Spin The Bottle Wii U Release Date Confirmed

Danish KnapNok Games and Swedish Redgrim are proud to announce August 8th as the release date of their collaborative project Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party. This updated version of the classical teen game doesn’t use the TV at all, but pushes the players to sit in a circle around the gamepad and look at each other.

“We have been really inspired by the possibilities of off-screen play the Wii U gives us. Finally we have a console that can put attention to the actions between the players instead of the screen. Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party is our attempt to explore these unique possibilities of the Wii U, players sit in a circle looking at each other doing silly, wacky and embarrassing stuff. This is a game that couldn’t have been developed for any other console and we are super excited to see how the audience will receive it.”

– Lau Korsgaard, Game Designer at KnapNok Games.




      1. I think that was the point…. Oh well, just throw oil on the fire and I go and get my popcorn.


      2. idk why but i have a strange suspicion that STB is going to be a Wii U system seller. The killer app people are waiting for, the new wii u sports


  1. I’m not exactly hyped for this game, but I’m going to buy it! It looks like it will be fun playing with friends while drinking!


  2. What The Hell…. 0_0. This type of thing could get weird at night time. This is the most akward thing i’ve ever seen ._.


    1. Depending what you define “weird” at night time. :P

      The weirdest thing I ever done at the party is to go to grocery store and buy pizza for everyone since pizza delivery are close. Funny part is that I am not a host either. XD


      1. Like awkward, nervous, uncomfortable type of weird. Not in the way you think, it’s just that i don’t trust people with my wiiu gamepad, last person i trusted with it was my little sister and she threw the god damn gamepad -_-… It’s just a weird family game, that’s my point, especially if you have younger siblings.


      2. Is your Gamepad fine or broken?…

        I wouldn’t allow anyone to touch my things until they learn 100% from what I tell them…

        I’m very strict about my things…


      3. I bout a Mario casing for my wiiu gamepad that included 3 extra stylus(s). My old stylus is gone though.


      4. Oh and nice! Good thing you did that. Keep one to yourself or you going lose other one to your little monster. :P


      5. Really? I haven’t noticed…

        Maybe a bit because of how we keep hearing about Smash Brothers and so on…

        I’m starting to feel as if Sir Sakurai took a responsability too great even for him as he has 2 versions to focus on plus his injury…

        I really hope that the Wii U version is a step into an even better experience than Brawl and Melee…


      6. Don’t worry, i’m sure it’ll turn out great :).
        I’m positive it’ll be greater than brawl and even surpass the greatness of melee. It’s not like you to be down and doubtful, you’re this sites commander. Cheer up, i’ve felt the same way you did not to long ago, but you can’t stop hoping for good news for Nintendo. Nintendo has fallen a little low because of pressure but i’m sure they’ll rise higher than they were before. We all know if Nintendo fails in gaming than gaming will be destroyed.


      7. Yes, I’m pretty sure it will be a decent console atleast, the 3DS is a solid proof of that…

        Well It’s not as if I¨m totally let down in every area High Command is up too but Smash Brothers to me is like one of the pinacles of gaming in both Nintendo and the gaming community in general…

        But as seen with the 3 previous installments I am pretty confident in a way that this will turn out to be atleast as good as Brawl…


      8. It looks a bit smoother than Brawl…

        I like the more vivid arena aswell…

        And thanks for not “hating” me today…*wink*


      9. There was no valid reason to hate you, really with all the Xbox and Ps fans / (Anti-tendo) on this site we need more positive people like you here to balance out the trolls.


      10. Keep supporting Nintendo, only true fans stay loyal, but don’t forget to always give Nintendo that smack in the head/(Wake up call) They need when they’re making a terrible decision. :)


      11. Agreed, we should stay together supporting Nintendo so that will not fade away but keeping them in balance of not making as many mistakes as they have done with the Wii U these last 6 months…

        Unlike the Xbots who agrees to everything their leaders do, even begging for DRM to make a comeback, what a joke…


      12. This time in gaming is sad, sony fans joined that ban wagon just so they could see xbox one fall, like there so-called loyal xbox fans.


      13. It’s a bit funny though, “war wise”…

        But gaming in general yes it is very sad that a source of pure entertaining is beginning to violate ethics and privacy just because they love money and control…

        That’s what’s wrong with every area of entertaining today, sports already lost their entertaining value as it is full of greed, deceit and violance…

        I hope the women soccer, basketball etc etc do not turn that way as I like to watch their occasionally because they play for the sake of fun not money…


      14. I see what you mean :)
        Lol, I chuckled a little bit when you typed women soccer, i don’t know why though. xD


      15. Haha, well they are good to be honest, they ar emore violent then men in some ways as they do not care if they fall or hurt the other team…

        They don’t cry like men do when they fall and then holds their face in pain when they “hurt” their leg as an example hahahahah…


      16. You questioning your own GOD CREATION? And you don’t want people to touch your things? I thought you want more believer? :P


      1. 0_0 Are you aware that there’s a jynx husband some where on this site? That picture gave me nightmares… ._.


  3. I seriously hope there is a way to make your own dares. Because from what I see most of the dares seem pretty boring and unexciting. Nothing even feeling close to a punishment.

    No, I am not a pervert, but one of the charms of games like this is the fear and anticipation mixed together. Will I get to hold hands with that cute galpal that I have a secret crush in tonight or will I have to put 10 ice cubes inside my t-shirt? You know, that kind of anticipation mixed with fear. Not like. Oh god, will I have to hold hands with the cute girl or my best friend? No real punishment except if you dislike being touched atall by most people, which is why I only play this kinds of games with people I feel comfortable touching to start with. Win/Win and Lose/Lose games are boring to me and I guess many people agree.


  4. It’s too bad most people will write this game off as “shovelware.” Ive looked into the game and the developers poured their heart out into the title. They actually worked really hard to make this game. A lot of thought went into their wacky ideas… 💋


    1. A wasted effort indeed. I feel for the devs but they shouldn’t expect much. Who knows though, maybe it will be a phenomenon.


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