Nintendo Commercial Highlights Main Difference Between Wii And Wii U

Nintendo has released a commercial that highlights the main difference between Wii and Wii U. The video shows kids playing Wii U while impersonating their mother, who thinks the company’s latest console is the same as Wii. The children then plan to educate their mother by telling her “Wii U is a total upgrade,” offering games that aren’t available on Wii, such as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Rayman Legends and Super Mario 3D World.

179 thoughts on “Nintendo Commercial Highlights Main Difference Between Wii And Wii U”

  1. Isnt upgrade a bad choice of a word to use? Upgrading is like getting a redesign in the way they use it. Why not just say brand new console

      1. using the word “upgrade” is a strategic choice. of course a lot of you fools here will not understand that . they’re not marketing the system to the hardcore gamers this holiday season. beforehand when Nintendo refered to the game console as a new system the casuals did not understand because the casuals are fools.

    1. I’m starting to believe Nintendo is trying their hardest to make the Wii U fail… At least that Mario game has gotten surprisingly good reviews.

      1. How was it surprising?
        It’s a game made by the Galaxy team.
        That’s like saying “oh this game by Japan Studio, or Retro Studios was good, how surprising”. Like no shit, Sherlock.

        1. Eat a dick, faggot. It’s surprising because the game looked like a Super Mario 3D Land rehash. Anyway, you’ll probably hate the game now that’s it’s getting good reviews. Won’t you, fucking hipster?

          1. No, when i first saw it i wasn’t impressed, but as time went on and they showed more they, the better it looked.
            It was always going to be good because of who was making it. How good is a different matter, and i would prefer a true successor to Galaxy, that pushes the bar further, but if the game is awesome, then i have no complaints.

            Maybe you should get some friends to play it with before you complain.

        1. Their Commercials are really crappy. Those silly Japanese don’t know much about ‘Murican Children’s Mindset…… Guns, Mountain Dew, and Doritos.

          Which is why Microsoft dominates America’s home-console demographic.

    2. ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4 / xbox, xbox360, xbox one / Samsung galaxy, Samsung galaxy s2, Samsung galaxy s3, Samsung galaxy s4 / Iphone etc / Nintendo ds to all the versions even 3ds / Nes, SNES and Wii, Wii u are all upgraded from their previous “ancestors”. They are new things but not brand new they are more like a “new born son from the same family tree” the kid has its origin it is just the new generation.

    3. So wait. I watched the commercial. It’s cute, but what’s the difference except it’s a “total upgrade” and you can play the newest Mario on it?

      Off screen play?

      The name WiiU really fucked things up.

  2. I feel like…maybe I’ve outgrown Nintendo :(
    There are still games on the Wii U that I want very badly next year, but being 24 and seeing commercials with kids this young makes me feel like I’m not their target audience anymore.
    99% sure you wouldn’t see a ps4 commercial with kids this young.
    Idk…maybe I’m just getting old :/

    1. the difference is that Nintendo is not as pretentious as Sony, i always feel that the ps4 commercial are just too… i don’t know egocentrical?, i’m also 24 years old, and i don’t think tv commercials got something to do with a game being good

    2. What people forget is that companies cannot just cater to the same demographic they catered to in their infancy. There will always be new blood.

    3. I don’t get you’re point. I’m nearly twice your age and this commercial doesn’t threaten my manliness. Nintendo FTW.

      1. Where did he/she say this commercial “threatened hid manliness”? He said that he doesn’t feel that he is Nintendo’s target audience anymore. Be honest, if you didn’t own a Wii U (which you obviously do since you’re a drone), and you say this commercial would you be compelled to go and buy one.

        Please answer no or you need help.

        1. Well I’m 20 and TV ads don’t convince me on games or games consoles at all anymore no matter who they are catered to. I watch E3, Nintendo Directs, and trailers on YouTube to see what I want. For me I don’t mind if TV ads are aimed towards a younger audience, Nintendo still needs to get kids to buy their products right? They can’t just have their hardcore fans, that’s how you end up with GameCube sales.

    4. Same, man… :/

      All their commercials they run today turn me off. They need to start marketing their console to different demographics other than little kids and hipsters if they want to succeed.

    5. no you’re just a @$$ whole. common sense should have told you that a long time ago. everyone knew since the early 80’s that Nintendo main focus was the family and casual market with kids sprinkled in between. if you feel as though you have outgrown Nintendo you should have bought an Xbox to play alongside of Nintendo products since Nintendo does have some games geared towards everyone but clearly you should have known that Nintendos primarily focus is not your demographic

    6. I’m 29 and I’m not too old for Nintendo. Don’t let commercials change your mind on a VIDEO GAME company lol. If you still want the games get em dude. A truly mature person NEVER outgrows their inner child. Only the miserable people struggling to fit in in an awkward world lose themselves and conform to whats “grown up.” Don’t let this world steal your soul. Be you cause there is no other you. Don’t feel afraid to like something based on what others may think. Lol sorry to sound all preachy but you get the point.

  3. Nintendo has always been one to focus on kids first and adults second. Kids are still the heart of the video game industry. They do try very hard to make games both kids and adults can enjoy though, and in that area are more successful than anyone else. When it comes down to it, Nintendo appeals to the widest range of people/consumers, especially the youngest and oldest,

    1. the one who doesn’t understand shit is you, you consider yourself “hardcore”? do you have a Wii U?, no? a TV commercial would change your mind? of course not

      1. No he’s right. Sure, grab morons onto the console for extra sales, but Nintendo need to stop fucking around and just focus on the core gamer.

        Casual gamers are too fucking stupid, they’d rather play Candy Crush, and other shite, and if they do own a console, it’s just FIFA, COD and dumb shitty sport/party games.

        I know Nintendo has their hand in making stuff everyone can play, and they do it well with games like Animal Crossing, Mario Party, Mario Kart ect but that’s all they need to do. Fuck “aiming for the casual market”, casual market is shit.

        1. Nintendo won’t any time soon . Unfortunately they are still under the delusion that eventually casuals will figure out what the Wii U is rush to buy it in droves. They still refuse to accept the Wii was nothing more than a fad and that fad has ended years ago.

          1. You know what, why don’t you shut the fuck up you stupid cunt? I don’t see you doing anything to help.

            If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. And as far as I’m concerned, anyone who is not part of the solution deserves to die of cancer.

            1. “anyone who is not part of the solution deserves to die of cancer”

              Looks like I pissed off another psychotic Nintendo fanboy :)

            2. He was pointing out a problem, which CAN help with a solution. If nobody knows there is a problem, it can’t get fixed. And he’s totally right about the fickle casuals and how they came and went. And right about Nintendo needing to stop chasing them. It’s like my team the Lakers begging Dwight Howard to stay. Pathetic lol.

          2. Well judging on Pikmin 3 and my early copy of Zelda: ALBW, that’s certainly not the case.

            ALBW is probably the best Zelda game yet, and it pushes the series forward in tons of ways, but it doesn’t do any of the things you said.

      2. Actually, the only thing that could make me buy a Wii U is the guarantee that it won’t follow the same path than the Wii. And for now, Iwata seems to want the Wii U to be a console for casual gamers, despite what he said before it got released.
        Wii disappointed millions of old Nintendo gamers, I don’t want the same thing to happen to the Wii U.
        What you don’t seem to understand is that if the console sells a lot to casual gamers, developers will develop casual games, as it is the main public.That’s what happened to the Wii, and that’s also what destroyed Nintendo’s reputation, while everyone used to love this company before. Even Nintendo gamers are bored, except the most naive one maybe.

        1. Also, if Nintendo keeps doing shit with the Wii U, I’m going for a PS4.

          Yeah, insult me as much as you want, you blind fanboy. For what I care.

          1. I will not insult you for wanting a ps4 but I will for showing so much retardation. If you want to see commercials just go to YouTube and you will save tons of cash on consoles.

            1. Nintendo’s a sinking boat right now. Not talking about the money they make, but their reputation and how Iwata handles the company when it comes to communication, advertisement, etc… Sony once again seems to be the smarter choice to make.
              If you can’t see that, then you might wanna consider thinking twice about who’s the retard here.

              1. No aggro, but I fail to see anything great about Sony’s new system, the launch, or most of the launch games. Sony is A choice to make, not necessarily a smarter one- especially if you’re expecting your PS4 to work properly…

              2. Nintendo reputation is way better than both Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft has the bad reputation of holding content for dlc and Sony has the reputation of not trying to save their hardware unless is a home console. Nintendo bad reputation is that they don’t make adds for the “hardcorez”? Hardcore gamers don’t deserve to play the same consoles that I play is that the way they think.

        2. I don’t see what’s so bad about the Wii, it’s got some good games if you ask me, Warioland: Shake It, Donkey Kong: Country Returns, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, New Super Mario Bros, MarioKart Wii, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2.

          1. I agree with all those choices but the Wario games. They just seem like casual mini party games. I never tried so my opinion isn’t valid though. I just cant get behind them, or Wario in his corny motorcycle suit. Warioland and games like that yea but if I want a mini party game I’ll stick to the first 3-4 Mario Parties.

          2. While those are indeed some good games, can you name a few that aren’t Mario or, heck, Nintendo related? And are still good? Try though I might, I can think of none. That worried me. Both then, and now with the Wii U

    2. Maybe if you find where Iwata lives and give ‘em a slap in the face, telling him that he needs to show hardware difference? Yuppers.

    3. I know… That guy needs to get the ax immediately. He’s running Nintendo into the ground and ruining their reputation in the console market… I won’t stand for it anymore.

      1. Iwata’s doing his best. It’s not his fault that the world is full of ungrateful bastards like you who won’t accept what they’re being given.

        People like you are the reason that humanity is going to be extinct within the next century.

        1. Then clearly, Iwata best isn’t’t good enough. Anyway, it’s Nintendo fanboys like you who are the problem to Nintendo. Blindly following and agreeing with whatever they do.

    4. Pinkfloyd is right. Ademkin you are a @$$ whole. Nintendo already try to focus on the hardcore gamer and look what happened .you guys turn your back on them. people like you will never ever be interested in buying the Wii U in the first place . do you expect Nintendo to keep marketing to the hardcore gamers , the same group who are sooooooooooo focus on Sony and Microsoft products . it would be a waste of money for Nintendo to focus on your demographic .they are going back to the group they can rely on time and time again

      1. The problem is a lot of “hardcore” gamers want a more powerful system. If Wii U was on par powerwise with the competition they would be more appealing. And don’t bring up GameCube sales. That was ten years ago when xbox was the big “cool” mans console. That hype has died a lot and lot of xbox gamers I know have switched to sony and would go Nintendo but they want a system as powerful as the others. If Wii U was as powerful and somehow still had the gamepad fully in tact and somehow made it affordable, Nintendo would be taken more serious I believe.

        1. You’re basically saying that the so called hardcore gamers are insecure creatures. They need powerful consoles to feel good about themselves. The less powerful Wii U will make them feel inferior to other gamers and they don’t want that. The fear of feeling inferior is the reason why this once great hobby is so shit right now because gamers need powerful and mature gamers to feel like a “real man”. Lol pathetic.

  4. they should follow this up with a commercial of a dad playing call of duty on his Wii U and then his wife or daughter walks in and wants to watch a Lifetime movie. He shrugs and keeps playing on his gamepad off tv. That would hit home with many people as well

        1. Hey how about you go fuck a Pony…PONY cause you sure as hell ain’t getting no pussy staying on a NINTENDO site the way you have LOL

  5. Isn’t it ironic how Nintendo tries to sell a 400 dollar console to casual games, in other words people who don’t play games? Seriously how many kids actually play games with their parents?

            1. Adarazz you need to take your stinking rass claat off this NINTENDO site. Stop with your stupid fuckery,…. you need a gal to fuck…… you are soo pathetic I pity you,

              1. Shut the hell up you fucking gimp. I’m one of the few people on this website that doesn’t have his head 15 feet up Nintendo’s ass. I’m just here to balance out the fanboyism.

                1. Who the rass told you that we “need balancing”? Stop you fuckery and go find a gal fi fuck. You here everyday a talk shit…. every day me check this site me see your fucked up comment them. And a nuff people a tell yu fi stop… so stop no man? A so yu love attention? Don’t mek me hack your account… it not gonna be pretty.

                  1. “Stop you fuckery and go find a gal fi fuck”


                    if you’re going to insult me at least do it with literate sentences! what a gimp!

                    1. I am a blood claat jamaica you stupid dunce piece of shit. Proper English is NOT my first language…. i am texting like this fi spite to let you understand that me rass claat vex with you and me tired a yu fuckery. Me a warn you pussy hole.. to seize and dissist me nah go chat again.

                2. You can help the fanboyism by killing yourself. At least the fanboys are supporting the Wii U in tis time of need. We do this because we have faith.

                  And here’s some reality tor you. Even if the Wii U has poor sales throughout its entire life, Nintendo won’t stop supporting it for at least 5 years. They held onto the Gamecube, even though that never sold well.

                  Also, fanboys are better than you can ever be. We love talking about something we enjoy. But people like you just bitch and moan everywhere. No one likes people like that.

                  You’re a cancer on the gaming community. And the world would be a better place if you died.

                    1. THe truth is that Wii U is superior to the Wii in every way, and therefore is automatically better.

                      I will support it to the death if I have to. The only way you’ll make me stop is if you kill me.

                  1. Have faith in thy Caterpie. I will end all fanboys on Earth as Caterpie believes they are the real cancer to this world. Caterpie says, You first faggot!

                3. You seem to be a Nintendo fan who expresses his opinion, positive or negative, about them. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe you go overboard but you don’t seem bad to me lol.

  6. *facepalm*

    God, the whole WiiU naming and advertising is just the biggest blunder ever, it’s so embarressing. I like the WiiU, it does the stuff i want, but jeez.

  7. Holy shit, folks. This commercial makes me want to go buy a Wii U. i’m dead serious!

    hahahahhahahahahahahhaahhah!!!!! DIE WII U! DIE!

    1. alt too much adarazz? you dont even try, weeks without you commenting and suddenly both of you comment on the same day, how pathetic is your life

      1. *yawn*

        I’ve been accused of being an alt soooooo many times by people on this site. Yet none of my accusers can prove anything.

        1. Normally when people say shit like that their guilty of something so you just hung yourself out to dry dumbass. Now go back to playing your Heatstation 4 and those shitty ass launch lineup of games PONY!!! LOL!!!

            1. Wii U: ZombiU – 77 PS4: Killzone: Shadow Fall – 74

              New Super Mario Bros. U – 84 Knack – 59

              Too bad the gaming media doesn’t agree with your Pony ass and NO….multiplats don’t count and since there’s been a vast amount of overheating PS4s I think Heatstation 4 fits it better cause it sure as hell ain’t no Playstation with NO games to play…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! U MAAAADDD!!!!!

    1. I would expect for a dumbass like you to miss the point of this commercial being though you are a Sony Pony. Could it be that Christmas is a kids dominated holiday which explains why Nintendo decided to go that route with this commercial you stupid asshole? LMAO!!!

        1. Dude troll away, but the WiisuckforU, WiiToastU, WiiHaveNoGamesForU comments are stale as shit and aren’t even clever. Every troll has their own spin on it, none are clever. You trolls aren’t the best comedians. I don’t careif you troll, just letting you know those comments actually make you guys look supid. Now troll harder and use some creativity and REALLY make me laugh lol. Dont rely on cheap overused name-calling.

  8. Nintendo only got 3 games next year Mario,Mario,Mario.Hope all the Nintendokiddos gets mad after they see how Retarded Nintendo is for real.

    1. …no they don’t?

      Yeah, there’s Mario Kart, but aside from that there’s Smash Bros, X, Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Yoshi, FE X SMT, and a new Zelda…

      If you’re gona least TRY

      1. Bayonetta 2>Got Canceld for the Kiddo U
        X>Never gonna show up on the Weak U
        the rest is alll Kiddy AND Casual for you Non gamers.#Cancer of gameing.
        go back under your bridge faggot.Exposed.

        1. And saying exposed,that’s the lamest troll ever. Freshen up your material. Saying Exposed by ANYONE troll or not is fucking stupid. People wanna cookie for “exposing” someone? I enjoy a quality troll with good material but you guys use the same lines over and over.

    2. This is certainly what it’s felt like since forever, sadly. I wish they’d lay off that red plumber for a while. It’s like they’re shoving Mario down everyone’s throat; even those that don’t want it. “You guys want more diversity? Okay, here’s some more Mario”.

      Gets discouraging when you try to give them the benefit of the doubt…

  9. So many people say that casual gamers have no place in gaming. But the reality is that hardcore gamers are the ones who need to go.

    They swarm like zombies around overrated shit like COD and GTA. Game companies in turn think that these games are good, and rehash the same shit over and over again.

    Nintendo are the only developers with heart and imagination anymore. They don’t feel the need to suck up to hardcore gamers because they’re above them.

    Realism in games is little more than a walking frame for those who have no imagination. Nintendo realise this. But sadly, the market is too corrupted by hardcore zombies. It’s sad…

    1. You’ve been corrupted by N-fanboys. Caterpie says there are plenty of imaginative devs out there, you should try some indie games.

        1. “Nintendo are the only developers with heart and imagination anymore”

          “Caterpie says there are plenty of imaginative devs out there, you should try some indie games”

          You gone full retard.

    2. If you think Nintendo are the only developers in the world you have heart and imagination. You’re not a Nintendo fanboy, you’re a Nintencancer.

      1. No their not the only developers but they are the ONLY developers who develop great games CONSISTENTLY for years on end DICKHEAD!!!!

      2. Then so be it! I will gladly be labled that if it means my dedication will forever remain unchanged!



    3. You’re confusing who the casuals and hardcore are. The COD FIFA Madden guys ARE the casuals who just started gaming when gaming looked “tough enough” for the dickless wonders to feel secure enough around their ditzy girlfriends.

  10. As far as I’m concerned, the TV ads are there to sell the consoles to kids. They should be as well, because that’s the kind of way that kids learn about these things. You’d like to think adults can make a more informed decision.

  11. This video probably should have been out at launch, but as we all know, Nintendo spends the bulk of it’s advertising budget around holiday time.

    Super Mario 3D world will also raise awareness of the Wii U.

  12. Another baby Wii U commercial aimed at the babies. It teaches the babies what to tell their mommy and daddy what to do so they buy them a baby Wii U. Good job Nintendo. It quite obvious their target audience is babies (and mommies, daddies, grannies and casuals). Obviously babies need mommy and daddy to buy them their their baby toys as they have no disposable income like any normal adult would lololol.

    Even Nintendo themselves on their very own commercial are calling the Wii U an “upgrade” to the Wii lololol. It obviously is, the underpowered Wii U is nothing more than about 4 Wii’s duct taped together lolol. The baby Wii U console is running on 7 year old hardware, as it has technology that is one year newer than it’s 8 year old last gen counterpart consoles, it is supposed to be slightly superior than them lololol. Mario baby game this, Mario baby game that, baby game this, baby game that. The Wii U got games, baby games that is lololol.

    1. Why do you bother writing these long posts. They all say the same, “baby console” “baby Mario” 7 year old hardware” just C/P them for every topic.
      You wrote “baby” 9 times in this post. What´s up with that?

  13. That’s it… I’ve had it with this site.

    I used to think that humanity had some shred of decency within it. But it’s clear from the posts on this site that any effort to let you opinion be known will be met with hate and death threats so sever, that it makes you want to commit suicide…

    Everyone on this site shows exactly why the human race will not survive through to the next century. All humanity will ever think about is causing pain and suffering. All they want is to cause death and ruin.

    All humans are evil. There is no exception. But here, they have manifested themselves into devils, with no heart or soul. No pity or compassion. And only ever thinking about killing and causing pain and suffering…

    Humanity is doomed…

    1. The majority of people are lost and stupid but you can’t blame them too much. Everything people watch and listen is cheap low quality crap and people arebeing dumbed down by the media. There are good people here though trying to wake others up

  14. Nintendo seriously needs a new marketing team.
    These commercials with smiling people playing the Wii U do not work.
    Just have some gameplay footage, play some upbeat jazzy tune, show some gamepad actions and then end it with the Wii U logo.

    1. They already have a new one, but for the look of this comersial, Nintendo just do not want the Wii U sell as well as the 3DS/2DS

  15. Yea Nintendo is screwd this holiday. With advertising like that it won’t work, I don’t think they understand that the “casuals” aka the brainwashed kids rather play on an iPad than play the Wii U. Also lol at the fanboys above when someone like adarzz speaks truth you all can’t handle it and throw stupid things out like “that your alt” or “shut the fuck up I have nothing else to say since I know you are right” Nintendo fanboys are the most immature, they use the same BAD, not funny jokes and are the worst of the 3 XD you guys don’t know how to take the truth or even someone else’s opinion for that matter.

  16. Keep in mind this is the type of commercial that will fool parents into buying the console for Christmas in the first place. Besides, 2014 would be the perfect time even have “core” commercials since games like Bayonetta 2 and Smash will be out during the year.

    For the guys saying Iwata should be fired, we all know that Miyamoto is the guy who deserves to leave the company first since his mindset doesn’t fit with what gamers want nowadays like online gaming.

  17. Alright, enough with the damage control from the trolls that should have been banned a long time ago. Anybody who’s got a working brain can see that this commercial demonstrates quite a lot of what’s wrong with Nintendo these days. Marketing your products to everyone is great, and it’s what Nintendo’s always done. Casuals (typical little kids, parents, grandparents, etc) and core gamers (anybody who’s deeply invested in gaming) could always both enjoy the likes of Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, etc. Franchises like Metroid traditionally have a slant toward the hardcore, and franchises like Mario have a slant toward the casual. But you get my point. No extreme, exclusive catering to one side needs to be done. However, since the advent of the Wii, Nintendo has clearly catered predominantly to the casuals. This has seriously hurt Nintendo’s reputation, and they’ve lost a lot of their hardcore appeal as a result. Iwata said that the Wii U would turn this around. With a name like “Wii U”, it wasn’t so surprising that he didn’t follow through. Despite his best efforts to keep catering to the casuals though, it’s become increasingly apparent that the Wii was just a fad. It also doesn’t help matters that the Wii U is being advertised as just an upgrade. So basically, they’ve lost their hardcore appeal AND their casual appeal. That’s why the Wii U is failing. And if they want to dig themselves out of this mess, they need to get back to catering to everyone. They need to make complex, interesting, serious games, and just be sure to keep it kid-friendly and not so complicated that the less experienced couldn’t possibly figure it out. And to those of you trolls doing damage control, you really are only hurting Nintendo. When somebody is failing, you don’t just keep telling them they’re doing everything right.

  18. Whoever is in charge of their promotion is so stupid. I hate these new commercials. “Upgrade” to me makes it seem like I’m buying a controller to “upgrade” my Wii to a Wii U. No one wants to pay $300 for a gamepad for their Wii. Oh, wait, it’s a NEW system? Oh, why don’t we see “But Wii U is an entirely new system”? Because Nintendo STILL hasn’t fucking figured out how to sell this console? Oh, right. Ugh, they’re never gonna sell this system. Why they couldn’t just throw out the Wii name is beyond me. I mean yeah, I get that it uses the sensor bar and Wii remote, but it’s old technology that they should have improved instead of just reusing.

    1. Exactly. See, the thing I don’t think people get is that, with Sony and Microsoft, they can get away with using PlayStation and Xbox somewhere in their consoles name every generation. Why? Because they’ve established themselves to the point where people know who and what they are, and what they’re all about. Everyone knows when there’s a new console from those guys.

      But with Nintendo? Going with the Wii name again was a decidedly poor choice. Why? Because the Wii was niche and unique in and of itself. It was exciting and revolutionary to see— at its time. Outstanding sales though it had, it pushed many, many people away from it. Nintendo said they wanted to do something different with their new console. But they messed up in a few ways:

      1. They put Wii in the name. Now, for those who were turned off by Wii U’s predecessor, naming a new console that is supposed to change their minds the same name with a letter on the end was not the best of ideas.

      2. No one knows what this new console is. This is mainly due to marketing. And whenever it IS marketed, we get ads like this. Unfortunate.

      3. Third party titles are a must in this day-and-age. First party is fine. But, in the end, the thing that will change the minds of so many are quality, third party titles.

  19. “Hot buttered popcorn, that’s a deal!” Best part ever hahaha. That’s the same kid who did that amazing gamestop commercial a few years back.

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