Aonuma Says He’s Kind Of Getting Tired Of The Zelda Formula


The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has stated that, to some extent, he’s getting tired of the Zelda formula. Aonuma explained to Hero Complex that he’s looking to change the series’ formula, though he acknowledges he has to make sure the new recipe doesn’t clash with the widely known Zelda theme; in other words, the next Zelda game has to feel like a Zelda game. The Wii U console’s first original Zelda title is in its experimental phase, but Aonuma previously revealed that the unknown game will introduce “unexpected elements.”

“It’s not that anyone is telling me we have to change the formula. I want to change it. I’m kind of getting tired of it,” Aonuma said.

“If I’m getting tired of it, then I’m sure other people are getting tired of it. There is an essential ‘Zelda’ I feel we need to stay true to. We are still testing things, exploring our options. We haven’t landed anywhere at this point. We’re still seeing what we can do.”

80 thoughts on “Aonuma Says He’s Kind Of Getting Tired Of The Zelda Formula”

    1. I see what you did there!
      Anyway, I hope the unannounced Zelda will be like the first on for NES, that’d be awesome.

      1. WOW.. why nes??? ZELDA games have come a long way from where there. Agreed , it was the THING to have that time.. but time has changed

        1. When you look at it, the first Zelda on the NES already had the “skyrim” formula on it. It was completely open, to explorer you could go anywhere in the world right from the beggining except for a few areas in which you needed upgrades, and it was open, and you could even do most dungeons in any order you wanted.

          Aonuma says he dislikes the game, though. But if he says he wants to make it like Skyrim, that’s good, because “making it like Skyrim” would imply making it like the first Zelda as well.

  1. it just gets better for microsoft and sony.
    oh, and in case you cant figure it out, this wont be comming to nintendo.

    1. Got to 0:59 and then hit pause.

      I watched one match on IGN’s top 5, and it looked pretty cool, but I’m a complete novice at fighting games and would enjoy Smash Bros more.

    2. who da fuck cares street fighter IV was cool after a while but capcom keeps making these shitty edition year after year

  2. Oh boy.. wth is going on in Nintendo recently? Don’t get me wrong, this “change” he’s talking about can turn out to be the best thing ever.. but it can just as easily turn to the worst thing in a heartbeat. I think Nintendo is losing faith in itself with how things have turned out with the Wii U, the 3DS is a huge success but they are definitely having a hard time finding out WHAT the Wii U even is. They’re trying way too hard to please the casual audience and that’s costing them dearly.
    They need to step up their game and understand that the hardcore gamer is who pulls you out of the slumps, later you can go ahead and please the 5 minute gamers. No casual gamer who already has an xbox or a wii with minecraft and a bunch of first party games to keep them occupied is going to buy the system. I’m pretty sure that the large percentage of people who owned a Wii U at launch was strictly hardcore gamer support. With a smaller amount being some moms and dads who thought it was a nice idea to get for their kids or even themselves.
    I think with what’s happening they need to put something out there to entice more hardcore gamers to get this system, giving out some kind of Wii U ambassador program could be something. Maybe even including Game and Wario and Nintendo Land with the Deluxe Bundle for the same price as before.
    Kids nowadays aren’t the same as before, the same kids who grabbed a Wii for mario and wii sports are now playing call of duty and minecraft like zombies. And sadly they like it, it’s a whole different world and Nintendo is losing its fame to companies who release to the hardcore first, and focus on the casuals after. I agree they are pulling out some awesome titles this year, but Mario 3D World isn’t the same as a full 3D mario adventure game, its just another quick fix made to please both casual and hardcore gamers. Honestly at this point it seems us with a Wii U will buy anything first party because its the only thing to play. We’re starved for games lol.

        1. I made it to the end just fine lol. Maybe you just don’t like to read. I agree it was very unrelated though…

      1. Might have been a random rant but I can understand where he’s coming from. It’s true change is great sometimes, but this kind of came of out nowhere. It really does seem like Nintendo doesn’t know what else to do to promote the Wii. If Aonuma himself is getting tired of how the Zelda franchise operates then that means that something like the Wii Remote Plus style of swordplay MIGHT be gone, and that was just released. And even if it isn’t gone and is still implemented in the next Zelda game, wth are we going to use the gamepad for except a map to glance at? Or are they going to pull out a random accessory to strap the Wii U gamepad to your arm and use as a shield? I’m not saying its going to suck, but that they seriously seem like they don’t know what to do with the thing lol. I just hope when Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 come out later this year they can see a rise in sales and more support from 3rd parties. And hopefully they’ll stop the “pleasing both crowds” crap because I honestly think it’s ruining their games, or just lowering their potential. e.g Mario 3D world like random ranter here^ mentioned.

    1. My friend, if hardcore gamers were truly the ones raking in all the sales, iPhone games wouldn’t sell as much as they do & neither would Wii Resort,
      CoD, or Smash Bros. which are some of the highest grossing games for their respected systems.

      1. True, but then again those are a bunch of developers supporting the iOS store and Apple gets a percentage since its their hardware. It’s a much different scenario. Nintendo barely has Ubi on their side, and platinum games seems to be there at least, but they’re basically on their own. I personally think that if a modern day kid got asked by his parents if he/she wanted an xbox360/ps3/xbox1/ps4 or a Wii U, they would gravitate towards the non-nintendo competition.
        By the way, CoD and Smash are strictly considered hardcore games. CoD is played around the world for hours on end, its not a 10-15 minute game in most cases. And no I’m not a fan of the CoD series.

        1. Casual isn’t defined by how much time is spent on playing the game, as even Animal Crossing is for casuals. Sir, CoD is not a hardcore game regardless of how much said time is spent playing it. I’m also not a big fan or hater, but I do welcome variety.

    2. Who you really want to appeal to are both crowds, especially the majority [being casuals] as sad as that may make you. The only part of your rant I can agree on is the probability of Nintendo losing faith in themselves.

    3. How do you know what Super Mario 3D World is going to be? I’m playing Galaxy and find it incredibly easy. Its super fun, but I died way more in NSMBU than I have in Galaxy. Yes the level design is beautiful, but we havent seen everything 3D world offers. To me it looks like every other 3D Mario, but with multiplayer, which we all have wanted at some point, and you dont collect stars.

    1. well, at least I’m not alone in this fact. First a re release on wind waker, one of my favorite zelda games and then this news of something new. Don’t blow it up now nintendo. Make us who known you for years proud man and not none of this “piss you off” bullshit.

  3. A challenging Zelda will sell. Why? Because every Zelda gamer(I’m sure), is most likely up to exploring huge overworlds/dungeons and taking on powerful enemies. Isn’t that what adventuring is all about? Facing a great unknown? Hugs.

    1. I agree. We haven’t had a challenging Zelda game since the N64 days with Majora’s Mask. I got the game a month after it came out, and never beat it until my teen years. Yes. It took me about 10 years to beat it. As sad as that is, it’s the truth….point is. Aonuma promises a more challenging Zelda game. Let’s hold him to that. Don’t lose faith. Maybe we can have some massive overworld that is twice as big as the others before it. A total of 28 dungeons. Maybe I am getting carried away, but it would be nice to see more than just; Basic 3 starting dungeons, dramatic cutscene, 6 more lengthy dungeons, final dungeon, final boss, end.

      1. You are getting carried away. MM is one of the shortest games (not collecting all the masks). Even if you do it is still short. Wind Waker i had to play like 8 years later to actually know what to do and beat it. When you’re a child you get confused but regardless my older brothers couldn’t beat it when it first came out. I do perfer something challenging and bigger but you over exaggerated with going to the N64 days.

  4. I have never actually played zelda before but on my 3ds i got this free zelda game but it was really old and boring but im sure that the new zelda games are way better…

    1. Not exactly , as the new one’s like skyward sword and twilight princess weren’t as good as wind waker , ocarina of time and majoras mask not that they are bad , just not as good

  5. As long as there are dungeons I don’t care what they do with the formula. I trust Nintendo, they’ve always delivered with Zelda

        1. Ah, true , but it holds Nintendo’s official seal–meaning they approved of it, though later regreting the choice, but that seal will for ever be there as an indication that it’s not JUST a failure; it’s an official failure. LOL!

  6. “If I’m getting tired of it, then I’m sure other people are getting tired of it”
    Aonuma is wise dude.

  7. He talked about changing the formula since his first announcement of an upcoming Zelda. I think they have realized that a few changes in the formula can make the whole experience a lot more current and “new”.
    Non linear dungeon progression, some kind of co-op, more customisation, having a real influence in the story by making difficult decisions,…
    SS felt a bit on rails for me. I enjoyed it, but from a gameplay and story telling perspective it felt quite old.
    I am excited what they have in store.

  8. Good. There’s a few very specific things that make a Zelda game a Zelda game:
    Have Zelda in there, obviously, dungeons, puzzles, sword combat, and exploration and having a world thats interesting, and charm. If you have those things, in my opinion you can change everything else.

    1. “Have zelda in there” not hating but majora’s mask, phantom hourglass, spirit tracks, four swords (i believe). There’s a bunch of zelda games without zelda.

  9. i guess there are a few things they could mix up a little. In every zelda game I played there is for example at some point the introduction of bombs, with bomb enemies in a bomb dungeon with a bomb end-boss. first of all keep the new fresh gadgets coming and maybe mix the order of things a bit so its not to obvious at which stage we are in the game equipment wise.

    i really liked the Nintendo DS zelda games because they used all the hardware features in really cool and unexpected ways for example pressing a marking onto a map by closing the device and opening it again was a small but awesome idea. i want more of that with the second screen and touch integration of the wii U.

    1. There is a big difference between chaging a formula and polishing a formula and Zelda is not even close to a turd…

    2. Well, I don’t really see how exactly the Zelda franchise went stale, because I enjoyed every modern title of Zelda we got, INCLUDING Skyward Sword. Changing the formula of a masterpiece franchise has nothing in common with polishing a turd, man. Why do you do that?

    1. not weaboo!!!!!! also did you end up hitting that glitch on pandoras tower???? stupid glitch will robably have me never play that game again…. which sucks because its a great game, felt better than the last couple zeldas.

        1. really!!!!! dang i only hit it once!!!!! what i did was just save then go in the 12 tower right away and it worked every time. it froze when i tried to go in the 11th tower even when the cutscene triggered. really sucks that they ruined such a good game.

  10. Hmmmmm what we really need change in is Mario. And i hope the Zelda series dont go down. That’s my favorite series in all of nintendo. On second thought 2015 release anyone?

    1. Zelda needs a shake up…. and Mario gives a lot of variety, Galaxy, New Super, 3D, Dream Land…

      Zelda games have been a little weak, especially in terms of potential where there is a lot more interesting gameplay, where I have often seen a slow, tedious game in the recent past

  11. You wanna know what’s a great Zelda game? Link to the past.
    Many dungeons, great difficult level, many items, not linear way to conquer them.
    That’s all I need.

  12. i don’t know about everyone else but im kinda worried, i mean changing things up is great kinda like Assassins Creed was improved with change in Assassins Creed 2, but change can also destroy decimate a franchise i mean remember how Zelda 2 the adventure of link was criticised because of its massive change from the original Zelda game, its just a good thing they corrected it with a link to the past, but if they repeat history with change, then this may spell disaster for not just Zelda but possible for Nintendo, especially with the Wii U, Nintendo cant afford anymore mistakes, otherwise Nintendo will be “met will a terrible fate”

  13. Yes, people are comfortable with the current formula…but people also have to step away from a comfort zone.
    Getting something different could refreshing as well.

  14. I have great faith that whatever changes are made will make the Zelda serie even more exciting then it already is.

  15. at this point time is our enemy, until we find out more on this enigma, we should enjoy A link between worlds and WWHD

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