Sakurai Explains Why You Won’t See Fighting Characters In Super Smash Bros.

super_smash_bros_wii_uIn a recent issue of Games TM, Masahiro Sakurai explains why you may not see any fighting characters appearing in the Super Smash Bros. game for Wii U and 3DS. He says that, unfortunately, these characters already fight like another somewhere in the game, so it’s not a good fit. So far, Mega Man is the only new third-party character to make his debut within the universe as Sakurai even suggested we treat him as a “special case”, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting any others from fighting games in the near future.

“The biggest feature we look at in Smash Bros. is, ‘What does this character bring to Smash Bros. that other characters don’t?’ If you look at… someone from a fighting game already, and people like fighting with this character, from my point of view, it’s like ‘this guy does what this guy already does. He fills the role that this character already has. So while you may like this character and he’s interesting, that doesn’t really merge well, here.” – Sakurai

129 thoughts on “Sakurai Explains Why You Won’t See Fighting Characters In Super Smash Bros.”

  1. In other words, Nintendo begged for more 3rd party characters in SSB and they all said no way.

    Seriously though Nintendo, get your shit together or the Xbox One will destroy the Wii U.

    1. You’ve just proven conclusively that you do not follow developer comments on this series, and that you don’t have the slightest fucking clue what you are talking about.

      Thanks for the laugh.XD

    2. Sorry to tell you this but Nintendo has their shit together. They already have destroyed PS4,Done and even their own system Wii u with 3DS (potentially the best system ever).

      1. No.
        Nintendo has certainly not gotten their “shit together”.
        There’s probably more preorders for the new consoles than the entire WiiU sales.

        1. ps4 has sold out all their preorders. the wii u sold out their preorders. if we learned anything, preorder amounts do not predict a consoles launch.

    3. That won’t happen… Even if they didn’t their shit together, The Xbox One will still Crash and Burn…

    4. .. Or maybe it’s because it’s a NINTENDO brawler for NINTENDO characters and that putting in 3rd party characters is what they said A SPECIAL OCCASION. Nintendo has been getting their shit together since Pikmin 3. Next time actually put some intellectual reasons why Nintendo has lost their shit, otherwise all I see is a man/woman over the Internet upset that their not going to be able to see all their favorite 3rd party characters in their favorite game. It’s looks sad to be honest.

    1. I don’t think that Lil’ Mac really counts.
      He was in a boxing game, not a “fighting” game.
      Still, his move-set would be horribly limited, being simply a boxer, so maybe it’s a good thing he was relegated to a mere assist trophy?

      1. Not necessarily, he could use some of his enemies moves, copy them and use them as his own, thas what Kirby does and if am not mistaken Mr game & watch too, after all he literally transform into the octopus he ones fought when trying to get his treasure :)

        1. lol, i don’t think i explained my self very well, what i meant was little mac should use some of the moves from the boxers on his games and use them as his own, like kirby does with his dash attack and up B, and Mr. game & watch with his final smash there all fix!

      2. Fuck off. Simple being a boxer? Play against a mean Balrog in Street Fighter and see where you end up. Little Mac could swing in all kinds of ways and dodge. Just because he won’t kick, he’s limited? Please go kill yourself in hell.

  2. I wanna see a resident evil character in smash bros. remember that almost all the resident evils are on Nintendo platforms, who doesn’t wanna see Jill or wesker duking it out with Mario or Samus?

      1. Doubtful. More likely to get a Castlevania character.
        But he’s been in a fighting game, so does that mean he won’t be in it?

        1. I would KILL to get the duo from Portrait of Ruin[Johnathan and Charlotte] together in a Zelda-like swap-out tag-team.
          There’s so many moves and spells in that game that they wouldn’t be hard-up for ideas for the move-set, and they would feel far more fitting than any of the characters from the much much darker entries.[with the possible exception of Shanoa....]

          1. Thing is, any non-Zelda swap team would make zero sense.
            The reason why Zelda/Sheik works is because they ARE the same character.
            Otherwise, it would just be a lazy way to fit in two characters from the same game.

              1. Negative portrait of ruin would make too much sense.
                They can be played at the same time or by themselves.

                1. Unfortunately I dont see this happening as solidsnake might already be Iincluded and third party space is very limited.

  3. To be honest im tired of hearin when smash fans always whine that they want this and that character on it, but they never think does it make sense to have it there. So Sakurai is right about this, i have a feelin that this new smash will be best in series so far. Just think about it you can take it with you every where if you have 3DS and you can play it on big screen if you have Wii u, in other words you can literally play smash 24/7 and be a ultimate nolife form HEE-HEE-HEE.

    1. Indeed, if my superiors listened to every word from our Drones, we would nit even sell half of the Wii Us we sell today or make history with alot of our sacred games…

      I’d be surprised though if Pac-man is not included since it is the Namconians most famous and earliest heroes ever…

  4. That makes some what sense.
    Oh wait, Heihachi was already in Playstation All Stars, which apparently was a clone of SSB, according to everyone on here, so he’s talking rubbish.

    1. Honestly, that excuse is just stupid.
      How many characters have gone into fighting games or come out of fighting games to go into a different game?
      Persona, Ezio, Marvel, Capcom, Tekken, i could go on.

      1. Well, maybe it’s because they want unexpected characters that don’t have a familiar fighting background in the game?
        Most of the characters in Smash aren’t known for being fighters.
        Look at Captain Falcon, for instance…XD

      2. You’re never happy with anything our Empire does…

        Smash Brothers was originally meant to be Nintendo characters only but then I guess he wanted a surprise and included Sonic and Snake in Brawl…

        And I’m almost 100% sure that only Sonic was meant to be a guest…

        So we are extremely lucky to even get 1 guest character, yet even better 2 in Brawl…

        1. If im correct snake was asked for melee but they didnt have time to put it there. But i agree it should be about Nintendo characters first. I dont get why people beg for 3rd party characters that much, it was always about Nintendo. I understand why Sonic was there because he has been big part of Nintendo after Sega went 3rd party and he is almost like “part of the family”, you know what i am saying?. I dont understand why Snake was in Smash though he just doesnt fit in there, but thats my opinion.

          1. Accordin to official reports, the son of the MGS Creator wanted Snake to be in Brawl as it was his favorite character…

            So this request was made for High Commander Sakurai which he ofcourse accepted…

            As far as I remember it that is…

            1. It was something like that, but he had initially asked Sakurai to put Snake in Melee. From what I’ve heard, Sakurai and Kojima (Metal Gear series creator) are good friends so that’s why Sakurai agreed, but they asked too late into Melee’s development that there was no time to put Snake in, so he got put in Brawl instead. Like I said, that’s just what I’ve heard, I don’t know if it’s true.

            1. shut up nintendo commander, your posts are always fools posts, get over it and try a different approach, fucking stale waterhead.

        2. Snake and sonic where supposed to be in melee, Snake was in smash because Kojima wanted him there. Also snake makes more sense than sonic anyway seeing as how he is a true Nintendo character, about like mega man, There origins were pretty much nintendo. i could have seen them in the first smash way before i saw sonic. not that i don’t like sonic. He was just Segas mascot back in there rivalry age,

  5. I’m not really even sure exactly what he means by “fighting characters”? All characters in this series fights. What does he mean by that?

    1. He means characters from fighting games. Games similar to this one. Basically they dont want characters with a preexisting fighting game – game mechanic, since that might be hard to balance.

  6. You know how ultra stick butter for us coming out and it’s using band feedback To help with the rebalancing gameplay. I love for Nintendo to actually be able to connect to a server and use players feedback to help rebalance the game gradually so that this Smash becomes the most balanced fighting game ever. On my Capcom who constantly re issues a new updated version and expect us to pony up the cash. Animal Crossing has the option to connect to their servers for some odd reason so why can’t smash? In the sense of rebalancing the characters Through players feedback.

  7. He means fighting game character like in dark stalkers (vampire slayer/savior), Street Fighter, skull girls, Tekken, Killer Instinct, Samurai Showdown, King of Fighters Fatal Fury, etc…He wants characters that never fit as fighters like Mike Jones from Star Tropics, or say like Simon Belmont from Castlevainia 2. Character’s like those. I understand what he means and no, not like the rip off Sony All Stars which never stuck to its name by adding characters that are not even from Sony alone, Naruto is the perfect example and so is Heihachi.

  8. Shulk is like the last character I want in SSB4..Megaman was the other but even if shulk is not in the game.. I’m satisfied just playing as Megaman..

        1. Because I’m obligated to be as excited for this game as you are?
          See, you’re not giving me a good impression of your game’s fandom.

  9. Then use characters from your rpg series “Tales of…” with all the moves the main characters learn, it shouldnt be difficult coming up with their moveset and balance.

  10. What about a first party character that I loved as a kid, Mike from Star Tropics and Little Mac from Punch-Out! They bring nostalgia, and star punches and yoyo, shooting star, and super nova and sling shot, etc.

  11. I would love to see Quote from Cave Story in the game, (Cause we all know we need an Indie game character, and he would be the best fit) but we all know that’s never gonna happen lol. :(

  12. skull kid……. he can be the new zelda/sheek where you can either be skull kid or if you press down b you where and embrace the powers of the majoras mask.

  13. Im tired of people who says that if a console have a good sales then thats a very good console…and also when a console have a bad sales then thats a bad console. So if I understand that correctly…then the Wii is a very good console ? I like my Wii but I dont think thats the best console I have…ya I can play GC games with that so thats a + but I dont think thats the best console Ive played. And now suddenly when the Wii U have a bad sales suddenly people shoot “hahaha the Wii U is a bad console check the sales !” wtf ? I still think the Wii U its a very good console and I know the potential that other people dont see cuz they too blind by the sales of that console lol… U cant judge a console with her sales…u judge with all the aspects that console have and with ur taste also…but plz dont say to me a console is good cuz he have good sales or the opposite, the Dreamcast have a bad sales but it dont means thats a bad console…anyway all I want to say is to not judge a console for her sales cuz thats very stupid I think. Ya the 3DS have a good sales and ya thats a very console…but sometimes sales dont mean that the console is good for 100 %. Nintendo 64 was a good console even if he have bad sales…anyway I just wanted to say that for people who think good sales = 100 % very good console and bad sales = 100 % bad console.

    1. Well people measure how good a console is based on a number of things. The Wii was a VERY good console, because it sold like mad. Everyone has their opinions. There is no clear definition on “what is a good console.”

      1. I know that but what do u want to mean by that ? that the Wii U is a bad console cuz he dont have good sales ?

  14. To my understanding Nintendo doesn’t have a fighting series (besides Smash which just borrows characters from all their other games) and well in regards to 3rd party games I can see his point, it would be awkward to see a character from another fighting game in Smash… I mean just look at that one guy in PS All Stars…

    1. Honestly, I don’t even consider Smash Bros a fighting game. And there’s quite a significant percentage of the FGC who doesn’t either.
      What makes a game belong to a genre is the core reason why people play it. People play SSB to fool around and have a nostalgia trip (Let’s be honest folks, if the game only had original characters, no one would have ever bought it); in other words an action-oriented party game. And a very good party game at that…hence why I shake my head when I see people taking it too seriously.
      The fact that its competitive community has to remove about 80% of the game’s content and abuse glitches (which they claim to be advanced techniques) in order to make it a ”legitimate fighter” makes it…hard for me to put the game in the same category as Street Fighter, Blazblue or King Of Fighters, where all the techniques are mechanics explained in the actual tutorial.

        1. At this point, I don’t even care. They can label it whatever they want, and just have fun with it and keep it to themselves. Though if they start going on about how it’s the only good fighting game out there when they clearly never played an actual fighter or put any effort in learning…

      1. It doesn’t matter what “you” think, because what is the official truth of the matter is that Smash Bros is a Fighting game and it is as serious as any other fighting game, too. Street Fighter, Tekken, Dead or Alive, Marvel vs. Capcom, etc.

  15. So, I guess this means no Sukapon or Urban Champion. And possibly Little Mac, but his games aren’t much like traditional fighting games

  16. So basically they wont put Ryu or Jin in the game because they play like others…. hmm… but its okay to have 2 links and 2 marios plus ganondorf and captain falcon which are all carbon copies of each other in the game but they cant put something from another game in because they’re afraid that mario and ryu would play similarly? I call bullshit. it’s probably because nintendo is on a downward slope and the other companies don’t want to be associated with it.

    1. Yeah, if this is his excuse for not having other fighting characters, why does he add so many freaking CLONES!!!?

      1. Just wait till the clones come out on this game then see if they have the same moves before we talk the nonsense.

  17. im really worried about how the game is gonna turn out now….Sakurai has already confirmed no story mode and no cutscenes, and now hes really being limited to how many outside new characters there will be….I hope hes not losing his edge

    1. He never confirmed “No Story Mode and No Cut-Scenes.” He confirmed that the story mode would be “Different” from Sub Space Emissary and THAT WAS IT!

    1. Punch Out isn’t a fighting game. It’s a boxing/sport game. While it does involve fighting, the genre isn’t technically fighting.

    1. Nope. I remember before Brawl came out, tons of people were campaigning for him to be in the game. I guess their hopes have just died out since then.

  18. Well this game sounds worse each time I hear anything new about it. This is shaping up to be the worst Super Smash Bros. yet. Way to fuck up Sakurai! Sakurai downgraded from Brawl and I don’t understand why. I mean sure it was announced too early and he’s only been working on it for half a year but he has a whole other fighting game company assisting him. Yes he has an injury but that doesn’t allow for bad decision making. The Wii U sales are sucking balls right now and we need Smash Bros. to set the world on fire like Brawl did where everyone wants to play that game. A lot of my die hard Smash Bros. friends will be getting a 3DS to get this game but it’s not good enough to entice them to buy a Wii U for it. Was Brawl perfect? Not it was slow and clunky gameplay wise and the online was too laggy but other than that I loved the game. Sakurai just got too knife-happy with the chopping block for this game.

  19. Can I get an example of what kind of “Fighting Character” he means? I was thinking a Street Fighter guy lol? I don’t understand what he means specifically…

  20. Don’t mind. Not damage controlling here, but I’d never really think of a character like Ryu or Heihachi or Patroklos to be requested in a Smash game. The only playable character that I want in the game is Reggie.

  21. Well as far as I am concerned, a third party character should be considered as long as that franchise or character has history with Nintendo… so Megaman fits since he started there. And I hope to see Ryu Hyabusa because I just want to see him :D

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