Wii U Has Sold One Million Units In Japan Since Launch


This week’s Media Create sales figures show that Nintendo latest home console, the Wii U, has sold one million units in Japan since its launch last year. Interestingly, the console reached the figure in thirty three weeks and the PlayStation 3 reached the figure in thirty eight weeks. However, it should be noted that the PlayStation 3 launched with a ridiculously high price tag back in 2006.

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263 thoughts on “Wii U Has Sold One Million Units In Japan Since Launch”

  1. Sold better than PS3 in japan? Well i think the Wii U is doing just fine then, look where the PS3 is now.

    1. True, but the PS3 was a power-house in the day. By the time it took off, it was still relevant hardware. WiiU’s hardware is arguable 3 years behind the current, next Gen systems. Now, that may not matter, but I’m just saying the WiiU technologically can’t afford the heavily delayed start the PS3 had.

      1. Wii U’s full power hasnt been tapped into yet. Monoliths X shows a big taste of that. A game made from the ground on the PS4 and a game made from the ground up on the Wii U will look similar. Sure the PS4 game would have a small noticeable leap in graphics, but by no means is that gap anything that makes you say WOW PS4 destroys the Wii U. As for the Xbox One…hard to say, since nobody has actually seen real gameplay from any Xbox One. But it wont be as high as the PS4 graphics.

        1. “Sure the PS4 game would have a small noticeable leap in graphics, but by no means is that gap anything that makes you say WOW PS4 destroys the Wii U” Have you seen the Specs of PS4? I’m positive it will look pretty noticeable, not at launch of course.

          1. Oh, my mistake I forgot you have worked with both Wii U and PS4 Dev Kits…So you must know what your taking about.

          2. You know they both produce 1080P native resolution at 60 frames per second right? The only crazy difference shall be the third party weak efforts alá EA ports. Criterion gave us PC level graphics on need for speed most wanted U. It also added PC resources to the WiiU need for speed most wanted while only using 1 1/3 of the WiiU’s three core CPU. Need I add it uses 50% less wattage than the PS3/4 and xbox360/one.

            1. I do like that WiiU uses a ton less power, also making the chances of overheating pretty damn slim. A definite plus for me.

                  1. Ignoring that Gamer and Nintendo commander likes me. See short term memeory. Don’t get mad at me because you forgot Mario Kart 8 is in 1080p 60fps because Wii U is a next generation console.

        2. I don’t disagree. I am saying PS3 had a terrible start due to the price, and could afford to pick up speed later since it was a beasty piece of hardware. WiiU can’t afford to spend years fucking around. It’s not powerful enough to stay relevant to developers a few years from now if there is not an install base to justify the time and work necessary to get a next Gen game running on the WiiU. (it can be done, but won’t be as simple because you will have to strain the hardware. You know. My same old complaint. Nintendo needs to get off their fucking ass!!

          1. Graphics? Ignoring that 5.6million Nintendo games that sold many were less powerful than games aiming to show graphics. Man sonydrones have a bad memory. The article was shown today. Also ignoring the less powerful 3DS outsold 360 ánd PS3. To those who’s say, “you can’t compare a handheld to a console” ignoring you compared the Vita to Wii U when it was outsold by the dead vita. But because it’s not Nintendo its ok to compare the Wii U sales to the Vita.

              1. nobody likes that fool and most IGNORE him as he only posts his same old arguments over and over again, just like the shitu he worships. lol.

                    1. Is that your best combat? Even Ness and Nuetron, were better trolls. You can post the same sentence after me all you want.What’s that going to do to me? um nothing.. lol

          2. This so much^
            When devs move on to PS4 and One it will be harder to develop for WiiU because of the difference in architectures. PS4 and One are basically computers so it will be much easier to develop games for. Also good thing too because now it’ll be easier to port games over to PC, but I digress. I really think WiiU will yet again be a console only for 1st and 2nd party games and if it is then I’m not surprise.

        3. I believe it does, the new generation of consoles will bring a new generation of graphics to the pc, and the wii u wasn’t going to help.

          So for wii u games yay to first party and fuck the rest

      2. Not completely true. PS3 was powerfull in terms of graphics. Wiiu is powerfull in terms of Idea’s. The Gamepad is arguably (I said arguably) as big a leap as just graphical grunt is. And as we all know consoles are hitting diminishing returns in terms of graphics and this is only highlighted by the fact that most launch titles of PS4 and One (and the upcoming games of the WiiU) are just slightly upgraded current gen ports.

        Xbox one and PS4 are in Category A and Wiiu is in Category B. B is the category that defies the norm and strives to do something different in order to stand out.
        Ouya is in Category F. Fail.

        1. Lol. Agreed. And if Nintendo can get App developers to port there stuff to the WiiU, Ouya is really screwed.

        2. WiiU while innovative with the gamepad is also its biggest downfall. I think the more unique the console will be the less third party support it’s gonna get. Developing for a unique console will drain resources and right now with the decline in softwares I don’t think devs can afford it. What Nintendo should have done was bring out its heavy hitters (system sellers) out first and then when the install base grows so will the dev support. Iwata was clearly trying to ride the Wii bandwagon with the WiiU but ultimately failed, but what’s surprising was that how could Nintendo have not seen this happening? I saw it, the Wii was being thrashed for not having third party games, it was for casual (which has all but moved on to mobiles/tablets). Nintendo should have reinvented themselves with the WiiU and truly make it a system for gamers instead of trying to grab whatever casual market that’s left.

      3. PS3 only surpassed the xbox360 this January world over. Early into the next generation because the WiiU already launched. The WiiU is in better shape than even we the nintendo warriors thought. How drones and trolls don’t see that it has outpaced the PS3 in release time numbers beats me.

              1. Ignoring Gamer and Commander like me. See how i gotta repeatmyself since you already forgot I said that already. So sad.

                  1. Awww im supposed to be hurt because you trail me? Please. Its not affecting me at all. Like this is really supposed to do something. oh please.

          1. PS3 lost unprecendented amounts of money in first year. $200 per console. Perhaps the biggest fail ever in gaming and it nearly wiped the entirity of Sony out.

            To be fair they did end up OK with PS3, but overall the console was a failure coming off of the PS2.

          2. What the fuck are you talking about? They were losing a crap load of money. Do your research, before looking like a dumbass.
            Why you mad, you’re getting sad… ._.

    1. The xbox360 is embarrassingly sad in Japan. The WiiU has out paced the PS3. With no tangible third party support. It now is getting clear to most Sony drones that nintendo is legendary while being current and futuristic at the same time :).

      1. What was it with Nintendrones saying “PS3 sold like shit for a full year” ?

        But now the Wii U is super successful because it sold like shit but 6 weeks faster than PS3 did ?

        1. Ps3 beat the 360 in sales and it got ton of support now developers that don’t want to make games for wiiu will be forced but nice try to down play it.

                1. Now that you ask. Jt is my nickname. I accidentally typed z after it and kept it. Thats why it’s there. I can always get rid of the Z.

                2. And so are 1000 others have that name. Same boring name. But if you want to be a follower that’s on you. I don’t give a rats ss if your name was Betty. What’s that going to do to me…um nothing!!

        1. Oh really, compare it with the PS3, GameCube and Dreamcast. This isn’t the first time Nintendo has been this low, LIFETIME GameCube sales were 4 million in Japan. Wii U only did 1 million in less than a year.

        2. It’s better than all home consoles in Japan but the Famicom, Super Famicom, NES and SNES in Japan. It has out paced the Gamecube, PS3, and the xbox360 hahaha, 360 are probably given as trinkets in bazaars in Japan lol. It is doing great don’t try and spin this to suit your delusions.

    1. How is this rough when they have out paced the last powerhouse of a console the PS3. When Nintendo scores even a minor victory it’s bad. When the Wii 100 million sales it’s because of innovation. Why can’t it be that normal humans realize nintendo make great games? Wind Waker Zelda 40/40 famitsu, super Mario brothers Wii 40/40, Mario galaxy 2 40/40 on famitsu. Once everyone realizes nintendo does not make 30/40 games like Halo 4 or subpar gods of war in a skirt 3 then, and only then shall they lost masses in xbotonia enjoy gaming.

              1. who? oh right, fucking loosers just like you, lol
                ignoring that your a goof and no one like you. go to sleep fool.

                  1. I used to be followed by trolls like you , then I started to fucking not reply to them , oh yeah and took an arrow to the knee

                    1. I used to be followed by goofs like you , then I started to fucking replying to them , oh yeah and you took an arrow to the knee

    1. I doubt it. They weren’t even satisfied when Tomb Raider sold 3 mil. They will probably start doing it once it hits 4 mil when they know for a fact that their games will sell good (their definition of good being 900,000+).

  2. It’s decent sale numbers, especially since it haven’t been a full year since the Wii U was released.

    1. Especially with games like Mario Kart 8 and SSB4, right? I plan on getting mine then so I don’t have to wait.

  3. If they managed to sell one million units one a year, then imagine how well it will sell when they release their big guns.

  4. “”””However, it should be noted that the PlayStation 3 launched with a ridiculously high price tag back in 2006. “”””

    it should also noted, that at 2006 we didnt have economic crisis and the wedges were away to high. Now the monthly income is less than the 2006 ps3 price. So wii U is expensive at this point! I speak about EU.

    1. Amen! the article’s author almost got away with capacious fallacious exaggerations lol. Nintendo is actually doing great if the WiiU can sell to the broke masses in Japan 1 million consoles in 6 months and some weeks :).

        1. A earth quake a almost nuclear meltdown and the value of the yen drooping how they any console is selling there is more than a miracle.

          1. Go learn economics and you’ll soon realize why Japan’s economy isn’t greatly phased. And why the yen dropping doesn’t mean anything. Currencies fluctuate all the time.

            1. Lol why do you reply to me like that if I’m right lol. Some people are just retards… hi some people.

            2. Really Japan isn’t greatly phased? Ignoring Toyota is the No. 1 Best selling brand globally? Ignoring that Toyota is resposible for BMW, Mazda, Ford and Scion hybrids. Ignoring that by 2017 Toyota plans to increase more hybrids in their line up. Lastly ignoring that although Nintendo does not have ground breaking graphics while Toyota does not have groundbreaking designs, their rivals take both manufacturers seriously.

          1. $100 is nothing when it will have more power, more support and can act as a 3D blu ray player, well it can act as an entertainment system.

            1. So. And the Camero is more powerful than Camry and Vita is more powerful than 3DS and look what’s outselling what.

            1. There you go!!!!! I have two more commets near the bottom that needs the sentence “ignoring that your a goof and no one like you. go to sleep fool.”

              1. ignoring that your a goof and no one like you. go to sleep fool.
                i thought this was not getting to you, goof. lol.

    2. 2006 was on it’s way to a real economic crisis. Within 1-2 years the GFC occurred. What is happening in the EU is nothing compared to the GFC. PS3 has had a tougher time.

      1. 3.45 million at the end of March. If you add up Japan totals, US estimates, and other world numbers, they are just above 4 million.

    1. Not really, The Japanese love their handhelds, and those ten name titled RPGs. Pikmin 3 had set the ball rolling, in no time nintendo’s first party and the weird but wonderful Japanese RPGs that don’t make it westward shall push the WiiU like the 3DS.

  5. It sold a lot for a system that doesnt even have a lot of must own games. Id say mario bros u monster hunter and pikmin are three must have titles but the key games will be smash bros mario kart and windwaker and donkey kong. Those will really move units.

    1. I’ll grant you that. Considering the software delays and…well, lack of software, I suppose 1 mil isn’t too bad. :p

  6. It should also be noted that back then, the Playstation brand was a lot stronger and still had a strong presence in Japan. The PS3 had the luxury of riding the momentum from the PS2 and actually tried to have Japanese targeted content for the first half of the generation. Nowadays, the Playstation brand has become considerably weaker, as one can see from the abysmal PS Vita sales despite have over a 1 year and half on the market. Clearly, the PS3 wasn’t cool enough in Japan to sell it like the PS2 did for the PSP. Clearly, the PS3′s lack of Japanese also affected it as it only sold half as well as the PS2 did there. Furthermore, it looks like Sony isn’t even bothering with Japan this time around. Square Enix’s FF15 and KH3 are the only significant Japanese style games announced for the platform so for. The PS4′s specs also make it practically suicide to develop for most Japanese devs who don’t have gigantic wallets like Western devs. Sony isn’t looking to make much of an effort either. I mean they have the gall to call their console PS4 when the number 4 is seen as an evil number in Japan and they’ve got their main Japanese studio working on an American Pixar like 3D platformer called Knack that likely won’t even release there! Since the XB1 is good as DOA there, Wii U could very well have the lion’s share in Japan this gen, especially since the Final Fantasy brand isn’t NOWHERE near as popular as it used to be. Need proof? Look at the Final Fantasy 13 spin off game on Media Create for last week, opening at under 5,000 units…

  7. price tags don’t make much of a difference

    it may keep some from buying the console because they simply can’t afford it.. but that PS3 outsold the xbox 360 continuuously in the end even tho it was never cheaper than the xbox shows that price isn’t everything

  8. One million in Japan since launch. Not sure if that’s good or bad actually. 1 million sounds like a lot, especially on a system where we’re berating it on the grounds of lack of software.

    We’ll see how those figures eventually stack up at the close of this current fiscal year. If Nintendo can get the worldwide sales from 3.5 million to say 7 or 8 million, it’ll be significant enough progress, albeit slow in some viewpoints.

    1. it’s not good considering the japanese simply love their nintendo/sony consoles.. see sales of the PS3 which didn’t fare too well when it started

      but it’s not the end of the world either.. see sales of the PS3 which eventually took off like a rocket and even overtook the xbox 360 worldwide

  9. You know guys what would make Wiiu sell like crazy? A new Dragon Quest game like DQXI. I know about DQX but it doesnt sell because its mmo. I mean one of the reasons why 3DS started to sell were DQmonsters and DQVII remake (they should seriously bring those over). Its been a while since real Dragon Quest game was on home console.

  10. How well did the xbox360 do in Japan it’s first 6 months? lol. The WiiU is fine. PS4 is not a handheld, it shall boost at start, then settle in the middle of th pack. 5 million games sold by nintendo in japan in 6 months. Go see the goofs at neogaf failing to realize why nintendo stock are on the rise.

      1. who the fuck even cares about the bloody stock

        the stock has absolutely no relevance whatsoever to the company’s function

          1. i’m not even talking about that.. as you correctly point out this has zero relevance to the gamer.. but it also has zero relevance to the company’s operation which makes stock comparisons among fanboys all the more ridiculous

            the only time it matters is during a hostile takeover.. but nintendo is a japanese company with long tradition and the japanese like to stick together.. taking nintendo over would be nigh impossible for anyone but another japanese company.. only one that would be viable would be sony but they lack the funds
            so there’s that
            and there’s absolutely no reason why anybody on here should concern himself with the fricking stock x_x

            1. need good sales for developers to care about the platform, need developers to care about the platform to get games

              makes sense to you? i hope so

              1. Well actually …. from 7th Gen onwards …..

                3rd Party Developers didn’t care about the Wii
                They don’t seem to care about the Wii U at the moment
                PS4 and X1 are getting massive support already (With 0 sales, but the pre orders are through the roof)

                Sounds to me like they need quite a bit of power behind the console with simplicity towards it as well. Too bad Wii U has none of that.
                So no, since 7th gen, the old “console needs sales for us to support” frankly has quite confused me when in fact, they seem to support the consoles with more power if anything.

                1. they didn’t care about the wii because it had technical limitations (and i am not just talking about hardware.. also software wise) that made it difficult for developers to bring their games to the wii with full functionality and support them accordingly

                  this time that is different

                  the wii U needs sales and once it takes off 3rd party devs will start to take interest again

                  1. “need good sales for developers to care about the platform,”

                    Wii had good sales, yet no one cared about it. Which is what my point is, they need to think about power & simplicity too.

                    1. have you even read my other comment? the wii had technical limitations (such as patching which was very difficult or even impossible to do for developers) online play was also very restricted, DLCs which the wii had no room for and so on and so forth
                      this made many 3rd party developers shy away from the platform

                      the wii U doesn’t have these problems anymore

                      also raw hardware power doesn’t matter nearly as much anymore as it did during the launch of the wii

                      modern highly scalable engines… frostbyte 2 cryengine 3 UE4 and all the other big modern engines can run on absolutely anything down from a tablet up to the most high end PC with quad GPU config
                      the only thing developers have to change are the assets since obviously the wii U can’t process as many triangles/s or the same texture size as PS4 and xbox one but that isn’t much of a problem.. if they’re releasing a PC version they’ll have different sets of assets anyway

                    2. not to mention that most developers who are actually developing for the wii U have confirmed that it’s very simple and easy to develop for (among those crytek, unity and shin’en)

              1. You word your sentences terribly. Wii U hasn’t outsold the PS3. It just did better than a console that was priced insanely high with little support at the beginning. It would be embarrassing if you didn’t do better than it.

                1. Will yeah but last week and in Japan it outsold PS3 because of Pikmin 3. That’s just one game. 101, Zelda HD, DK, 3D Mario. Lost Worlds will do even better. Besides Wii U is doing better than when Ps3 launch. But im more interested in how wil a powerful dvd player with blue ray with all that power do against Wii U. I mean if the 3DS went from poor sales to now, Im sure Wii u will get out of the red and into the black. I could give a rats ass if PS4 had 12 cores. Besides i heard 6 0f those 8 cores are used for gaming anyway. I also heard that most of Wii U titles that are already out aint even using its three cores. I even heard Pikmin 3 is not even using three cores too. If its true thats incredible posting 1080p 60fps and not even maxed out. The fact is, you don’t really know what Wii U’s max capabilities really are or what they really look like do you? The scary thing is, people opened it up and have all the specs but they don’t know how Wii U’s graphics reallly look like maxed. Mario Kart 8 is just the surface of it but I was told that wasn’t even maxed. Remember Wii u’s CPU is not stressed and it needs at least 16mb to display 1080p. I was told Wii U has 32mb. So how powerful is the Wii U when a developer does it right and chooses to max out all 3 cores? What would the visuals look like? Any takers?

      2. Ignoring that Nintendo’s stock is highest since gas prices were $2.34 a gallon because of the result of Pikmin 3 and other future 2013 games.

          1. I commetted again. So click “reply” then right click your mouse. Click “paste” Finally click Post. You’ll see the sentence “ignoring that your a goof and no one like you. go to sleep fool” after my commet. Isn’t technology sweet?

  11. So is this good? I’m not an expert on this stuff but that does seem fairly good. Especially since a very little amount of actually relevant games have been released for it. If it can sell 1 million now just imagine once the big franchises start rolling in.

  12. Also, as some may have pointed out, the fact that the PS3 costed more is pretty nullified by the fact that economy back when it launched 2006, before the market crash, much MUCH better than it is now. All the more reason for Nintendo to cut the price of the Wii U sometime in 2014.

    1. also it compensated its ridiculous price tag with a bluray drive.. i am certain that especially for the japanese, who’ve always been at the forefront in adapting new technology standards, this alone was enough to convince many people to buy it anyway.. even if they might not even have wanted a console at all.. but wanted a cheap bluray player

    2. i have to add though that a price cut likely won’t help the wii U

      the price has been slashed to as little as 60% of its initial launch price in a couple european countries (UK and germany for example).. you’d think that increased sales.. well it didn’t

    1. Right…so, I think your all jumping the guns too soon…again. Specially you all against the facts of wii u is here and its not even done showing us its power and putting it down before its ready for good. I also say shut up, complain if a real problem shows up like on EVO, and watch and see. Heh, almost sounded like Shokio there for a moment. And to back this up in case you got a problem with my words…Shokio himself will tell ya. Oh, and be prepared to turn up your volume.

  13. Pretty sad comparison. People were even at that time considering PS3 a flop. This article also fails to mention Wiis sales during the same time. Why? Simple. Because Wii was selling like hotcakes as well as 360. Wii U is selling like crap regardless what anyone says.

    1. Big deal. A few months from now drones want be on here trolling. Unless they forgot 3D Mario made Wii U sales increase.

        1. gppbma. Scroll up and look for “jtz” post without the sentence “ignoring that your a goof and no one like you. go to sleep fool.”. After that click “reply” then right click then put your pointer on the word “paste” Click “paste” and finally click “post.” You should see the sentence “ignoring that your a goof and no one like you. go to sleep fool.”

    2. however the ps3 turned out to be quite successful..

      of course notwithstanding it was still not a financial success for sony since the system was just too expensive to produce but the same isn’t true for the wii U and to be honest i couldn’t care less about the earnings of nintendo so long as the wii U starts getting a bit more support and nintendo breaks at least even and keeps making games

    1. Sweet. Opps expect my bitch to post “ignoring that your a goof and no one like you. go to sleep fool.” Do what I tell you to do!!!!

        1. Trust me, just ignore his fool ass, he’s not worth trying to talk too. Make him the fool by letting him keep saying it and ignore his ass. He’ll leave sooner or later. Look, I made him a fool by him replying back with the same shit he says over and over. I just ignored him altogether.

        1. See? Its all about ignoring them that hurts them the most…if you reply back like that, they get all encouraged and try to make you feel down like he did by saying “look at the pissed on snowman, lol”. I really don’t give a dam what he really calls me, thats your power to ignore him…don’t care what he says. I hope I was able to teach you this lesson jtz as a friend.

  14. Nintendo fans better not say this is a good thing because it’s not. Wii U is only $350 while the PS3 was $600. That’s a big $250 difference right there. The Wii U is not selling that fast at all. It is going to have some MASSIVE competition from the PS4 and Xbox One (yeah I don’t care that much for Xbox One either but it has been selling very well in pre-orders and I know a lot of people that want one). Yeah so the Wii U will do better than the Xbox One in Japan more than likely but that doesn’t matter since last gen the 360 did extremely well in Western sales. Nintendo needs to dominate the Japanese market because they have had a hard time selling consoles in the West with the exception of the Wii. The Wii U is not the Wii meaning it’s not a must have system for every home. Luckily we will have Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze out before the Christmas season starts and that will hopefully push consoles all around the world. But man alive is it going to be hard to compete against the PS4. The PS4 is really wanted by both the Japanese and Western markets. It’s currently only $50 more than the Wii U and has more third party support with more power to it. Nintendo needs to compete against that with bigger and more frequent exclusives (yeah I know it has the most exclusives coming to it but we need more AAA than indie to push hardware sales). Bayonetta 2 is a decent start but we need more exclusive surprises like that. Hopefully Nintendo will gets head out it’s own ass and buy out Atlus and get us the entire SMT franchise+more exclusively on Wii U and 3DS. Oh and a Pokemon MMO wouldn’t hurt either.

  15. While everyone was spelling certain doom for ninty I was pro ably the only one that was certain they’d be fine…. The world loves doom and gloom for some retarded reason and they like to pin it to Nintendo probably for the sheer fact that they’ve been around the longest and they can’t seem to understand why they are so successful…..fools.

  16. To be honest, those aren’t really good sales, but it’s not the “OMFG NINTENDO WILL BE THIRD PARTY AFTER THIS GEN, WII U IS THE NEW DREAMCAST” sales people were saying it is.
    To see it’s actually selling faster than the PS3 in the same time period, not to mention the great first-party lineup coming until the end of this year (which people say it’s crucial to the future of Wii U, and I agree) I think the Wii U has large chances of picking up.

  17. I would love to see an HD-title that looks unlike anything I’ve seen on a Nintendo platform that has enough appeal to sell consoles – a true gem, similar to how Xenoblade was unexpected.

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