things. I so want it now >_<*


  2. WTF HAPPENED TO FAST NEWS SICKR?We used to get like 10 post perday that’s why I loved this site and used it as my only news source.Oh and btw have you guys seen Destructoids latest post?Go look at it, obama vs wii was funny as hell XD


  3. Just when I thought Phoenix Wright could face any challenge—it’ll be interesting to see how he can pull it off without any modern forensic techniques.

    And Maya better not be channeling any spirits, or she might find herself on trial for witchcraft. Ooo, plot twist!.


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